Back when I was in my fourth std, It was me sitting in the classroom wearing a blue trouser, a white shirt and a tie with ruffled hair, waiting for her to step in. It was supposed to be the social studies period after the lunch break. I was staring at the board that read the date dash-dash-1998, thinking about what could keep her late. My mind was racing like a monkey, running through questions like could it be this?? or could it be that??..Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten..The minutes hand in my toy like hand watch was ticking but there was no sign of her..With despair and grief overpowering me, I started making a potrait of her in my mind..I started painting her hazel eyes that were behind her egg shaped glasses..Even before I could finish the painting in my mind, she entered into the class and said "SORRY STUDENTS I AM LATE"..

Yes, she was my school teacher..I liked her for the way she behaved with students..She might have been a strong follower of non-violence..May be that is the reason why she seldom dealt with students in a harsh manner. After taking the attendance she had asked us to take out our scrapbooks that usually consists of picture charts n stuff. Before proceeding with the class, she asked if everyone of us brought the scrapbook to class..All shouted "YES TEEEEECHER"..She again asked "IS DER ANYONE WHO IS NOT HAVING THE SCRAPBOOK??"..I dint have it on my desk..So I lifted my hand..She came towards my bench n asked "WHY DINT U BRING THE BOOK"..I said, "No Teacher..Actually, In last class u corrected my book and kept in the shelf only teacher"..I dint know if that reply was bad enough to make a person break his rules of non-violence..She asked for a wooden scale and beat me on my puny hand..OOOh, It pained a bit..And one more..Aaah, It pained like hell..I was controlling my tears..May be I was trying to act like a man in front of her..The tears were not only because of the pain but were also because of the fact that it was my favorite teacher beating me..

She screamed,"DON'T LIE. TELL THE TRUTH"..I struggled to keep my voice normal coz I was on the verge of tears..I said it is in the shelf..Then she grabbed my hand and took me to the classroom shelf and yelled "SHOW..SHOW ME THEN"..I found my book and gave her..By the time I gave her the book I realised, tears were rolling down my cheeks..She was baffled and yeah I could see her pain of regret..She pulled me close, consoled me with six to seven "sorry"s, wiped my tears and KISSED ME..

After eleven years, today, I fail to remember how she actually looked or behaved with students but I am still left with this sweet and nostalgic memory that never fades....

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  1. Vineet says:

    wow..amazing truly..being nostalgic i such kinda post coz my blog is like this only..keep writing

  2. Oh poor u! I can't believe the teacher actually spanked u 4 dis lame a reason..I can totally imagine vamsi as a 4th grade kid:)..the grief which struck upon u when the teacher didn't show up on time and the sketch kinda makes me think u had a big time crush on ur teacher..:)..good job!keep 'em comin..

  3. Anoop says: nice... ;)
    i wish if my teacher kissed me too... when i cried... khe khe khe... ;)
    haf fun

  4. really good one...u're narration is good...but i dont think u're teacher was a "strong follower of non-violence"!!!!!!!!keep it up!!

  5. Ashu says:

    non violence practised with a wooden't think that is the best way to do so dear..anywayz that is a very pleasing account of your love for your teacher..keep writing

  6. vineet says:

    seriously man..heart touchn..the best part was it was condensed and staight to the point..loved it...expectimg more

  7. You should' ve sent this to Tinkle's "It-happened-to-me". Too bad you don't remember the teacher's name... you might find some lead on Google.

    Well, let's hope she would read this post :)

  8. Nethra A says:

    I never had a male teacher so never fancied for any kisses at school. However, I had a crush on my tuition teacher when I went to college. I understand what you might have felt when she kissed you :P

  9. Nethra A says:

    I have already read this. Write somemore dude. I like your writing style. :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I guess i kinda like it.I liked ur innocence blended with truth,thirst-for-love and i gues u have a thing 4 her.

    Its weird plus odd plus rare that someone shares such versatile interests,passions and attitude like me.But,I guess u kinda ring some bells in the back of my mind.

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