"Dasa bhahum trinethram cha sarpa yagnopaveethinam,
Damishtra karala vadanam ashtaiswarya pradhayakam,
Digambaram kumarancha simha vahana samsthitham,
Soolam damarugam shankam, khadgam chakrancha dharinam,
Khadgam pathram cha khadwangam pasa mangusa meva cha,
Ugra roopam madonmathamam bada vaalai,
Chandika shakthi sahitham dyayeth samhara Bhairavam"


Agonized by the trauma of worldly emotions,
I beseech thee of eternal bliss..
Shackled by the misery of human bonds,
I surrender unto thy lotus feet..

I shalt worship the fiery Bhairava,
He who wearest a snake on his pale blue neck,
He who hath unkempt hair, who is dark skinned,
He who possesses a juvenile's naked magnificence,
He who drinks sura in the human skull,
He who walketh the graveyards with a dog like a mad man,
He who hath enraged eyes that glow with blood red flames,
He who danceth with the ghosts and ghouls,
He who hath the third eye of wisdom,
And he who is the Lord of the three worlds..

Oh Bhairava!! I am a sinner who seeks refugee in you..

With the sword of thine, behead my egoistic head,
and bathe thyself in the ocean of this sinner's blood,
sparing me the agony of rebirth..
With the third eye of thine, burn my sinful body..
Bear my ashes to ornate thy dark skin..
And bear my skull to ornate thy blue neck ..

Let the bow of thine, destroy my ego,
To put me on the path of salvation..
Let the drum of thine, dance in exuberance,
To free me of the deeds of ill karma..

what else should I ask of thee my Father??
With the consort of kali, my mother,
Welcome this son with love, into thy arms..
For, it is only thou that I seek..


It was my network programming lab exam and I was busy copy pasting the code for my question..I felt a bit embarrassed and I  realized that my standards as a B-Tech graduate had fallen steeply..Then I questioned myself, "why didn't I make an effort to study??"..Well, It was because I was totally absorbed into this book called Eclipse..

Firstly the reason why I chose to read the book was because of the movie Twilight..I literally loved everything about the film and its cast (specially Kristen :P)..Although I had seen it long ago, I resisted myself from reading the novel on which the film is based..Just a couple of days ago, I replayed the films twilight and new moon in my laptop and out of impulse, I got my hands onto the third part of the twilight series book called Eclipse..well, the book was good to start off and hence I initially came out with status updates on facebook and twitter claiming that it was a good book..There was a mixed reaction from my friends..Actually few of them supported the statement and the rest almost started considering me as a gay emphasizing on the fact that it was a girly novel..Well I couldnt exactly understand what was wrong with the book unless I finished half of it..By the time I reached 100 pages or so, I started to feel a bit dizzy with this obsessed love of Edward and Bella..I felt jacob was a sigh of relief when I read the story..His emotions were technically so feasible and genuine..The most annoying part was the narration that seemed fairly awkward..I bet that, atleast 30% of the novel has sentences like "He put his lovely arms around my waist" or "He kissed me gently and slowly that washed away my pain" or something like "I could feel his cold breath" or "I hugged him and pierced myself into his stony cold chest"..lmao..who cares if Edward's chest is stony??..Goodness gracious..Even if his chest was stony, as a reader I dont have to be reminded of his stony chest a lakh times till the end of the book..Maybe the author was under the presumption that I have a bad memory or maybe she was trying to make me fantasize their romance..lol..

I patiently continued turning the pages and at a point of time the novel reached an acme..I suddenly felt that the novel was turning out be marvellous..At this point when I started liking it, I had analysed again the things that I didnt like in it..Then I tried to relate this too-much-of-intimacy thing between Edward and Bella with one crucial point that I missed out..Bella and Edward (seemed) were teens and it was their first love..This point is reasonable enough to wipe out the negativities I had about their obsessed love..First love/teen love is genuinely obsessive even in real life and that answered the overdoing of their intimacy too..Okay fair enough I continued..The mind blowing part of the story was the perfect triangle love..I had never seen perfect triangles onscreen or even in any of the books that I have read..In every triangle one person necessarily ought to have a negative side(probably to give a good ending)..But in this case, it was totally different..It had three perfect characters totally and genuinely in love with each other..I really cant stop myself from quoting this part of the book..

Edward to Jacob: “And if you ever kiss her again, I will break your jaw for her.”
Jacob to Edward: “What if she wants me to?”
Bella to Jacob: Huh??..(shocked)
Edward to Jacob: “If that’s what she wants, then I won’t object it.”

oh god!! what a triangle..!! Awesome really..:) By the time I reached the end, I joined hands with the twilight supporters..Now I am against the critics..All in all, the Edward-Bella-Jacob's love was fantastic..The final analysis of the emotional drama I went through after reading the novel is this...Usually, the people who criticise Twilight are those matured ones whose brains really can't digest the existence of unconditional sort of love and fairytale romance that exists(might exists) in the world..People who love it are the ones (like those dreamers) who do believe in such existence of unconditional fairy-tale kind of love between a man and woman..There is a big line of seperation in the way these two kinds of people think..I am of the latter kind because there is certain truth associated with what you fantasize and dream about..I personally believe in the fact that you be what you dream..So there is no harm in fantasizing about unconditional love just like that of Edward and Bella..People of the first kind usually analyze a lot on the needs and wants of what their love has to be like, and Hence it is likely that their love might turn out to be materialistic..Instead it will be a selfless love if we just go along with the natural flow of emotions from the heart..Phew!! I guess I came out with a twilight philosophy here..

Anyways, Thanks to u, Bella, Edward and Jacob!! I love you all but I will not forgive you fellas for screwing my lab exam..:-|