The concert was fifteen days ahead. We were given a chance to perform at the Kingfisher fun night event. Peter was ecstatic. Alas his dream to prove his prowess in vocals, was about to come true. I am glad that he is happy, for he is the person who recognized my talent in playing guitar and made me the lead guitarist of his band. The event was so important that it could really change my life. Mom doesn't have to work hard for a bag of pennies. She has had enough misery in life. She tired and sweat blood to feed her 20 year old son. I felt ashamed of it but I was happy that I will be able to earn money if the band gets popular. "I will not let her shed a drop of sweat again, I must give her the life of a queen." I swore to god.

As soon as the news of the event reached us, Peter and I headed straight to the practice hall. I must have called mama but I was too excited to start the rehearsal. We rehearsed for 6 hours and I left home. There was a small crowd gathered near the house gate. I realized I was too late. She had a stroke. She passed away. She left me alone on the seemingly endless pathway of life. 

People say alcohol lessens pain but it didn't. I drank like a maniac, helplessly staring at the sky, wishing that my mom would come back to scold me. But she didn't. She lived a life of misery. She had never experienced what real happiness was. She worked like a man to give me all the basic comforts. She sold her wedding ring, the last piece of jewellery left with her, to get me a guitar on my 17th birthday. The pain ruptured my aching soul. I couldn't bear the loss of my mother anymore. I cut my vein with a knife to kill myself, for I have noone else in the world other than mama..

Peter made a visit to my place on the night of mom's death. He was shocked by the oozing blood and immediately called for help. I opened my eyes to see him in the hospital. I expected him to be angry but he just said, "Take care. Get well soon. We will get an other chance." I could understand his agony. I was ruining his career too. The doctor released me after 10 days. He asked me to rest and warned me not to strain my hand. There were five days left and I headed straight to Peter's place. He was glad that I was doing well.

"Let's not waste anymore time. Only five days to go", I said..
"Are you sure about this??", he questioned me..
"The doc said I am back to normal. Everything is just fine", I lied.

The preparations were all done. I requested Peter that we perform the song "Mama said" from Metallica as the closing song for the event. I want it to be a special gift to my mom wherever she was. The big day had finally arrived. We were on the stage facing the crowd. Peter started a low hum, the noisy crowd went silent to pay attention. Peter continued the slow hum for a minute. The time has come for me. I meddled the strings of my guitar with full force as the crowd shouted with excitement. The beats of the drums accompanied my guitars and then Peter took control again. The show continued for 3 hrs. I put my heart into the guitars. I realized that I was overstraining my injured left hand. But I ignored the thought. This was for Peter. I was also sure that mom would be listening to it from somewhere. So I had to give the best of myself. On the final tone, Peter started the song "Mama said"..

Mama, she has taught me well..Told me when I was young..
Son, your life's an open book, Don't close it b'fore it's done?
The brightest flame burns quickest, Is what I heard her say
A son's heart's owned to mother, But I must find my way..
Let my heart go, Let your son grow..Mama, let my heart go...
Or let this heart be still, yeah still.....

The crowd were mesmerized by the melody and depth of the lyrics..Everything was fine expect for the strange pain that got worsened since the start of the show..I ignored the pain and sketched my mother in the heart and played the guitar harder.."Peter continued"..

Mama, now I'm coming home, I'm not all you wished of me..
But a mother's love for her son, Unspoken, help me be..
Yeah, I took your love for granted,And all the things you said to me, yeah..
I need your arms to welcome me, But a cold stone's all I see..
Let my heart go, Let your son grow..
Mama, let my heart go, Or let this heart be still..

The pain got worse..The vein was cutting open..Fresh blood wet the guitar and fell on the stage..The crowd were totally absorbed into the guitars..I remembered the warmth of my mom's hug and realized that she was no more..I shed silent tears..I felt the pain of the cut but it was incomparable to the pain that my heart was experiencing..I ignored it again and strained it further..This song is for my mommy and I won't ruin it even if it takes my life..I played the guitar harder than ever..Peter continued till the end..

