Back when I was a playful 8 year old,

  • I remember the pain that I saw on your face when I hurt myself falling from the attic..
  • I remember the money that u gave me secretly for eating ice candies..
  • I remember the way u protected me from dad's anger when I broke the brand new television set that was expensive..
  • I remember the way u fought with me for the television remote to see the daily serials when I was watching cartoons..
  • I remember the warmth of hiding under your rug when I got less marks and u lied to dad that I was sleeping..
  • I remember the way u forgived me when I raised my arm and bet u..
  • I remember the way you poured excess of ghee into dal saying that my wife would leave me if I dont eat ghee..
  • I remember how safe I felt when u were around me..
  • I remember the happiness in your eyes when I told you about my success in tenth std board examinations..
  • I remember the way u boasted about my talents to the neighbors around the home..
  • I remember the excellent taste of the pickles that u made..
  • I remember the way you praised me for my singing skills..
  • I remember how u consoled me when I flunked badly in my intermediate course..
  • I remember the way u kept pestering me to eat food when I was talking on phone for hours together..
  • I remember the fear in your eyes when u advised me not to go deep into spirituality..
  • I remember how u joked at me asking whether I would marry a desi girl or an English girl..
  • I remember how u faced the change of phase in life so boldly..
  • I remember how u pretended to be alright even though u weren't at the best of your health..
  • I remember how u tried to give the best for us even though u were experiencing pain..
  • I remember how boldly u faced the pain of spilling blood when I was worried that no-one was at home..
  • I remember how ur heart was getting weakened..
  • I remember the pain that ur body felt when u were given very high dosage of medicines..
  • I remember the pain that u felt when the doctors pierced the needle in ur neck unable to catch a nerve in the hand..
  • I remember ur helpless state when u asked me to sit beside u, holding my hand tight..
  • I remember the pain that I felt when u asked me whether u would go to heaven or hell..
  • I remember the helpless fear of death in ur eyes..
  • I remember the last words u said to me,"Listen to what mom and dad say..Go after life and hunt for what u want..U should become famous and do remember ur granny"..

My dear granny!!..I wonder in which world you are..My eyes are wet..I wish u can listen to my silent scream..I MISS U AND I LOVE U TONNES..

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  1. whoa!now that was really touching...there is a tinge of professionalism in this one..very well articulated..m sure ur granny is watchin u 4m somewhere n is real proud of u..:)

  2. Advaita says:

    peace and blessings be upon your grand mom ....

  3. I drifted back into the time, only to find tears rolling down. I never realised how valuable people are untill we miss them...Great work..!! Realy Touchy!

  4. To be frank tears fell down from my eyes when I read this one...
    Very touchy..
    God bless your granny...
    I remembered my grand mother ...

  5. Very very well written.. Full of emotions.. I won't be exaggerating when I say that I literally felt goosebumps on my body when I was reading the last few lines.. May SHE rest in peace.. :-)

  6. Very emotional ra, guess you must have felt a lot of pain compiling it.

  7. Pratik says:

    You have made me cry friend.Excellent writing skills you have

  8. man very touching post....enjoyed every word :)

    nd u wrote it very nicely.....keep posting :)

  9. u made my eyes wet..very very touchy....

  10. buddy i m reading it over n over...loosing sm1 is painful

    lovely nd very touchy :)

  11. 123vineet says:

    buddy it hurts..ma grandma passed this year so perhaps i can feel more as compard to others..loved it..carry on

  12. bhargavi says:

    very touchy..excellent ga rasav...a proud grand son...

  13. Nethra says:

    I'm not so attached to my granny, but surely understand how it is to lose someone you love so much.Nice post.

  14. arjun says:

    Life will never give you a second chance... ever bring back those people who were taken from you.. never let you have those beautiful moments of life once again... when life seemed so perfect... I was once again reminded of all this and that Vamsi uv got the ability to captivate ur readers through ur style of writing... I know this post is really very close to ur heart and it has touched deep down ours !! Cheers bro !!

  15. chetan says:

    it was very touchy..the way u described ur feelings is really conspicuous..nicely written..emotional..true feelings..really touched my heart ..

  16. Bharat says:

    very..very touchy,honestand emotional yaar...can remember my granny too while reading it...i haven't seen a person with so much love for all others and a person with a smile on her face always even if she's hurt by anyone...always wish and pray she never gets hurt by anyone...love u naniji...

  17. neeraj says:

    bro it was very touchy..u did remind me of ma granny..u articulated all dose small bt sweet lill things very well which bot smile in me and did get emotional..peace

  18. Doll says:

    Its very sweet, I miss my great grandma :(

  19. nikhil says:

    dude!! this is fantabulous. The best script or writing i have ever read. Pulling out the things from the deepest of ur soul to the peak. Wow!! i loved it. A person like me who couldnt perceive any such love, learned a lot.....

  20. bhargavi says:

    i love this..very touching!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    i love this..very touching!!

  22. Pavani says:

    ur granny must be really proud of u!!
    dis one touched my heart! it made me weep!

  23. Quakeboy says:

    OMG .. that was touching !

  24. Nivedita says:

    Vamsi, I read this very late..
    Well v all do still miss her nd none can replace her.. her love nd affection 4 each one of us.. she always wished tht all of us shud b well educated.. Well Granny, its been so many months since u've left all of us nd v love u nd miss u.. Thr's not a day till not whn i wud sleep without thinking of u.. Love u so much..

  25. reminded me of my own grandma... u've made ma eyes wet bro.. seriously... this is really nice... very touching..

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