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 Year 1841 A.D

Prince Evan Lionel sped towards the sea with the speed of wind..Fresh tears wet his face as they oozed out of his blood red eyes..His heart craved for Naomi..For seven long years Evan and Naomi were together, and shared a bond like the body and soul, that harnessed unconditional love..The bond was shattered on the night before their wedding when Naomi was poisoned to death by Evan's father for secretly being in love with the prince..Prince Evan was totally swept by the tide of agony that hit him hard..He cursed himself for not being able to protect his love..He blamed himself as the reason for Naomi's death..Out of sheer love and agony, he moved closer and closer into the sea..He knew that the pain wouldnt last long as he was going to give up his life..Within minutes, he was struggling for breath..In a way he felt happy for the last seven years of his life in the company of his beloved..But then, he realized he couldnt marry her and live a life in her company..It was the wish that was left unfulfilled..In his final moment, Evan uttered..

"NAOMI..!! Into this darkness, I come to ask of your hand once more, to be my bride..I WISH TO LOVE YOU MORE..

Year 2010

New projects piled upon my desk..I was in desperate need to take a break from my mundane daily routine..To save myself from my personal misery, I took a leave to spend some quality time in the nearby hill station..It was in the evening that I went out for a boat ride..The boat wasnt too comfy but then the romanticism in the weather and the beauty of the place were worth watching, even if it were in a small boat..The boat sailed in..It took me around 10 minutes to find out that there was a girl sitting next to me..We exchanged a hello-how-do-you-do kind of look and started a conversation..

As the conversation grew, I suddenly realised this irresistable instinct in me to love her..Now I know this is strange..I was never a person who could be provoked so easily..Like I literally hate those love-at-first-sight-crap..I must admit that I had fallen in love with this girl (god only knows the reason why) not at the first sight but certainly after we started talking..I started comprehending the possibilities of why I was being pulled towards this girl like a magnet..Honestly, she wasnt the most beautiful girl I ever saw..She is one of those not-so-bad-looking-girls with long straight hair and sharp features..But then it is undeniable that her gestures were cute and appealed me..We spoke about many things wherein I realized that every now and then she mocked me (for fun) in a way that pricked my ego..I usually cannot stand such people but then I realized that I was stuck up in the middle of the lake, on this boat with this woman who unconsciously played with all my emotions..It was an unfathomable emotion of love that was inherently gushing out of my aura to reach her..Though I met this woman, minutes ago, I had a gut feeling that we had known each other before..Because there are hell lot of friends and people in my life who never got along with me even after knowing me for years together ..

At times, I totally forgot what she was talking about and blindly stared at her eyes with lots of love..Occasionally, as the boat sailed, her body brushed against mine..It was a great feeling accompanied by an adrenalin rush..Her touch was totally weird..Honestly, it didnt arouse me but provoked a strange feeling of warmth and love, that seemed terribly unconditional..I felt the desperate need to stay that way with her for ever and ever..However, I realized that her company wouldnt last longer..I knew that I had to express my love for her but it was totally unlike me..I was never the see-and-propose kind of guy..I was battling my thoughts about how she would react..I knew that my feelings for her were mysteriously profound, but then, any other road-side-romeo would say the same things to win a girl..Now would she think that I belong to the road-side-romeo category??..Would she ever understand my weird love for her??..Would she feel the mysterious human bondage between our souls??..What if she rejected??..What if she felt nothing like me??..

More the questions that I posed to myself, more confused I became..So I spared all these thoughts and listened to the voice of my innerself that whispered a truth..I gathered courage, took her hand into mine and blurted out,

"Please do not let go of your hand..Spare me for the weirdness..Let's get married..I WISH TO LOVE YOU MORE.."

P.S: I strongly believe that the reason behind human existence is the wish of the heart that eventually gets evolved into a desire..We see ourselves where the wish and will of the heart lies..A wish that sprouts from the bottom of the heart shall remain intact and drives the instincts of the soul till the ends of time, until and unless it gets fulfilled..
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A dark cover conquers the sky,
that condescends the fiery sun's blaze
The clouds are so full of mercy,
to enthral the earth with a monsoon shower

The Winds whisper a silent truth
while the trees rumble in accord
and the birds sing in ecstasy
Together, orchestrating a euphony to welcome the rain

Racing down the rocky terrains and mountains,
the monsoon descends to bless the farmer
When tiny droplets assail the land
the divine aroma overpowers all existence

This be the time that stimulates love,
the couples cuddle in warmth
while the lovelorn lament in melancholy
For, the season also leaves a savour of woe

Unfathomable is the splendour of monsoon rain
that alluringly provokes the poet in me
Despite the haphazard words I scribe,
unrevealed is the rain's beauty that is yet to be told