I have always been a guy who believed in supernatural existence.. Although I did believe in it, I never really had a chance to explore the depths of the other side..Well atleast, not until i was 18...

It was a cold night, a jolly weekend for first years and yeah not to forget the tranquility in the weather, it was a perfect night for four room mates to start up a bizarre and "what-the-hell" kinda conversation..Well, yes, the gossip was about ghosts.. It started off with the existence of ghosts and proceeded with experiences of few people..In the mid of conversation, my roomie spilled out few words that costed me an adrenalin rush..He said, he had a pretty good idea about how to call spirits by using the ouija board..I intially thought he was faking it, but man, for god's sake he wasn't..There was a sudden discord between us and the quarrel was getting bigger like a bulging balloon..Finally, it ended with a challenge..And yes, the challenge was to invoke the spirit..

Within minutes the board was prepared..I was just a spectator at the start where in two of my friends(the one who challenged me and an other) were assigned the task to invoke the spirit..Few minutes after my friends started uttering something, the coin on the board started moving..I was dumbstruck for few seconds..The free motion of the coin itself made me believe that my friends weren't faking it but some corner of my heart had a feeling that they were tricking me..With all these thoughts in mind I was trying to construe things and relate them..In the mean while my friend provoked me to replace the one invoking the spirit..Man, i did it..I thought of giving the final blow just to find out whether the whole drama was real or if it was just a prank..I had asked the spirit to give the name of my sister which wasn't known to anyone of my friends..I was aghast to see the coin move exactly towards the letters that made up the name..I was damn sure that i dint move the coin, even if my partner dared to move it, there wasn't a slightest possibility of he knowing my sister's name..Geez, what-the-****??..After all, the whole thing was real..Oh yes!!!..This was my first encounter with a spirit..Although, I had dealt with the ouija board many times after the incident happened, i put a full stop to the practice after being suggested by few who considered it to be "EVIL"..

CAUTION: There are enough worries in the visible world, try not to invite more by dealing with the invisible....

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  1. This shit usually happens in my hostel.All that happens in the end is back-ache ,idiotic talks and detectable pranks.

  2. Nethra A says:

    It was good!
    I again liked your narration.

  3. hey!!comon I cant believe in anything like that !!
    check out my experiences with ghosts!!!!!!!!in my blogg....

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