LOUIS-The Warrior General..

Hundred Miles down the village, Louis travelled,
To deliver the ally of south, the king's word..
To raise war with a northern warrior clan, the king gavelled,
But to Louis, war without a cause seemed absurd..

Calling a war for a mere display of power was unjust,
But being the army general to the king, Louis had to remain silent..
The thought of spilling innocent blood filled him with disgust,
To him, the after effect of war, seemed far too violent..

Running away, abandoning the king's task, he acted imprudent,
With solace and peace to seek, he strayed into the forest..
Inspite of the decision to run, he felt impotent,
To know if the decision was right or wrong, was his quest..

Aimlessly, he travelled for two days and a night,
The pain of facing the war never seemed to end..
Until he met a prophet who glowed with divine light,
To free him of suffering, he felt the prophet was godsend..

To the prophet, he questioned, the truth of his decision,
Smiling, the prophet replied,"the war wouldn't stop even if you quit"..
The prophet's words cleared Louis, of the fog of illusion,
He realized, Unto the side of justice, he must submit..

With the sword of wisdom, he broke the shackles of fear,
To join hands with the warriors of the north..
To Louis, the will to protect the innocent was more dear,
With reckless agression, to the battlefield the warriors set forth..

The valiant warriors and the king's army collided,
The devil's will of the warriors was, to do till you die..
In the midst of battle, with eyes of hate, towards him the king strided,
with a breath of fire, he plunged into the king making a monstrous cry..

For the sake of justice, for the sake of the innocent,
He raised against the king, the majestic sword..
Warm Blood spilled when he pierced the king's chest with gallant,
The warriors hailed, Louis the general was renamed as LOUIS THE LORD..

PS: This is framed to illustrate the war that constantly happens within our inner self..We all have both a good side and a bad side..The King depicts our negative side..The warriors depict our positive side..Louis portrays our action..The prophet is the conscience..Our actions are often in a dilemma to chose a side..In the battle between good and evil, listen to your conscience and choose good over bad to eliminate your bad self..:)

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  2. Nice poem...a\I felt the underlying theme relates a lot to the philosophy contained in Bhagavad Gita :)

  3. nikhil says:

    splendid show!! this is what i alwaz xpect frm u dudeee... when our innerself is leaning towards fear inhibiting us to overcome the blemsih, v need to break the 'SHACKLES OF FEAR with the sword of wisdom'- voiced by a gr8 wordsmith(MR. mua.. :D ) is absolutely true.
    the justification involving the slaughter of such a king should be applied to our lives az well.The prophet of doom pessimist is patented.. :P . 'Louis the monarch' is one of ur blockbusters ... :)

  4. vamsi says:

    @nikhil I am flattered by ur comment here but man, I guess you were just overflowed with the theme of the poem..WORDSWOTH is too big a compliment to digest..In fact I feel, I am not even a poet..There is a certain style to be adapted in poetry, that which I often break..I emphasize more on the feel rather than the outlook..So I dont think I can take ur compliment ra..I would be glad if u call it VAMSI's work rather than a conventional poem coz the flow I assume when I write is not to make it look like a poem but to look like a song..dats y..anyways thanks for the comment nikhil..

  5. Nethra says:

    You are going sadu? :o :P :)
    Nice poem and nice explanation too. :)

  6. arjun says:

    u had an idea ! Wanted to put it across ! Used king warriors Luis and Prophet as Avatars ! and finally got it to rhyme too ! With dear fear north forth ... etc !

    deserve a round of applause cos ! the idea was great ! Avatars used 2 and the fact that u did manage 2 gt it to rhyme in every para !! 6 hrs din go in vain ! cheers mate ! nice1 !

  7. The theme u've adopted is simply superb! Every bit of what u've put forth has immense personification!! It seems pretty obvious at the outset that a guy has written it, simply coz a girl would have probably given a more non-violent turn to the story...It is but natural you see..:)..good job!keep goin!!

  8. Wonderful ! At first read I thought you are trying to portray a story , but on reading the footnote , i was stunned by the way you expressed the simple message in such a different way ..May be you are not a poet , but you write awesome poems !! You really deserve o big applause ..Cheers ! :)

  9. good work dude... U emphasised that fearless decisions should be taken, listening to our heart..!! U portrayed it very nicely with the story..! good language and compilation..

  10. gud n bad side of humna r depicted well in ur poem...keep gng ur wonderful work :)

  11. lOn3ly =( says:

    Kwell :)

    Keep em commin :-p

  12. Shashank says:

    Its amazing how you're able to connect everything to the spirit with such ease. And yea, good command of the language...
    keep it up!

  13. Anonymous says:

    truly amazing!

    Tha language is superb!


  14. Great Job Man!
    Keep it up!

  15. Yemiledu says:

    Awesomely said.
    It was a pleasure reading the whole poem and the post script was enlightening.
    Chala bagundi!!

  16. Gyanban says:

    Subtle and original.I got the drift...
    nicely woven with the underlying philosophy.

  17. Navi says:

    A poem delving into the depths of the real conflict...the conflict within ourselves.... Very well written and aptly describing the tension inside... Got your link from Indiblogger... Do visit my blog at http://www.myexperimentswithliesandsins.blogspot.com

  18. Very well written vamsi.. One of the best posts that I have found here.. The explanation that follows the poem was very wise and actually put me into the thinking mode.. :)

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