The classes got over by 11.40 hrs and I came back to my hostel room..My seminar got cancelled and no more pending works for the day..So I was in a relaxed mood..I just happened to check my mail and then my mood changed drastically..I started raging like a monster looking at a forward and I want to burst out and express the anger and repugnance within..Here I am doing it in my post..

The forward was about MF Hussain and his paintings..This man is a well known artist also called the Picasso of India for his prowess in painting..I never researched on this man but after getting the forward I googl'ed' and saw few of his paintings..I was shocked..The paintings showed his completely negative shades..As the name suggests he is a muslim..He seems to be an extremist who considers Islam as the best and the rest as shit..His pictures show his crystal clear hatred towards Hindus and their culture, hatred towards India and distinguished love for Islam..His pictures depicted immense vulgarity with nude pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses..Well, few might argue that nudity is an art but what bothered me was the vulgarity..A painting of his, portrayed Hindu goddess crossing with a tiger..Other showed a naked brahmin and a fully clad muslim king..And an other showed a naked gandhi with head cut off..Adding to this he also hurt the nation's pride with his art of a naked woman who depicts mother India with various names of states written on various parts of her body..I was almost on the verge of controlling the rage within and finally the rage burst out like champagne when I saw the last picture..In this one, he painted a scene from the holy epic Ramayana wherein a nude Hanuman carries a hill in his hands approaching a nude Seetha resting on the thighs of a nude Ravana..What the fuck man??..What guts does this old moron possesses to display his hatred with audacity..He doesn't have to respect Hinduism but he has got no fucking rights to make a mockery of it..I never felt this much of hatred towards any person in life..How I really wish I could kill the fucking old bastard for his insanity towards Hindustan and hinduism..

What pissed me off was, he never recieved even a single slap for all the crap he has done..It is a pity how reluctant we Hindus are..In an other article I read of a muslim clan going against the government and conducting riots for making a cartoon of prophet Muhammad..The clan also offered 50 crores for the person who could kill the artist..We also saw the christians making a protest in India for releasing "Da-Vinci-Code"..Look at them and look at us..We Hindus lack the love for our culture..We just don't have the fucking guts to protect our self-respect..I don't ask of the Hindus to rally on roads and conduct raids for the attrocities against Hinduism..I only wish that people should respect it..Even if they don't respect it, they can keep the opinion to themselves..They don't have to insult it in public..

People might call me a religious freak after reading the post but I don't care..I consider Hinduism as my mother..I respect other religions as my mother's siblings..If given a chance, I am ready to behead any fucking bastard who insults my mother..My mother is my love..My mother is my pride..She might be tolerant of the attrocities done to her..But as her son, I am not..I speak with audacity and I don't regret this statement.."IN MY OPINION, THE WORLD HAS PRODUCED A PIECE OF SHIT CALLED MF HUSSAIN..I RENAME HIM AS THE M F***ING HUSSAIN..I HATE HIM WITH MY LIFE.."

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  1. I did see the pics ...I was pained to notice the comparisons and it did hurt my sentiments ....And as you said , we have tolerant to see the insults metted ! Its painful to see that his painting are aprreciated for this work !!!

  2. Yemiledu says:

    I believe art should have the complete freedom..but at the same time the artist should have conscience and common sense too...
    I have seen 1 or 2 of his painting and wish to see no more...

    Your anger is reasonable...Hope MF Hussian realizes his mistakes and apologies.

  3. I had received this mail some months ago. It boiled my blood too. All what you've written was really true. We Hindus actually are very stoic. Good that you brought up this topic through your blog and voiced your opinion against the person who has actually meant to demean our religion through, not one or two, but hoards of his paintings.

  4. dude.... that guy was an outcast and fled for 15yrs... But yeah u got a point... we hindus are mild... but thats our characteristic.. we don't change because some old hag does some shit...

  5. nikhil says:

    I never knew this gospel till date. Good assessment.Hinduism is like our mother and v need not hang back to scourge such offenders as 'Hussain'. I comply with u. well done!!

  6. Nethra says:

    It doesn't matter which religion we belong to, what matters is our manners. I don't insult Islam and Christianity just because I follow Hinduism. I agree with you, no bastard has any right to insult our culture and on top of all, our country. This guy is a sick bastard indeed(I checked the mail. I mean his paintings).

  7. buddy do send me that mail on my ID

    between these person are real piece of shit...don't what the hell they got by insulting other culture and god

    they are real cowards...

  8. huh...

    art requires some kind of respect...but mf hussain has killed what is true art...he may have painted many wonderful pictures..but at the same time he has disrespected the culture...

  9. Hari says:

    Are we any different if we spew hatred towards Husain as he "supposedly" did towards Hinduism?

  10. vamsi says:

    @hari This is not showing hatred to islam..It is hatred towards one person alone..Do we follow the same principles when someone comments on our mother??..Anyways if someone comments on our religion and if we give back a reply to it..It is not called as spreading hatred..It is called as fighting back..

  11. Nivedita says:

    Whn supporters of other religions stage protests or fight against humiliation of their religions, the entire country seems to support them. But whn Hindus raise their voice against acts that r aimed at demeaning their culture, everyone begin to preach about so-calles "Secularism"!!!
    Evry Indian citizen irrespective of being a Hindu/Mislim/Sikh/Christian etc. should be ashamed of MF Hussian of his obscene paintings of Mother India and Gandhi! I do not know how the Indian Media and our politicians continue to glorify Hussain despite such horrendous depiction of our own culture or I would rather say "Our Own Mother"!!! It's a shame!!

  12. Vinayak says:

    nice post
    keep blogging

  13. Richa says:

    That was some strong language!
    I'm all for artistic freedom. It's interesting to know others' opinion, though! :)

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