PAIN...The four letters of pain are not sufficient to explain the plight of this girl..

She was a caller on the love guru live show on radio city..She told the RJ that she wished to lessen the burden of her heart by sharing her grief..Amazingly, her story was not about love..She was eleven when her dad left her on a highway..A lorry driver saw her crying on the road..The driver was requested by the girl to drop her at home..God bless the girl's soul..She might never had expected in her life that a bloody mother f***ing lorry driver would rape her..After the brutal act, she laid helplessly on the ground..After few hours, she started walking on the abandoned road not knowing where it will lead to or what her destination was..She ended up cleaning utensils in a road side dhaba..After working there for three years, she realized that the owner of the shop was a good man..She told her painful story to the owner and begged him to help in finding her mother..The shop owner promised to help..He convinced the girl that he booked the tickets to reach her place and hence the journey started..But destiny was too harsh on this girl..She never realized that it was a journey to hell..The shop owner did keep his promise to help..But the promise was to help himself with 11,000 rupees....He sold her to the brothel houses of Mumbai..

For seven years, she experienced excruciating pain as a result of infinite torture..Life then gives her a small gift..The gift was that she was able to escape from the brothels after those seven years..The gift could really have been bigger if only she wasn't diagonised as HIV positive!!..Here ends the story of a 22 year old girl in Bangalore who feels that destiny had given her a miserable life that really had no scope for happiness..She was deprived of parental love..She was deprived of childhood pleasures..She was deprived of education..SHE WAS DEPRIVED OF HAVING A LIFE..Yes, as far as I know she is just a living container without a soul..She was probably long dead..

As the girl said, was it a merciless act of destiny??..No, certainly not..It is those cursed men in her life who are to be blamed..Do you know that in India, 18 women become victims of rape for every single hour??..Well, what is the reason behind this??..Is it the lacking awareness??..No, awareness in the society is increasing..So what is the fucking reason behind this??..

I personally feel it is the outlook of men towards women that must be changed..Women are not objects of pleasure..They share equal rights and privelages of life..Just a fucking reason that a women bears children, is no claim to consider them as weak or inferior..No fucking guy has got the rights to snatch the pleasures in a women's life..I just hope to witness the change in society..Well, a change in society can be witnessed only from the change in the outlook of every individual..So what can we guys do to support the cause..??

The change should start from the teen gossips..Well, I don't think people will oppose my statement if I say that teen gossips often involve women..To be frank, what is the necessity to held a discussion on describing a girl's body??..Is it really a healthy topic to gossip??..(Well, guys I think this is something that is seen everywhere around, so please dont leave comments rebelling that we dont talk about girls, we talk about gods and all)..Well, I am not trying to give an opinion that every guy who gossips about women turns out be a rapist..What I actually mean is, if a mere gossip among a group of young teens can be so disastrous as talking about the shapes of a girl's body..Then just imagine what could be the extent of animal insticts among that of the uneducated clan..

Finally, what I want to voice out is just a matter of two simple words..RESPECT WOMEN..RESPECT WOMEN..RESPECT WOMEN..

PS: This girl's story has caused a sudden upsurge of rage and intense disgust within me, towards the society..So, I apologize for the harsh tone and the use of abusive language..With the assurance that this is my space, I just want to share the incident with you guys..If you have a heart to care, please pray for the girl..Thank you..

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  1. Whoa!This is one heavy story!Life has surely taken the girl through a baneful trail..As for the debased thoughts of todays'adolescents,the primary cause according to me is the filth associated with todays flicks which youngsters actually grow up with and most other people see the rest of the world through..I appreciate your message on "respect women"..kudos to you for that!:)

  2. nikhil says:

    socio- oriented n effective.Till now, u have presented ur personal experiences. This seems to b different.A girl may sense an awkward feel initially, but 'RESPECT WOMEN' is a veracious statement n my strong accordance to it. On my part, I pray 4 destiny- stricken girl hoping she posses a new life with all the fruits.Good job!!

  3. Nethra says:

    I don't think guys will stop ogling at girls and talking about girl's figure by reading this story, but what I appreciate is at least you wont.
    Kudos to you for trying such a meaningful cause. :)

  4. I've no words..! Its really great that u presented such a senstive issue about women-abuse, so phenominally and honestly.. Especially poverty stricken girls are more prone to all this.. And its disgusting to hear that men still eye women as mere toys.. Good that u encourage the teens to start-up with it.. I truly appreciate ur concern.. hats off daa..:)

  5. Firstly, I appreciate you for choosing a subject like this. Frankly, I never really understood motive behind a rape. Merely sexual? Or another way to show masculinity and dominance?! But it always disgusts me when men consider women just objects of desire as you said in the post, even if they arent verbal about it. Sigh. Well, without further digression it was a very hard hitting post and it shows how pained u r after hearing this story. Please keep such posts coming. :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    totally agree wid u bro..i mean the outlook has to change..great topic to be put up on a blog page..srinath here ..

