"Dasa bhahum trinethram cha sarpa yagnopaveethinam,
Damishtra karala vadanam ashtaiswarya pradhayakam,
Digambaram kumarancha simha vahana samsthitham,
Soolam damarugam shankam, khadgam chakrancha dharinam,
Khadgam pathram cha khadwangam pasa mangusa meva cha,
Ugra roopam madonmathamam bada vaalai,
Chandika shakthi sahitham dyayeth samhara Bhairavam"


Agonized by the trauma of worldly emotions,
I beseech thee of eternal bliss..
Shackled by the misery of human bonds,
I surrender unto thy lotus feet..

I shalt worship the fiery Bhairava,
He who wearest a snake on his pale blue neck,
He who hath unkempt hair, who is dark skinned,
He who possesses a juvenile's naked magnificence,
He who drinks sura in the human skull,
He who walketh the graveyards with a dog like a mad man,
He who hath enraged eyes that glow with blood red flames,
He who danceth with the ghosts and ghouls,
He who hath the third eye of wisdom,
And he who is the Lord of the three worlds..

Oh Bhairava!! I am a sinner who seeks refugee in you..

With the sword of thine, behead my egoistic head,
and bathe thyself in the ocean of this sinner's blood,
sparing me the agony of rebirth..
With the third eye of thine, burn my sinful body..
Bear my ashes to ornate thy dark skin..
And bear my skull to ornate thy blue neck ..

Let the bow of thine, destroy my ego,
To put me on the path of salvation..
Let the drum of thine, dance in exuberance,
To free me of the deeds of ill karma..

what else should I ask of thee my Father??
With the consort of kali, my mother,
Welcome this son with love, into thy arms..
For, it is only thou that I seek..

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  1. Nethra says:

    Hey, you have my name in that shloka. :)
    By the way, nice one. :) It was so meaningful and touched my heart.

  2. vamsi says:

    Thanks a lot nethra...:)

  3. straight from an ardent devotee's heart..
    well written..:)

  4. Very well written. The language used was superb! :)

  5. pavani says:

    nice shloka....
    thanx for the little gyan from your gyanmandali :)
    well written.

  6. What intensity and depth of words?! Loved every bit of it. Awesomeness!

  7. nikhil says:

    i liked the fanatic in you expressing the adoration

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