I wonder how life would have been without an element called music. I even feel that there wouldn't have been a slightest possibility of me existing in this weird world without the presence of music. Some things accompany u right from the start and they tend to be with u till the very end of your journey. Well, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to call it as my twin brother. As I recollect my past, My mom often told me that I was a stubborn baby who never ate food or slept properly without her singing a song. This was my fate when I was just an year old baby. 

Days passed, It was my schooling and I was a loner from a very young age. Even within the silence and darkness of my heart, I would often listen to my innerself constantly humming. Unfortunately I was the only one who could listen to it. At times, it kept singing even in the midst of a fired up conversation between me and my physics teacher who never managed to take a class without scolding me. I demanded my innerself,"why-me??. why do u gimme this torture??".  It would rebel and reply, "YOU FOOL!!. THEN GET A GIRL 4 URSELF I PROMISE TO STOP HUMMING AND START THINKING ABOUT HER". 

Well u might be thinking what-the-f***.  But this is the way I share my relation with music. It was there by my side in both the good and bad times. People came and went, but this is a long lasting friend of mine. It witnessed all my mood swings. Happiness, pain, anger, fear and what not. As I listen to music I witness a strange bliss, I feel something rising from my the bottom of my spine and I start feeling ecstatic. Say when I am happy, I realize that I involuntarily start tapping my feet humming a hip hop number like Eminem's-Never-Enough. Or when I walk alone, Iron maiden's fear-of-the-dark pops up. When I am in pain thinking about how I miss the good times that I spent with my beloved, my eyes start getting wet when an lp instrumental like what-I-ve-done plays in my painfilled heart. 

The intensity with which I share an unknown bondage with music cannot be expressed in words. Unfortunately, having so much of passion and love for music, I have compromised in life opting for a conventional career. But I am sure I will master atleast three instruments in life. If there isn't a chance to play them in front of the world, I would play them atleast for my wife on a romantic evening. :)

Cheers to music. 

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  1. Well, should agree with the fact that music is definitely an eternal friend..and it is probably the most effective mood moderator for anyone...Can really feel ur passion 4 music in dis post...good one!
    PS: M sure ur inner self has stopped humming!:)

  2. Nethra says:

    One who doesn't like music gotta be a psycho. It is normal to love music and not eating or sleeping unless your mom sung for you is normal, its same with most of the kids. Even I was like that :)

  3. Music, its awonderful thing it can be medicinal,theruapeutic, rejuvinating or simply soothing.I love it.

  4. a post relating music dat waz very nice
    good keep posting

  5. vineet says:

    i really agree with nethra n rest..nice take on still confine urself a bit..good post

  6. chitz says:

    nice for me is a constant companion and a very good stress buster...

  7. Well well.. Very nicely written.. Loved reading about your passion for music.. :-)

  8. Tanima says:

    Very nicely expressed...I liked reading it.

  9. nikhil says:

    i agree with u. music is like a catalyst in a chemical reaction. the only difference is that music can only enhance one's good and bad moods, never perturbs.... well expressed!!

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