  7. Hats off Vamsi ..Really appreciate and happy to hear that atleast through the story , you can just imagine the plight , women go through ...Stories of these kind make ordinary women more afraid ...including me ..

    I know many men wouldnt change , but I am happy thatthere is one guy less from those categories of ppl ..Hats off to you:)

  8. OMG Vamsi

    What you did?
    You shouldnt had wrote this yaar!
    You made me feel the pain ...

    Litrally Hats off to you man!

    Love ya!

    God Bless you!

    Keep it up I am your fan!

  9. Great man...You have written very well...
    Even I had talked with a prostitute when I was in Mumbai for my vacations...She also had a similar story to share...Now she has stopped prostitution and started working in a local company...I will share it in my website soon...

    Women needs to be respected...

  10. Your post mirrors my thoughts dude.

    The plight of women,especially in developing countries and underdeveloped ones are pathetic...stringent laws just doesn't seem to do the trick.

    If only society was a little more humane..

  11. It has been so since ages...and no it is not just in rural areas...appreciate you choosing to express it...

    I don't mean to sound cynical, but i think a true change will take a hell lot of time to happen than we think...bottom-line, if this awareness can make a diff to even one life, it will be totally worth it!

  12. Yemiledu says:

    I understand how bad you must have felt....this gal's lyf is horrible enough.
    Sad to know that.
    If only everyone realizes they got to respect others especially the WOman..things will be a lot different.

    inb/w I like Love guru...the RJ's voice is gr8 and he gives the best advices ever.

  13. Kunal Lad says:

    Wow dude.... This story is very touching ... Hope i could halp the girl ... if pnly i were a little older ... great work brother

  14. Bravo!...more men should speak up to reduce the abuse of women...but it can never ever be safe for women in THIS world...more men than not seem to be wired that way

  15. lastain says:

    I don't know why, but, i have my 'no' to the general term that we humans are called Social Animals. Sometimes, I felt it as a curse to be born as a human. We are no better than animals, even animals are far better than us.

    Firstly, what kind of father was he ? What kind of mother was she ? If they can't take care of their own kids, why do they have to bring them to this world. After reading this kind of stories, most of us at the maximum, would say,'It's so sad', 'I want to help her','The people who have done her this things should be punished', 'government should take up measures to help such victims,' and all such craps. My question is "Are we really helping them?".We should ask ourselves "what have we done for them?".

  16. gayathri says:

    Seems far away from the world that i inhabit..but painfully,this is the truth! the Times of India ran an article on Sunita Krishnan from Hyderabad ,she helps rehabilitate commercial sex workers...We need more Sunitas..

  17. Nivedita says:

    Well.. I'm really surprised to c tht u've shared this story on ur blog.. Thanks!!! :)
    My prayers r with the girl always..
    Thr r hunderds nd thousands of girls nd women who suffer silently for months nd years together. First, they're treated as a burden on the family by their parents nd l8r they're harrassed by their in-laws nd husband either for money or merely to satisfy their sadistic pleasure.
    We r lucky to b among the few who hv been blessed with a loving family. I can thank God enough for such a wonderful blessing.
    In my opinion, ignorance is the root cause for such problems to persist in our society even in the 21st century. The change has to start frm us (Youth). We will hv to participate voluntarily in activities tht r aimed at upliftment of our society. It is our duty to do so nd v cannot shy away frm it. We cannot wait 4 someone else to b the change, we will hv to b the change tht we r all waiting 4. Its high time v stop being Arm-Chair Critics nd stand up nd start devoting a little time for the betterment of poor helpless lives out there!

  18. vamsi says:

    @all thanks for the lovely comments..:)

    @neetu Ur comment is special..:) Yes I totally agree wid every every word of urs..We are really lucky to have such a loving family..:)Thanks again for the comment..:)

  19. Nivedita says:

    ALways my pleasure!! :)

  20. After having read this my respect for YOU has grown manifold. What a wise and mature thing to post vamsi. The rage, fury, storm or whatever was there inside you was portrayed spectacularly. But as Nethra said, nothing can stop these animals from committing this crime. A very good effort by you in putting across the plight of that female. Will surely pray for her. :)

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