I was walking down an abandoned street..The street was rugged and showed no traces of human presence..It was dusty and seemed to be untouched for a long time..In fact I wondered if it existed in reality..As I carefully laid steps on the rugged path, I suddenly tripped over something that I thought to be a stone..I took a closer look at what it was..I was baffled when I saw its true shape after dusting it..It was a lamp that was studded with precious stones that glittered like gold..A voice within me suggested to swipe it..I acted as per instinct and did so..I was spell bound to see a gigantic figure in front of me..I wondered, Was this really a genie or was I dreaming about Aladdin??..I asked the mystic fellow, "Are you the genie in the lamp??"..He replied, "Yes my lord!!..Make a wish and it shall be fulfilled"..Oh my gosh wtf is this..I replied,"Okay, fine Mr.genie..Take me into my past, Then I shall believe your words".."Your wish is my command", the genie said and asked me to shut my eyes..

I did so and opened my eyes after a minute ..Surprisingly, I was looking at myself when I was just nine..I time travelled to an incident that happened in my 4th std..A bull sized classmate of mine called Mahesh was bullying me..He wished to test his strength,So he started kicking me with his brand new bata shoes..A patient-me tolerated his rupture until a girl in my class giggled, looking at him like an action hero and looking at me like a chamcha to a villian..Unexpectedly, there was an adrenaline rush..In a split second, I gave a hard punch on his face with my puny fist just like how Popeye beats Bluto after eating spinach..and moved aside staring at the girl with I should have convinced her that it is the heroes who get beaten by the villian first..:)

Beep beep..The scene changed..I was drifted back into the time when I was 13..I was playing carroms with my dad..We were playing best of five match..I lost the first..I lost the second..Finally I lost third game too..I was looking at my 13 yr old self loosing cool for losing the game..I pushed the board aside, threw the coins away and started yelling at my dad, "Dad!! I dont care if you are the one who taught me carroms, I dont even care that you are my loving dad..What matters is you are my opponent..Losing to an opponent is like dying with shame.." I screamed and went into my room..Oh my gosh..What the f*** did I speak..I was seeing all my past happening..Anger always makes me behave like an animal..Before I could say sorry to dad, the scene faded..

Now, I was looking at my 17 yr old self..I was travelling home from college in a metro liner..It was 11.00 am sharp and I got a phone call..Talking on the phone, I got down the bus and started moving towards home..Finally, I reached home at 11.40 after keeping snail's pace..My granny asked me if I was hungry..I said,"ledu ledu(no no) I am busy"..The clocked then showed 12.45..I was still on phone and my granny asked me again for lunch..The blabbering continued..Finally, my granny lovably scolded me at 3.30 for not having lunch..I cut the call and told,"My dear lovely granny!!..I am preparing for IIT you know..There are lot of things to be discussed on phone dear.."Poor thing..Such a lovable granny she was..She believed what I said..For atleast a minute longer I wished to see my deceased granny again..Even before I could complete the wish..The scene faded..

Now I was expecting for an other scene from my past but to my surprise I gotta kick on my butt from my friend..He politely said, "Wake up lazy bones!!..cut off your f***ing day dream..We have a lab to attend.."

LOUIS-The Warrior General..

Hundred Miles down the village, Louis travelled,
To deliver the ally of south, the king's word..
To raise war with a northern warrior clan, the king gavelled,
But to Louis, war without a cause seemed absurd..

Calling a war for a mere display of power was unjust,
But being the army general to the king, Louis had to remain silent..
The thought of spilling innocent blood filled him with disgust,
To him, the after effect of war, seemed far too violent..

Running away, abandoning the king's task, he acted imprudent,
With solace and peace to seek, he strayed into the forest..
Inspite of the decision to run, he felt impotent,
To know if the decision was right or wrong, was his quest..

Aimlessly, he travelled for two days and a night,
The pain of facing the war never seemed to end..
Until he met a prophet who glowed with divine light,
To free him of suffering, he felt the prophet was godsend..

To the prophet, he questioned, the truth of his decision,
Smiling, the prophet replied,"the war wouldn't stop even if you quit"..
The prophet's words cleared Louis, of the fog of illusion,
He realized, Unto the side of justice, he must submit..

