It had been been 8 long years after the break up..I had accomplished the task of attaining almost every single comfort in life as defined in a layman's dictionary..I have a good job..I carry a fat wallet..What not??..I have everything in life except for her..I have lived with this emptiness for 8 long years..I know that she is engaged..But I desperately need to tell her what I feel..Else there is no point in wailing over it for the rest of my life..I want her back..

I invited her for a dinner at Green Park..It was 8 already..I parked the car and went inside..To my surprise, she was not alone..She brought him along with her..Holy Shit!! I was planning a moon light dinner to win over my girl and this man in his fucking blazer came uninvited to eat the food that I had to pay for, with a bloody tag that he is engaged to her..How insane!! A re-proposal to a woman in front of her would-be..Phew!! Walking on coals could have been much better..I didnt lose heart..This was my last chance..If not now, I will lose her forever..I knew what I was doing was insane but I had to..I made a silent prayer to god and moved towards the table..

Me: Hiiiee..(felt like giving her a tight hug but settled with a hand shake)..Its been a long time..
She: Yeah..A very long time..It is sooo nice to see you..Btw..This is my would-be..(giving an akward grin)..
He: Hello..How do you do??..(with a stupid smile on his face)..
Me: yeah!! I am good..It's a pleasure to meet you..(Fuck you!!)
He: So what do you do??
Me: I work for Codelinks..(you muddlehead!! This moonlight dinner is not to answer your dumb questions)
He: Haven't heard of such a company..(sarcasm)
Me: Yeah it is not a well known company..I feel, playing lead in a less known company is better than playing slave in a well known company..
He: (sarcastic laugh)..That's nice..Btw She keeps mentioning about you every now and then..
She: Oh come on now..Dont exaggerate..(turning her eyes away from me)..
Me: Ahem!!..What does she actually say about me??..(startled and happy)
He: She says you were one of her very good friends who always cared for her..(Gives a smirk)
Me: (angry)..I am sorry you were wrong..I never cared for her as a friend..I cared for her as the one who loves..
He: Sorry What!! (baffled)
Me: We were madly in love with each other..(anger to agony)
She to me: Please stop it!! Don't...(scared)
Me to she: I am sorry I dont care about this guy here..I am in love with you..
She to me: (troubled) You see...I..I donno...(swallowing a big empty lump)
me to She: (Interrupting her) see..I am aware that you are getting married..I know that I am acting stupid but I cant help it..I still feel that you belong to me..You are one of my priced possessions..Your hazel eyes..Your lips, your smile and that curly waves on your hair..They are all mine..I just dont think that I can sit back and relax when someone is trying to grab them away from me..Well, If you think that I am doing this out of an impulsive instinct by looking at your beauty now, or something of that sort, then you are totally wrong..To be frank, you have lost most of that teen tenderness in your beauty now..You look aged..You look slightly fatter..And your hair too..It is not as lovely as it was before..But I am so obsessed with you that I can love you the same way, even when you get fatter, or when you grow older, or even when you lose all your beauty of a woman..I know I sound like a moron but let's say your face gets burned up with acid in this moment..I can bet my life that this man will walk out and break the engagement but I wouldnt..And that's because I am unconditionally in love with you..Guess what!! Even if you say you wanna marry this muddlehead, I will just walk away from here and hope with all my heart that you must be happy till the ends of time..For, that is the extent to which I can love you..

He: (Pouncing towards me) You bloody fucking bastard..!! How dare you..(punched me hard in the face and it started to bleed)..
She to he: Please I beg you stop it..(Tears rolling down looking at the blood)..
Me to he: Thanks for the punch..That made me understand that she still cares for me..You F***ing D***headed a**hole!! The only reason why I didn't castrate you was because I didn't want her to shed a tear because of me...
He: You son of a ..(pouncing back)
She: stop it!! Please both of you..!! (more tears)
Me: (pulling her closer and wiping them away) I donot know if you have realized this truth or not..God made us for each other..Even though it's been 8 years, there is a part of me that is buried in you and there is a part of you that is buried in me..I was half dead in that moment when we broke-up..I was fully dead in the next moment when I realized that it was the truth..Now, I am just making a foolish attempt to resurrect the long lost love that we shared..I wish to experience again, the bliss of holding your hand in mine while having those long walks..I wish to experience again, those lovable conversations..I wish to experience again, those cat fights..All of those sweet memories I wish to bring them back to life..For, they were the only moments in my life that reminded me that I had stayed alive since these 8 years..So my dear lady!! This is not a proposal to love me..This is a proposal to share a life with me until the last breath..MARRY ME!!

