Get Over It

Are you a person suffering from rejection in love??..Are you someone who finds it difficult to get over your ex??..Then this post is meant for you..People have done this before, but this is the first time I am playing a love guru on my blog..I have done this in my way..Hope it helps you, if not now, in the future atleast ;) :P

Rejection in love is certainly painful..Here are some thumb rules and facts that will help you get over the one you love(presuming that you are willing for a change)..

(1) Comprehend the fact that you aren't the only one suffering from love loss..Now how often do we see people whose love proposals are immediately being accepted??..It is only in the bollywood films that we see the easy-to-fall-in-love crap..So you better realize that every 7 out of 10 applications for love end up being rejected..Nevertheless, 2 out of the remaining 3 applications end up being torn though successfully accepted (Break up)..So, finally we get to see only 1 couple in love out of every 10 people and of course god never signs a bond that the couple will live happily for the rest of their lives..

(2) Get your ass of those romantic novels and movies..Stay away from them until you find a new interest or atleast until you are out of the trauma..The worst part of rejection or a break up is that people end up empathizing themselves as the protagonist in those lovey-dovey movies..So buddy !! If you are a boy, better realize that you aren't Landon Cartor from "Walk to remember"..And if you are a girl, better realize that you aren't Bella of the Twilight Saga..You are "YOU" for god sake..

(3) If you are into rock music, just switch your genre to death metal or mad rock..Even psychedelic rock would do..I would suggest stuff like Lamb of god or Korn..The psycho kind of lyrics and the cacophony of the electric guitars will surely stimulate your hormones and pump in some energy into the nerves..Well, even if you aren't into music, you can still give it a try..Listening to music and keeping yourself busy is lot better than sitting alone, lovestruck like a loser..
Caution: Like I already said in point 2, stay away from love songs specially the ones like James Blunt..

(4) Manipulate your feelings for him/her..I classify love into two classes..One kind of love is stimulated by beauty and the other kind is stimulated by experiences or the person's character..If you are feeling low thinking of his/her beautiful face or the wonderful hair he/she has got or some stupid stuff like that, you better have a look at the world around you once..Honestly, this is not my type of sentence but I will say it for you.."The world is full of hot chicks and cool guys"..So stop thinking about how you will miss his/her beauty..On the other hand if your love is based on the person's character, you can really try and start observing the people around you..When you watch your close friends or loved ones with deep insight, you will realize that each person has a unique character that appeals to you in a way or other..Each one of us are masterpieces made by god..When you admire all the people around you for their unique traits with an open mind, you will realize that the summation of the lovable characteristics of the one you love is probably negligible to that compared to the summation of lovable characteristics of all the people around you..

(5) Dress properly and say to yourself that you are sexy..For heaven's sake donot try to look like a depressed Devdas..Give more attention to your looks than ever before..Try to sport a new look without overdoing it..That will give you a lot of confidence..Few compliments when added will surely boost up your bruised ego..

(6) Neither should you stalk the one you love, seeking redemption nor should you totally stop speaking to him/her..Never ever pester the person to love you..When the person you love is not bothered about the way you feel, why the hell are you trying to give a fuck about him/her..Donot surrender your ego to the one you love..Try and show some attitude to him/her..In a way showing attitude will unconsciously send them a message that he/she is stupid shit and they are in the process of being flushed..But then I must say that you should not stop speaking to him/her abruptly..That might worsen your mental state..So, do speak but keep the talk casual..Don't go too personal though..So, Make sure that you are there but you never care..

(7) Try to hate him/her..Most of them would say this is impossible but you can surely make an attempt..If not in reality, atleast in your imagination..The fact that the person has consciously or unconsciously given you this much of pain, is a good enough reason to hate him/her..Just try and think of the fact that he/she is never going to stay along with you..In the years to come, he/she would be making love to a loser bitch/muddlehead..Ahem Ahem..So, stop living with him/her in your dreams and try to understand reality..When you get a hold of reality, you will see pain first..Pain will give rise to anger..Anger will give rise to hate..We are humans after all..Donot regret that you started to hate him/her..Love makes a person weak..Hatred is a stronger emotion than love my friend !! Use your hate to get over the agony..Once you get over it, make sure that you give up the hatred too..

(8) Last but the most efficient one, love the ones who love you..Understand that you give the same pain to the people who love you when you fail to understand their feelings for you..You have your parents and close friends who shower unconditional love on you more than anyone else..When you redirect your feelings for the one you love towards the ones who love you, the agony will slowly fade and all your experiences with the one you love will get added into the stack of memories in your brain..As time passes, more and more things from your daily life get added into the memory stack and at a point of time the memory buffer overflows..No matter how hard you dig deep into your brain, you will find nothing but few faint memories and experiences..One day, a cute smile will lighten up your face when you reminisce these silly and sweet experiences.. :)

P.S: Keep smiling.. :)