With two suitcases, two carry bags and a laptop bag I stand on the porch of my home after a gruelling semester..

Mom: Look at you!! You are thinner than the last time I saw you..
Me: You talk as if I was a wrestler before..!! It is in the genes..Dont blame me..
Mom: And look at that hair..A bird can comfortably lay eggs in it..Go for a hair cut..Immediately!!
Sister: Mom!! It is looking great..Why do you behave orthodoxly??..
Mom: (senti) I can never see my son the way I want him to be..
Me: Mom..You must actually be happy that I dint get my piercing done.. Anyways wait until my engineering finish..I will be one of those tech-puppet with a well trimmed hairdo, living a life that is bereft of jeans and blah blah blah....The word duelling continues..

This is one of those sweet conversations that gets repeated again and again, whenever I get back to holidays..

I love the holiday season..Technically most of us would do(unless and until you are desperately in love with a person who is located at some other co-ordinates on the map :P)..Tasting home food is one of the best part, specially tasting the newer version of pickles in the summer..Apart from home food, I love the pleasure of dumping my stomach with excess when I visit the restaurants..Eating excess is an essential part of the revenge that I take on the mess owner of my college who serves me with his typical can-you-eat-this?? kind of dishes..Not to forget, the savory taste of the one and only Hyderabadi paani puri after having a samosa ragda..I just love the combo..No matter how much I eat I remain skinny..Altogether that is a different mystery..

Next comes the time passing session..I switch on PC and turn on the speakers, connect to the net and then give a status update on facebook saying "BACK HOME \m/"..I turn of the speakers and close the facebook tab on my browser only on the last day of the break..Man!! Internet is such an addiction, I wake up late in the night between 2 to 5 to fully utilize the free download scheme of my bsnl plan..Internet is one end of the see saw called fun..The other end is obviously reserved for friends..I have a whole bunch of friends, who never make a phone call but still whack me in turn for not being in touch with them.."You are thinner than before??", says them all..Me being thin is the best topic of gossip with which they often mock me..But still their company is fun..Be it a game of pool, or a movie at the multiplex, or a class reunion, or a random meet at Mc-Dee..I have loads of fun with my small-bunch-of-pals..Not to forget my sister who is one of my better pals..She has always been a sweet companion..Although sometimes she gives me shivers, when she tries to experiment with the beauty parlor stuff on me..It is one of those private jokes..Adding to this, the constant visit to my granny's place is an other element that I cherish..Apart from this, I love those long chit chatting sessions with my parents with topics ranging from girls to philosophy..My family is the greatest gift I ever had in my life..Hmmmm, what else should I ask for in life??..As long as I am at my home-chweet-home, I am content with everything that I have..:)

P.S: This will be my last summer break as a student..By the next summer, I will pass out from my college, hopefully with a job in hand..I wish that this 60 days of summer will be memorable..:)

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  1. Home is all v love and the bestpart about home is that it is ours!!

  2. Nethra says:

    Hey, you remain thin whatever you eat? How? Please share the secret with me.
    By the way, nice post. :P
    PS: Even I used to experiment on my brother's skin, dress and hairstyle :P

  3. haha!very nice..the beauty parlor part is hilarious! can totally imagine u as the victim..:D
    btw we have the same bsnl plan so I understand the cause of ur nocturnalism.:)

  4. nice one...Plz let ur mother be happy too for a short while...Cut your hairs...Ur hairs are really too long and I feel that the dinosaur can too lay the eggs in your hair...hahaha...and remaining thin even after eating a lot is sumthing I think u sud meditate and find out the reason..hahaha....

  5. nikhil says:

    clean-cut segment, well written. v r always ovewhelmed by the profusion of choices at home. jus chill n lead a happy-go-lucky life :), with the abysmal adoration of our parents.. is that beauty parlour stuff taken from bommarillu :):) ??
    u really exemplify an ideal quarterback in ur writeup. The newfangled nature is splendid dude.. come up with more 'zealous' perception, as u used to do hitherto :):D

  6. pavani says:

    heyy!! nice writing..
    myn is kinda similar story in matters of hair
    wen i entered my home, dis is wat my mother said
    " enti aa juttu?? vudatala peekina tati tenka laga vundi" hahaha....

  7. Ani says:

    very nicely written , and i envy the fact that you reamain skinny weight even after eating so much!

    How , I wish I had ur "resistance to weight gain" !

  8. PINGPONG says:

    very nice...
    missing my holidays:(

  9. Vinayak says:

    very nice post
    you should agree with your mother
    u have a great blog
    keep it up

  10. Vij@ソ says:

    I am celebrating my last summer holidays just after my college life. Only few days remained in joining and I hope You will get a job before next summer.
    Best Wishes
    KEEp blogging

  11. Whenever and wherever you go for any duration of time, you would like to come back home, sweet home.

  12. Yemiledu says:

    Happy holidays!! And yes do make the best of them :) They sure are gonna be memorable for you :)

  13. Nivedita says:

    Nice one!!!
    "No matter how much I eat I remain skinny".. this is something tht i too hv been very curious abt, but i guess its all in our genes!!:) nothing can b done abt it.. i shall give ur sis some beauty parlor tips to be experimented on u! :)

  14. vamsi says:

    @Ricky hohoho..I loved that line..:)

    @Nethra Poor brothers are always victims..:P :) Btw there aint a secret..:D

    @divya same pinch for the BSNL plan..:D :D

    @Abhilash I did cut my hair.. and I have proved that I was a good son..hahaha :D :)

    @Nikhil Thanks mama..I surely will..:)

    @pavani pure telugu thitlu..Nice nice :P :)

    @Ani I wish u to get the same resistance..:P Actually I am not happy that I am thin :)

  15. vamsi says:

    @Pingpong thanks man..:) Btw dontcha worry..tera number zaroor aayega :D :P

    @Vijay Thanls fot ur wishes man..Enjoy ur summer..:)

    @Vinayak thanks buddy..:)

    @S.R Ayyangar Yeah well said..Thanks for the comment..:)

    @Sivarchana thank you maam..Lets hope that I ll make a good use of it..:)

    @Nivedita You girl siblings are totally ruining our brothers.. :D hehe..:) As u said when everyone in our family was thin from young age, It is almost imposs that we ll be fatso-s..:)

  16. namit says:

    nice post..enjoyed it...

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