With the sword of wisdom, he broke the shackles of fear,
To join hands with the warriors of the north..
To Louis, the will to protect the innocent was more dear,
With reckless agression, to the battlefield the warriors set forth..

The valiant warriors and the king's army collided,
The devil's will of the warriors was, to do till you die..
In the midst of battle, with eyes of hate, towards him the king strided,
with a breath of fire, he plunged into the king making a monstrous cry..

For the sake of justice, for the sake of the innocent,
He raised against the king, the majestic sword..
Warm Blood spilled when he pierced the king's chest with gallant,
The warriors hailed, Louis the general was renamed as LOUIS THE LORD..

PS: This is framed to illustrate the war that constantly happens within our inner self..We all have both a good side and a bad side..The King depicts our negative side..The warriors depict our positive side..Louis portrays our action..The prophet is the conscience..Our actions are often in a dilemma to chose a side..In the battle between good and evil, listen to your conscience and choose good over bad to eliminate your bad self..:)


PAIN...The four letters of pain are not sufficient to explain the plight of this girl..

She was a caller on the love guru live show on radio city..She told the RJ that she wished to lessen the burden of her heart by sharing her grief..Amazingly, her story was not about love..She was eleven when her dad left her on a highway..A lorry driver saw her crying on the road..The driver was requested by the girl to drop her at home..God bless the girl's soul..She might never had expected in her life that a bloody mother f***ing lorry driver would rape her..After the brutal act, she laid helplessly on the ground..After few hours, she started walking on the abandoned road not knowing where it will lead to or what her destination was..She ended up cleaning utensils in a road side dhaba..After working there for three years, she realized that the owner of the shop was a good man..She told her painful story to the owner and begged him to help in finding her mother..The shop owner promised to help..He convinced the girl that he booked the tickets to reach her place and hence the journey started..But destiny was too harsh on this girl..She never realized that it was a journey to hell..The shop owner did keep his promise to help..But the promise was to help himself with 11,000 rupees....He sold her to the brothel houses of Mumbai..

For seven years, she experienced excruciating pain as a result of infinite torture..Life then gives her a small gift..The gift was that she was able to escape from the brothels after those seven years..The gift could really have been bigger if only she wasn't diagonised as HIV positive!!..Here ends the story of a 22 year old girl in Bangalore who feels that destiny had given her a miserable life that really had no scope for happiness..She was deprived of parental love..She was deprived of childhood pleasures..She was deprived of education..SHE WAS DEPRIVED OF HAVING A LIFE..Yes, as far as I know she is just a living container without a soul..She was probably long dead..

As the girl said, was it a merciless act of destiny??..No, certainly not..It is those cursed men in her life who are to be blamed..Do you know that in India, 18 women become victims of rape for every single hour??..Well, what is the reason behind this??..Is it the lacking awareness??..No, awareness in the society is increasing..So what is the fucking reason behind this??..

I personally feel it is the outlook of men towards women that must be changed..Women are not objects of pleasure..They share equal rights and privelages of life..Just a fucking reason that a women bears children, is no claim to consider them as weak or inferior..No fucking guy has got the rights to snatch the pleasures in a women's life..I just hope to witness the change in society..Well, a change in society can be witnessed only from the change in the outlook of every individual..So what can we guys do to support the cause..??

The change should start from the teen gossips..Well, I don't think people will oppose my statement if I say that teen gossips often involve women..To be frank, what is the necessity to held a discussion on describing a girl's body??..Is it really a healthy topic to gossip??..(Well, guys I think this is something that is seen everywhere around, so please dont leave comments rebelling that we dont talk about girls, we talk about gods and all)..Well, I am not trying to give an opinion that every guy who gossips about women turns out be a rapist..What I actually mean is, if a mere gossip among a group of young teens can be so disastrous as talking about the shapes of a girl's body..Then just imagine what could be the extent of animal insticts among that of the uneducated clan..

Finally, what I want to voice out is just a matter of two simple words..RESPECT WOMEN..RESPECT WOMEN..RESPECT WOMEN..

PS: This girl's story has caused a sudden upsurge of rage and intense disgust within me, towards the society..So, I apologize for the harsh tone and the use of abusive language..With the assurance that this is my space, I just want to share the incident with you guys..If you have a heart to care, please pray for the girl..Thank you..