The Last Resort..

I was struggling to catch my breath as I was sinking in water.. I knew nothing about what to do coz I was just 11 at that time..After a long struggle for few minutes, I was pulled out of the water..This bitter memory of mine still haunts me till date..The scene of being inches close to death still remains fresh in my mind..

As I think about the incident I really wonder, what could have happened if I had gone a bit closer to death..How excruciating the pain could have been??..The very thought of experiencing death has always been a phobia for me..When I come to think of it, firstly it snatches away our loved ones from us..Well, to be practical, there will be a day when we have to face the death of our loving parents, friends and well wishers with whom we share those golden moments of a lifetime..Death shows no mercy upon anyone even though an ocean of tears are shed..When I express such fear of death, people say I am too young to think of it..This sort of answers really piss me off..I feel I am just being practical..I can't really help the fear coz I really cannot imagine a life bereft of my loved ones..

This is just a one sided perception of the fear..The other side is what am I going to do when it comes to swallow me??..And how much pain am I supposed to experience at the time??..The scriptures say the pain of death is like the combined sting of a million scorpions..These thoughts have always haunted me..Although I found comfort when I took refuge under spirituality, They still worry me at times..Arrival by birth and departure by death..Is this a mere law of nature??..

I don't really think so..There must be an unattainable height that is beyond the bounds of human perception..I wonder why people never think in such a manner..It really astonishes me how people surrender themselves to the flow of nature..They take birth, do some crap and die on a fine day..By doing so, what are they really attaining in life..Nothing..The crores gathered or the degrees attained in education, nothing comes along..I have tried a trillion times trying to make people understand but nobody really cares to come out of the bloody ignorance..Everybody is immersed in some sh** that really makes no difference..Well, even if people try to restrain my thoughts or even if they never bother to give a damn about it..I dont really care..I am only interested in mounting the unattainable height that is considered to be on the verge of reality and that which cannot be percieved by human intelligence..I prefer to choose the path that was less travelled..In fact, the path that was never travelled..

P.S : If you feel these thoughts of mine donot make radical sense..Then try holding your breath for more than 120 seconds..The pain you feel is just like reading the preface of a book called "DEATH"..

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  1. Should say..U have definitely done a good job analyzing the philosophical aspect of death..:)According to me,"death" does not necessarily mean that ur life comes to an end ..its jus a time u enter a whole new world..I would also think that birth and death are mere complements spaced along a timeline n r indeed laws of nature on which we have no form of governance!..keep more comin!:)

  2. Bharat says:

    there are ppl who think along similar lines; just dig a little deeper n keep your mind to how you'll handle death when it comes; don't waste time worrying bout it coz its not like you can stop it. cross that bridge when it comes.And not all ppl come and do some "crap" and die(they r few though).
    Now if u don't wanna be counted among those who belong to the other category;why don't u do sumthin thts "not crap"(u decide tht),we're all wid u.
    And the pain of loosing a loved one...really don't wanna talk bout horrifies really does.

  3. I have been kinda same situation like you , very close to death , and yes , its impossible to erase that from memory because that fear is etched in our mind everytime : conciously or unconsciously . Everyone , who comes in the world have fear about his death , and more worried about the way of death ..Believe me , no one want to get crushed i an accident or get shot and all , but still....Since there is no way to escape death , the only soultion is to accept it . Well , as an ordinary man , when you have such fear , just think about those in army and all , do you think these questions dont haunt them ? But still they live everyday , not aware of death next moment ... Whenever , this fear haunts you , think about them , you will get yor answers . If not , atleast there will be no questions

  4. Don't let a near death experience like this stop you from enjoying life that god granted you.Death is inevitable,but why spend your precious life that is a gift from god worrying about it.Live each day with joy ,treasure the moments you have and all else will fall in to place on their own .

  5. man this post of urs if quite diffrent from other...i really wasn't able to understand couple of things...
    it is true that death is certain and in the end we need only 6 feet grave...but as angel said life is beautiful, we must try to enjoy every moment of this and take it with positive attitude nd enthusiasm :)
    But thr r some damn selfish ppl who put thr life in harming other for thr benefit...hope they learn smthing by this post :)

    keep Blogging buddy

  6. vamsi says:

    @all...well, I need to clarify few things here..Coz I feel my thoughts are misinterpreted or may b I was unsuccessful to showcase them properly..In either way..

    1) The post is not about the fear of death alone..there is more to it..I was implying that I wish to know the unknown truth that governs the law of death..So it means I already have a solution for the fear..So it isn't more likely that I am asking about how to get rid of the fear..:)

    2) There is a lot of controversy about "they take birth, do crap and die"..Crap isn't like doing something bad..I was on the philosophical tone trying to mention that all that we do in life(Like earning money, degrees in education,etc..) really aren't worth in the long run..Atleast at the time of death..Say I am on the death bed, would my property or skill in java programming make a difference??..So on the long run, earning money and learning Java, both of them are crap..:) This is what I meant..:)

    My dear readers, this is complete philosophy..please try to interpret it that context..:)

    thank you all..:)

  7. vineet says:

    really a good pst...loved it

  8. Shrinivas says:

    gud flow of thoughts...kep writing

  9. Very well written.. But there was one aspect in your post with which I couldn't agree to some extent.. You said that, "We take birth, do some crap and die.." Further you commented that at the time of death nothing matters, neither a degree nor wealth.. Agreed, degrees and wealth may not matter.. But HOW you earned those degrees and wealth will matter.. I believe, that you are given a life by SOME SUPREME POWER so that you make it meaningful, so that you live it to the maximum, so that you do something that would benefit others.. Everything that is bestowed upon us has some purpose.. Even LIFE has a purpose.. Imagine a brutal gangster dying and a pious priest dying.. Who would die peacefully ? Who would be able to manage a smile even as death embraces him ? By this, I don't mean to say that I believe in the concept of heaven and hell.. Just that your deeds determine HOW you would die.. Not death, but the process that leads to death is LESS painful if the crap you did in your life was more of respectable and virtuous.. Just to add, there could be exceptions to my belief too.. :-)

  10. Nethra says:

    Nice one and very true...
    lemme know what is that untravelled path...m curious to know about it.

  11. nikhil says:

    firstly, i would like to say about ur writing style. It makes me feel if i were u. Wonderful.. ur thoughts reflect a sort of grim detemination but the way u express is very impressive. Trying to explore the things beyond human reach is fatuous, i would rather say 'stay away'

  12. Chandu says:
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  13. Chandu says:

    hey i find that this post was backed up by ur own life.
    i mean to say,all thru the post, i saw U behind the post and not your death.

    buddy, the real salvation lies with in oneself and any manifestation, understanding and dissection of DEATH is practically UNNECESSARY.

    coz v were born to LIVE ,live long as v can and live as long as v were meant to live, life has no time for death.

    cogitative post though.keep blogging

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