The pain of rejection made me sleepless. The heart that was burdened with tonnes of love for her, was now shattered into pieces. I took four shots of vodka, hoping that the numbness would fade away the pain but it didn't. I put on my sweater and decided to take a stroll in the night. The church bell struck twelve. The sound of the bells disturbed the serenity of the midnight hour. The chilling wind brushed my hair and it partly eased the agony of my distressed heart. I passed across the lonely streets and the untouched graveyards. I cursed myself for the feelings I had for her. Somehow I felt the need to hate her. I really had to, or else I would ruin myself with this pain. After a walk for 40 minutes I felt no pain. I was filled with a strange numbness. 

As I proceeded along the dusty paths, I saw a shadowy figure completely dressed in black. I could make out from the robes that it was a woman. She rested her slender body against a banyan tree. Her lips wore a deep red color. The frills of her long hair seemed stunningly gothic with majestic curls at the ends. Few strands of her hair hovered over her, partly hiding the magnificence of her beautiful face. A black eyelining decorated her deep dark eyes. An intense stare from the depth of her eyes gave me an ecstatic thrill. I walked away from her wondering about the upsurge of emotions from within. As I distanced from her, the instincts within me started an uproar, urging me to go back to her. Her beauty was enchantingly exotic that I had completely forgotten about my love and rejection. Probably this is the woman's power of seduction. She was extremely unique. Her beauty was one of a kind that which is totally unreal. She was a woman who can be seen only in a man's wildest dreams. 

I couldnt help myself from tracing back steps towards her. I even doubted that this was an illusion probably because the vodka started to sink in. I got closer to the banyan tree only to find that she was still in there with the same seductive look on her face and in the same posture leaning over the tree. Something made me think that she felt the same way I did. Words didn't flow, neither from her nor from me. Before I could make a move, she moved closer. Her tightly shut lips opened up. Good and bad. Sin and evil. Nothing worried me. I completely surrendered myself to the brutal violent force. This was the verge of resistance and I too closed into her. Something weird happened and I felt a strange pain on my neck. And that was the last thing I remember. By the time I woke up, I was lying down on the lonely street. I desperately tried to recollect what had happened. Was it a dream??. Was it an illusion??. Was I drunk??. With all these questions in mind I started walking towards home. The clock showed 5.00 am and I saw a small troop of people heading for a morning walk. As I saw the bunch of people, a strong current overwhelmed me and I plunged into them within a fraction of second. By the time I realized what I was doing, it was too late. I WAS THIRSTY FOR MORE BLOOD. 

PS: I like to be a part of my creative world. That is the reason why I use the word "I" all over the post. So, don't mistake it to be my story. Because I am not a vampire, I don't drink vodka and yes, I am positive that I wouldn't get rejected by a woman. ;-)

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  1. Vamsi...the best ever fictional post of yours.....I loved it !!!!Honestly I guessed who a"man's -wildest-dream" girl was , but trust me , this was your best post I have read !! Awsme !!!

    Bdw , you didnt say in the P.S. from whose inspiration you wrote those beautiful lines - beauty of dreamy horrifying vampire :P...But this post was too good :)

  2. Nethra says:

    That was a nice story and there is nothing wrong with the writing style.
    I enjoyed reading it. :)

  3. pavani says:

    I feel lyk praising ur writing skills endlessly!!tooooooooooo...(infinite o's)gudd!
    If 'PSYCOPATH'is a blockbuster(as i told u),
    then 'ONE NIGHT'is a smashing blockbuster for sure!
    "i dont think i will get rejected by a woman"
    hmmmmmmm...acha hai....... naishhh!!

  4. Very nice portrayal of rapidly changing human emotions! The way u've described every intricate aspect of the girl's beauty is simply fantastic!! The climax was surely unexpected..Is this an after math of the twilight saga? Good work!keep goin..:)

  5. asm says:

    at one point i felt i could see the woman u were describing,the frills and the wind blowing her hair in front of her face,fascinating!!!

  6. abc says:

    the way u write is realy nice..i enjoyed reading it! :)

  7. nikhil says:

    doesnt matter whether this is an illusion or not, describing a girl craves a prodigious flow of fervency. U succeeded in accomplishing that. Coming to ur penmanship, its a phenomenal manifestation coz u brought a ravishing lass into light.. :) I always like such portrayal of 'Girl in dark woods, breeze brushing her locks....'. The best phrase of this post 'An intense stare from the depth of her eyes gave me an ecstatic thrill' .Dude, plssss come up with more of such genre.Hope all ur future writeups ordain an outline of this sort of scenarios. It would be much better if u delineate gal, love n stuff. This would last as one of my favourites of MUA's penmanship.. :D :)

  8. wow...really nice fiction did you have two puncture wounds on your neck?

  9. Hey, you remind me of King!
    Stephen King, of course. The overall mood of your blog is quite conducive to the post. Do keep being bitten by vampires and keep us posted on the aftermath, i.e.,if you survive.

  10. I loved the twist in the end re baap. Dint see it coming AT ALL. Nice and creative post. Keep it up! :)

  11. Very first time here, Cheers!

    The disclaimer in the end was even better...would like to use something similar on my page lest anyone gets confused.... :)

  12. Awesome story Vamsi...I always wanted to write something with a vampire in it :D
    Oh and I read Bram Stoker's Dracula a few weeks back...You should check it out too if you haven't ;)

  13. HEhe...What was that! Came here roaming through indiblogger. Good that i came, i'm going scared!!!

    Plz visit my blogs at:

  14. Gyanban says:

    Good stuff, short and crisp.

  15. Dramatic & Crispy. The description was really good and the story flowed very smoothly. The only one thing I would like to point out is that the end was predictable. :)

  16. Mr Trolah says:

    Nice post! For some reason it struck me that the story really matched the background theme :)

  17. You can paint pictures in real life, loved reading it! And the best part was your disclaimer! :)

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