Oh boy oh boy!!!..Is the world upside down or is it me upside down..I just don't get it..

In what way does it matter if I am a loner??..I usually try to keep distance from unnecessary and useless talks like "Wow look at the girl man..she is sooo hot.." (or) "hey u know wat??..this guy and that gal.. blah blah blah"..oh come on...Is this an issue??..What the f*** man?? People are different in their own ways..No two people are the same..Things that interest everyone may not create an interest in me right??..so I don't get the point why am I misjudged by the world..This words are not really a matter of concern if they spill out from a third person..They are quite difficult to handle if u come to know that this is what ur-so-called-friends talk behind ur back..

Is there a way to get out of this crap??..Well, I donno..Coz I prefer to be myself, Inspite of all these talks..I donno how people manage to be calm in such situations but as far as I am concerned I can't give a shit..Its f***ing hard to talk sweetly like a fox to those who comment on u..When u have always been good to ur friends and never have the slightest intention of being rude to them, n all of a sudden u come to know that this is what they think of u, What should be the reaction??..If Newton's third law holds good, Its quite obvious that people tend to be uncomfortable in such company..Phew I wonder why few lack maturity in analyzing people..Well, one doesn't need to specialize in the field of psychology for analyzing people but atleast they must be in a position to understand their own friends..If they can't, I wonder why they are given the tag called FRIEND..

Well, for all those who worry about my attitude and behavior, I don't give a damn even if u cry me a river, build yourself a bridge, and GET OVER IT!!!...

NOTE: My apologies to all for being rude..This blog took shape from seeds of anger and disgust..I will try hard to maintain tranquility in the upcoming ones....

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  1. AMD says:

    i agree with you... tht ppl should respect others' choices and likes... n talking behind the back is too bad... one should have guts enough to talk in front... anyways i shall ask you to cool down n not to care about such ppl... y to fill ourselves with anger... n spoil our mood... tc

  2. Nethra A says:

    I'm friendless because I gave back what my so called friends gave me. I was not able to tolerate them talking behind me and in result, I am a loner now. However, I am enjoying it.

  3. AnSh says:

    I can understand what you are feeling now,
    its good you shaped up your rage in to a blogpost, it will help you

    BTW you are tagged in my last postt

  4. Vineet says:

    believe me baby..write wat u fell.aftrall its ur space..just never gv a damn..loved it...hope fr more like this

  5. Vamsi...you rightly put it...everyone's different.....and we should not try to invade their life.

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