Recently I have started reading a book named "The power of the presence" by David Godman..The book was about a great saint who belonged to a mystic place called thiruvannamalai located deep down in the map somewhere in Tamil Nadu..As I read the book, I realized that the prowess of the saint in trying to make people understand about the realisation of the self was laconical and it was truly awesome..

As I was going through few pages that talked about what is reality, I realised it was getting late in the night, So I kept the book aside and fell asleep..That night I had a pathetic dream..In the dream I witnessed the death of a loved one..In the dream I was hardly able to catch my breath wailing over the pain that I experienced..Unable to hold it anymore I woke up suddenly..I have realized it was just a dream..As I convinced myself it was unreal, a thought took shape from the silence of the cold night..I really wondered, we call things that we experience in a dream as unreal..But infact we even experience pain in reality, we cry over many stupid things all the day and as we go back to bed to have a sound sleep, We realise that there is no pain in sleep..Say a person loses a good amount of money..He takes tension and worries about the money loss..After a tiresome day, he experiences a long and peaceful sleep..So the question is where was the tension in sleep??..Where did the pain of losing money vanish??..The controversy here is that, what we see in sleep is actually not present when we are awake and what we see when we are awake is not present when we are asleep..But we still dare to to call one as real and the other as unreal..Why??

I hunted for the answer..No answer was convincing enough..Atlast, I found the answer in the same book..It said, both the jaagruth(wake state) and swapna(dream state) are unreal and just manifestations of our own thoughts which themselves are unreal..There exists a truth beyond these states..The only truth is


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  1. How u people manage to write something that great.............Its awesome

  2. pooja says:

    wow! U are a philosopher in making..!

  3. Priya says:

    Nice writeup... will visit again for more :)

  4. Nethra says:

    I too gotta read that book.
    I was waiting for you to write something. I like reading your blog. Post stories as frequently as possible.

  5. Profound thoughts..U've portrayed thoughts as illusions..This idea seems pretty spurious at the outset but maybe thats the esoteric truth..Philosophy in full form!nice work!:)

  6. Interesting analysis and thoughts on the jaagruth(wake state) and swapna(dream state).

  7. Advaita says:

    bumped into ur blog and found it interesting... i read this post completely and i enjoyed reading it.

    you are right when u say that both the states are unreal.. i would also like to add that with our finite minds we can NOT interpret reality as it is, because whatever the reality is, we will interpret it and the most dominant factor in our interpretation is our past experience with any thing.. the past itself is not real and therefore as u said.. both states are unreal and are born of our thoughts etc..

    this is my blog.. i am sure you would enjoy reading it. do drop in.

  8. very well written.. usually understanding philosophy gets a bit tiring for me when delved into very deep.. but u write it so clearly and so practically that your philosophy itself seems non-philosophical.. sorry for confusing but this is exactly what i felt.. cheers.. keep writing.. :-)

  9. Vineet says:

    superv dear...i agree with menon..incredibl wrk..keep up d gud wrk

  10. a truly awesome post .. i had a nice smile on my lips as i read it


  11. Nicely written, keep it up......

  12. Sundeep says:

    hmm.. interesting... I feel that even in dreams, we experience real "feelings" like grief, pain, love, joy etc.... I had written a post on it too..

    u might find it interesting too!!

    ur way of writing is straight from the heart! kudos! :)

  13. Varun says:

    hmmm.... slowly and stadely more and more people are realizing that whatever is the higher power... its inside you.

    Hopefully one day we can get rid of stupid religions and all those stupid superstitions.

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