Never I ask you, But never I gave..
But you gave me your emptiness, I now take to my grave..
Never I ask of you, But never I gave
But you gave me your emptiness, I now take to my grave
So let this heart be still....

The song had come to an end..So did my agony of losing mom..I helplessly fell down on the stage wondering if mama liked the song..Before I could give a second thought to it, I realized I was passing out..The last thing I remembered was the shout of the excited crowd..By the time, I opened my eyes again, "I SAW MY MOM APPLAUDING"..

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  1. a really nice and touching story..

    U always succeed in touching people by ur word

    Keep the good work..Keep blogging buddy :)

  2. The last four lines were the ones that touched me the most.. :) Very well written.. I think this style of writing is your forte.. Keep it going! :)

  3. Nethra says:

    Hey that was an awesome story and the lyrics complimented the story. Hopefully, the guy didn't die. Moms never encourage such stupid things like playing guitar until death and suicide attempts.
    I liked the story very much. :)

  4. vamsi says:

    @Himanshu Thank u bro..:)

    @pooja Forte is a new word I came to know because of you..:P lol..Thanks for the comment..:)

    @Nethra Thanks..:)The guy is dead..That is why he sees his mom applauding at the last..

  5. chetan chouhan says:

    very well written..hmm a touchy one..feelings described for mom was simply great..lyrics were superb..added more depth..and the end was nicely plotted..the pain through which he was going..:(
    i really liked it very much..nice work done..:)

  6. Wow..that was really touching !! You are writing awesome , but I could see you are more into seriousness and realities of life , which are depiected beautifully through words ..Awesome work Vamsi !! :)

  7. arjun says:

    nice work Vamsi! ... NicE thought and implementation !!

  8. gayathri says:

    Vamsi,dat was really creative. Weaving a metallica song intricately in ur story. gr8 work..

  9. Abhinav says:

    Well written, Vamsi! I actually got a little senti.. That's a good sign, I'm guessing.
    You should start writing scripts for movies :)

  10. Amazing story bro... Really amazing.. Touching actually... Loved it.. Nice writing stile.. Keep it up.. :)

  11. vamsi says:

    @chetan, arti, arjun, gayatri, Ravi thank u all..:) :)

    @abhinav All the films will be flop coz I write sad endings to all write ups of mine...:P :)

  12. I could see a subtle blend of fiction and non-fiction when I relate this story with you..Very well written..A maginficent ending is the highlight as usual..:)

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  14. a nice way to show love to our sweet mom's....
    it shows hw well u can express urself n ur feelings....i liked the song..(esp. the 1st stanza)...vamsi u inspiring me to start my own blog... :d

  15. neeraj says:

    nice one bhai...gud wrk...gettin a gist how ppl become writers ...u have t in u

  16. asm says:

    i cant handle blood stuff man, too gory fr me to visualize someone bleeding while playing the guitar.
    but good job, u sure know how to whip up emos, u ve done that magnificently(pun intended)

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  18. Sorcerer says:

    First time here
    wonderful work bro!

  19. divya says:

    very touching vam... :).. You've written it perfectly..!!:)

  20. vamsi says:

    @all Thank u all..:) :)

  21. p@v@ni says:

    n very good imagination.....
    got senti actually!

  22. Anshul says:

    Very well written.. Captures the pain of the son and his love for his mama so beautifully.. I have become a fan of ur writing.. Will drop back again to read more good pieces

  23. nikhil says:

    It is exceptionally mawkish. The artistic creativity in you is reflected in this post. I can weigh up this as your best write up till date. U were onto the customary practice of a doleful climax again.:),its great though.I am always stimulated by such extremes of love, senti n passion. This is one such genre, Phenomenal stuff.
    dude..pls keep posting 'ExTrEmEs' :D:)

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