Just when I was thinking that my blog was getting decayed, Nethra came up with this post and tagged me..Thanks to her..So, here goes the tagged post..

* 3 Famous Names of Mine:
1) Moah: A funny name with a funny origin..Most of my college friends call me the same..
2) VK: An abbrevation given by one of my friends pooja during +1 and +2..
3) Vamsi: If not the first and second, people call me with my own name..Some call me krishna..Some call me Mohan..

* 3 Things that Scare Me:
1) the five elements: Near death experiences enlightened me with the fact that human life is insignificant when compared to the power of nature..
2) Death: Death of a loved one is the only thing that can unleash pain of death to a person..
3) Karma: There are people who suffer a lot in life..At times, I find it scary to imagine myself in their shoes..

* 3 Things that make me Smile:
1) Company of the people I like: The more I like a person, the more I smile (unknowingly) in his/her company..
2) The innocence of childhood: Kids are pure by heart and soul..They make me smile..
3) Praise me, I will start smiling..

* 3 Things that I Love: Well, if we are talking about things here, They would certainly be
1) My lappy (not a mac book)
2) Ipod and (not the one with the bigger display)
3) My phone (Not an iphone)
yet I love em all.. :)

* 3 of my Favorite Hobbies:
1) 'Face-book'ing, if such a word exists..
2) Twitter is engaging too..
3) Certainly music.. Bereft of it, I will just be a corpse..

* 3 Beverages I drink regularly:
1) Coffee: My granny was a coffee addict..She was the one who introduced me to coffee when I was 7 yrs old..So my relation with coffee is a long story..
2) Milk: Because, Coffee is not always good for health :P
3) I love coke too..

* 3 Things that I Hate:
1) I hate anything that pricks my ego..
2) I hate the Indian Political System..
3) I hate being advised by all..Every dumb fellow talks like a philospher when giving an advise..

* 3 Things I don’t understand:
1) The concept of human existence and god..The toughest subject one can ever master on this planet..
2) Why are we enslaved to the emotions like anger, love and sex.. Emotions make a person weak.. Cant we find a way to get rid of them??
3) Being a 20 year old, I have a brain that can comprehend and construe complex topics like spirituality, ghosts, gods and stuff..Now why are my fellow mates incapable of doing that??..Am I weird or are they weird??

* 3 Things I’m doing right now:
1) Eating wafers..
2) Wondering why the script for the accordion pane was throwing a null pointer reference..
3) And yeah writing the post..

* 3 Things I can’t do:
1) I can never control the thought process of my monkey brain..
2) I can never channel my energy into one task at a time..I prefer multi-tasking..
3) I always fail to show my better half to the world..People usually end up seeing the bad half of me..

* 3 Things I think you should listen to:
1) Conscience: Coz it tells you whether you are right or wrong..We often ignore this voice within us..
2) Brain: Obviously because brain deals with decision making, taking a right decision does matter..
3) Scriptures: Whatever might be the religion of a person, he must closely follow the do's and dont's that are prescribed in the religion's scripture..(Coz we are not free fucking birds in the existence, we are bound by some laws)
P.S: Follow your heart is a lame statement..If your heart craves for a married woman, what would you do??..get over what it says and move on?? or Follow it and get punched by her husband??

* 3 Shows I watched as a Kid:
1)The popeye show: I love those kind of shows and movies in which a low profile protagonist transforms into a super hero displaying a sudden outburst of heroism..
2)Captain Planet: I love captain planet not because of captain planet but because of the five rings..I also love the way they shout out the power of the rings they possess..Wind, water, Earth, Fire, Heart..Amazing title song too..:)
3)Tom and Jerry: Initially, I hated the show, because I supported Tom but later I realized that Tom never wins..Then I started supporting Jerry..That was the time I started liking the show..:)

* 3 Things I want in a Relationship:
1)I expect that I must be more important to my lady than anyone else apart from her parents and family.
2)Understanding and Maturity: I believe that, even two poles of a magnet can be in a relationship when they are bound by mutual understanding..
3)Good looks: I don't demand for a Miss Universe..Looks get washed away with time..An averagely good looking woman with a better skin tone, well placed eyes, ears, nose, mouth is suffice..

* 3 Things of the Opposite Sex that appeal to me:
1) Flirty humor surely appeals me but in a limited quantity..An overdosage with bubbly attitude is intolerable..
2) Mental Strength: A woman's mental strength strongly drives me in..I hate cry babies..This is the reason why I prefer woman with the fire element in their Zodiac (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)..
3) Rawness: I like rugged and raw looks..I hate make up kits and the other beauty parlor stuff..A dense forest is more appealing to me than a well maintained lawn..:P lol..

* 3 Favorite Fictitious Characters: All the three characters from a japanese anime called Naruto..
1) Naruto: I desire to live the life of a perfectionist but honestly I've never been a good person in life and I always lose the battle with the evil instincts that reside in me..My life had never been close to the way I wished it must be..But I must never stop trying..If naruto can fight the evil in him, why cant I??..
2) Jiraiya: "A person must never give up the power to believe even if his life is full of failures.."
3) Hokages of konoha: A leader must have faith in his own moral code and must fight till his last breath to protect it..

* 3 Things I like about myself:
1) I look at things in a weird perspective..This often lands me into controversial debates with those think-straight friends of mine.
2) I love my beard..It covers up all the disalignmemts and defects of my face.. :)
3) I believe that I have a multi-faceted character with two ends of extremities residing in a single me because of which people find atleast a portion of me interesting..For example: I can write a thought provoking blog post on spirituality and a kickass post on erotica as well, both at a time in two blog editor windows.. :P

* 3 Things I hate about myself:
1) The things that I do and the words that I utter in frustration cause unrepairable damage.. A monster overpowers me when I lose my nerve and I hate that..
2) God gave me many good things but I am never satisfied with what I have..
3) I hate being a slave to the laws of nature..I wanna know the underlying truth regarding the reason for existence.,

* 3 Things I’m wearing right now:
1) half sleeved tee,
2) trousers and
3) a smile on my face :)

* 2 Truths and a Lie:
Truth 1) I never ever indulged into a guy's talk involving the description of a woman's figure..
Truth 2) I am single..
Lie) I speak less because I am shy..(Rectification: Speaking less is probably an involuntary portrayal of attitude but certainly not shyness)

* 3 People I pass this TAG to: Anirudh, SivaArchana, Trishnanta

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  1. Nethra says:

    Thanks for taking up the tag and you have handled it pretty well..
    Me too so interested in God, ghosts and stuffs unlike my friends so I guess it isn't that weird after all.
    Me too likes Jiraiya and Naruto, also Hinata. :)

  2. vamsi says:

    Same pinch then :) Thanks for the comment too :)

  3. Nivedita says:

    "Evry dumb fellow talks like a philosopher when giving an advise"!! i agree withh that completely!! :) got to know more abt u thru this post!! :)

  4. pavani says:

    nice post! gud to knw more abt u.. :)

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