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  1. Nethra says:

    Did she agree to marry him? By the way, the story was so sweet and cute. I too want someone to love me unconditionally, that's what was on my mind after reading the story.
    Well done! A beautiful story. :)

  2. vamsi says:

    She will not accept..This guys yearning for her will be in total vain..She will never understand this fellow's feelings and will find an other guy..This is the sequel..:) Donno if I will change it..Lets see..:)

    Coming bak to ur wish..Unconditional love is a rare sight..But sometimes it might just be around you and you wudn't have realized the "unconditional"ity in a person's love..Btw I think its high time for u to get married..:P :D

  3. Nethra says:

    High time for me to get married? :o I'm not so old dude. :-/ :( Oh God! Why's everyone making me feel old. :(

  4. Anshul says:

    very nicely written.. had tears in my eyes while reading it.. feeling lucky i have someone who loves me unconditionally :)

  5. Well written Vamsi! I really felt so bad for the guy! U were true.. Unconditional LOVE is the RAREST thing on this planet! Hope to find one :)

  6. Advaita says:

    enjoyed reading it sir :-)

  7. nice man...
    got completely engrossed in the story... hope there's more to come.

  8. nice one..kinda maudlin..lookin forward to the next in the sequel..:)

  9. Appu says:

    nice one....why always a guy end up losing the one he loves? :((( .....

    i definitely want someone to read this blog!!!

  10. nikhil says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  11. nikhil says:

    finally a post on proposal!! gr8 one. altruistic love is depicted quite proficiently. I do remember your statement 'playin a lead in a less known company... :)'.. its better u ally a melancholy sequel to such generous love as u wish to do it r8!!
    I know a guy who would meet head-on with such fracas..:P
    well done, waiting for Proposal's supplement.. :):)

  12. Aman says:

    uncoditional love?? well wont call it happens but it often gets overlooked.. and gradually u tend to forget that person..and believe me..its very harsh to be on the receiving end! Just like that guy!!
    vamsi, dont make tht guy lose out on the gal in the sequel!!! guy has suffered for 8 yrs...(dont noe y ,bt i kinda feel sad for ur character)..

    nice peice of work!!

  13. DILSE says:

    enjoyed reading but would have been more interesting if u give some ending to it(Hmmmm Ya Now I understod that would maje this a hindi muvi rather than a blog post :D).Any ways nice work!

  14. Superb yaar....Superb...Excellent Vamsi...U rock...Very nice....

  15. Samadrita says:

    Nice story.Although I'd have wanted to hear the girl's explanation too.
    Maybe this guy is just an obsessive lover and the girl is not in love with him anymore...who knows?
    It's her life too isn't it?

  16. vamsi says:

    @Nethra I was just kidding..:)

    @Suryapal Thanks..:)

    @Anshul I am glad u liked it anshul..U r lucky to have one like that..:)

    @Advaita, Kushal, shashank, divya Thanks a lot..:)

  17. vamsi says:

    @Apoorv Dude!! Just give the blog link to that person..:)

    @Nikhil Who is that guy??..:P :D

    @sumi jayachandra Thanks..:)

    @Aman Thanks aman..May be I shud rethink..Even I feel to give away the girl to the poor guy..:)

    @Dilse, Abhilash Thanks a lot..:)

    @Samadrita Yeah!! His love is obsessive but true..:) thats the way I designed his character..Anyways thanks for d comment samadrita..:)

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