Wailing over the loss of a slaughtered friend,
I prayed helplessly if someone could help him revive..
Sucked in the pain that it all came to an end,
I worried, to the murderer, god may be too kind to forgive..

I cut myself piercing the knife into a vein,
just to see how my pal felt, being slaughtered for bunce..
I've realized, the world needs a god to get rid of its pain,
The thundering rage within turned me into a god for once..

In the dark nights, I walked down the streets hunting for a sinner
As I came across a womanizer, I slayed him with the buthcher's knife..
I've then realized, the old god was dead and I am the winner,
coz I saved the world from the sinner's misery of life..

The slaying continued peacefully until the ruling system got involved,
For they never realized that were going against god..
Alas, Catching god aint that easy, around me the stupid cops revolved..
Inspite of the hunt for me, I kept killing those who flawed..

Experiencing the warmth of sinner blood soon became an addiction,
I saw that there was none who was an embodiment of goodness alone..
At times When I killed, some scarily prayed me for redemption,
To put 'em out of misery, I slayed them until their parting groan..

One night, I found that my loving brother was a sinner too,
But I thought in god's rule there aint no injustice..
Closing in for a kill, I told him that my love for him was true..
I even regreted the fact that he couldn't be my apprentice..

As I raised my hand, to give my brother a final advice,
A violent force of a knife pushed in and out of my chest,
Not once but thrice..
I lacked strength to have a glance at the uninvited guest..

She clenched my brother tightly looking at me with a frown..
Losing consciousness, my breath was thinning and experiencing smother..
Staring at her, With a numb body and a dry throat I fell down,
Laughing at my fate that even god has a mother..

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  1. Very enthralling piece of work...I could kinda sense a tinge of Anniyan(tamil)/aparichithudu(hope I spelt that right)in this..However I'm curious to know how such a theme actually reached your mind..:)

  2. nikhil says:

    reflects a sort of vengeance.Good one!!in fact a completely different dimension of ur thoughts are depicted, well expressed again( asusual).
    Did all that really happen( knife piercing ur chest, brother committing sins..) ... :P, or jus an illusion??

  3. Phenomenal stuff. The language, the theme, the thought process, everything I love.

  4. Wow..quite a good n unique one ..n d flow of words which reflected your thoughts - is very natural :)n d end ws really good :)

  5. Chandu says:

    i find that one of the earlier comments best describes this post.
    phenomenal.too gud and original.

    he he these days, god writes poetry too. :)

  6. Just wonderful!! U precisely depicted the real feelings of a distressed man, a rebel.. The world from his eyes.. Great theme and perfectly compiled..!! Very different from ur previous postings.. Audacious work..!!

  7. *Applause* .. For this, you really deserve a pat on the back.. Woven like a story which ends with a satisfactory climax.. None shud try to be God, a good message put across boldly.. Liked it.. Keep penning..

  8. vineet says:

    hats off man..nice ending...beautifully presnted..lovely wrk

  9. Oh Mama!

    Thats what I was waiting to inspire me!
    Auspicious job by you!

    Keep me scrolling.....!

  10. Pavani says:

    awesome yar!! i jst love ur writing skills....!! frm where do u gt such ideas??
    waiting 4 ur nxt post...... plzz hv it done fast!!

  11. Amogh says:

    hey really nice man! :)

  12. Well written , good use of words.

    Please check this post you have been tagged.

  13. @Vamsi
    In reply to your query:
    @ vamsi all you have to do make apost and write 7 things about yourself on your blog and then tell seven other people to do the same about them selves.You also have to mention in your post the name and blog of who ever tagged you. Its easy as that.No complications at all.

  14. Amazing piece of writing dude...keep posting :)

  15. Anonymous says:

    wow ! wow ! and more wows..... ! I m no man to judge wat uve written but as a reader... as somebody said... its phenomenal!

  16. bhargavi says:

    well written..gud creativity..:)

  17. Yemiledu says:

    Awesome writing style!
    And the concept was nicely-neatly presented.
    Loved it.

    Gr8 work!
    Keep writing!!

  18. that was something...i found i was breathing seem to have got into the head of a psychopath...great write

  19. anything being right or wrong is only a matter of perspective.... well pointed out here... Nice work...

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