Wailing over the loss of a slaughtered friend,
I prayed helplessly if someone could help him revive..
Sucked in the pain that it all came to an end,
I worried, to the murderer, god may be too kind to forgive..

I cut myself piercing the knife into a vein,
just to see how my pal felt, being slaughtered for bunce..
I've realized, the world needs a god to get rid of its pain,
The thundering rage within turned me into a god for once..

In the dark nights, I walked down the streets hunting for a sinner
As I came across a womanizer, I slayed him with the buthcher's knife..
I've then realized, the old god was dead and I am the winner,
coz I saved the world from the sinner's misery of life..

The slaying continued peacefully until the ruling system got involved,
For they never realized that were going against god..
Alas, Catching god aint that easy, around me the stupid cops revolved..
Inspite of the hunt for me, I kept killing those who flawed..

Experiencing the warmth of sinner blood soon became an addiction,
I saw that there was none who was an embodiment of goodness alone..
At times When I killed, some scarily prayed me for redemption,
To put 'em out of misery, I slayed them until their parting groan..

One night, I found that my loving brother was a sinner too,
But I thought in god's rule there aint no injustice..
Closing in for a kill, I told him that my love for him was true..
I even regreted the fact that he couldn't be my apprentice..

As I raised my hand, to give my brother a final advice,
A violent force of a knife pushed in and out of my chest,
Not once but thrice..
I lacked strength to have a glance at the uninvited guest..

She clenched my brother tightly looking at me with a frown..
Losing consciousness, my breath was thinning and experiencing smother..
Staring at her, With a numb body and a dry throat I fell down,
Laughing at my fate that even god has a mother..


It was just a few years ago, my mom was lecturing me about how people change after crossing their teenage..I strongly condemned her words that a bull size maturity comes on the top of ur head after crossing that period..At that point of time I felt it was a useless lecture and I challenged her that I was going to be the same old guy..As time moved on, I felt the need to take back my words..Yes, people do witness a change in life at some stage or the other..

I just feel a bit weird to reminisce about how I really was when I was in my early teens..I was a complete geek, shy to the core and comprehensively unfashionable..As far as studies were concerned I was good(and I hated that 'g-o-o-d') not until a math lecturer changed my outlook towards the prowess I possess..After that, the good-at-study-guy was renamed as the genius-at-study..Almost at the end of schooling, a completely shitty, crazy, nonsensical thing changed my life..I was nomore myself..Not myself in my attitude, personality, appearence or whatever..Well, thats it..After that the schooling was over..It was a sigh of relief(from one point of view)..

Well whats next??..A completely new chapter in life has started, preparing for the IIT's..It was a great start actually coz I was able to give space for myself and people recognized me for some reason or the other..Unlike in school, I was not one among many in the intermediate..Oh my gosh, words cant describe what life was at that time..I've seen what is joy..I often whispered to myself this-is-life..No room for emptiness, no room for grief..Everyday was new..I had a goal in front of me(IIT) but I never cared of it(curses to my over-confidence)..It was just that I was too much involved and immersed in my own life that I couldn't catch up with studies..In fact I never realized it would make a big difference..That was also the time when I changed into a dreamer..Well, I dreamt of many things..Literally, a hundred thousand things about how my life should be..But not even one of the hundred thousand things included the three letters IIT..(I curse myself for that though)..In-the-end the whole episode turned out to be devastating..I felt like a loser..There was nothing but failure in my life..Everything was falling apart..There was no way I could fix things up..God damn, just after a fun-filled episode in life, I've realized what is pain..I cursed myself coz I screwed up everything in life..I've realized that life never gives a second chance..Phew, I always thought, that part of my life was more like Chetan Bhagat's Five-point-someone..The caption deserves a change though..What-not-to-do-while-preparing-for-IIT's..;)

Time flew and somehow I managed to get seated in one-among-the-so-called good colleges..Engineering is again a new chapter..In the midst of it I crossed the last teen year..By the time people started calling me grandpa for the way I talk..People consider me as a nerd here..Damn, Never in my life people called me that..There were other changes too..I was no more dreaming..I started chasing dreams..Agression lessened..Patience increased..I am more on the philosophical tone now..hehe..This part of my life is more like The-Monk-who-sold-his-ferrari..I wonder what's next in the store..

Well, here I am laughing at what-I-was, admiring at what-I-am and wondering at what-I-am-going-to-be..Alas, its rightly said "there is only one constant thing in life...that is CHANGE.."