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The governor's agent bot 101 knocked the door..I quickly erased all the memories about the Aryan Warriors and fed them into the system..I replaced the memory of last night's rendezvous with a fake memory of travelling to moon..The governor's agent bot gave a red alert beep..I unlocked the metal door and the bot stepped in..It thoroughly studied every corner of my brain, added the fake memory into its database and left..I looked at myself into the mirror and asked myself, "Who am I and where is Rukia??"..A question that I put to myself everyday..All of a sudden, I heard a bot's voice uttering, "Rukia at you service, Sir"..I took a close look at it and realized that it was unlicensed..It introduced itself as Rukia which is my personal bot..It said that, I am a scientist specialized in neuro software sciences living in 43,291 A.D..It gave me a memory retention capsule saying that it contained all the details about the secret life that I live in this dark age of science..Every morning, the governor's agent bot 101 captures all the memories of people and studies them so that people don't indulge into any act against the laws of the Indiyan governor..The memories of all the citizens are collectively stored in a server that can be accessed only by the governor's personal bot 2003..I realized that I lived a secret life against those laws..So as to save myself from the eyes of the governor, I erase all my memories and replace them with fake memories..I then program my brain to ask myself "Who am I and where is Rukia" which is a password to activate Rukia, my unlicensed personal bot that retrieves all my memories from the system into the memory retention capsule..

I swallowed the capsule and all those secret memories flashed into my mind..I was the leader of the Aryan warriors, a rebel clan with 12,000 people fighting against the government run by the governor general who governed the world with their most powerful bots..I am the only living prince possessing the bloodline of the ancient Aryan warriors of Indiya..I hate the very existence of bots in the ruling system..I believed in the fact that rulers are born but not made, just like how my fore fathers ruled a prosperous India hundreds of centuries ago..The motto of the Aryan warriors is to destroy the existing ruling system of bots and to replace it with the age old King's rule..The name of this mission is "The Return of the King"..We were also responsible for the assassination of the former President of Indiya who, along with his powerful bots committed various crimes against the people..In order to achieve the mission, I had taken up neuro software sciences and invented a secret system that can store, replace and retrieve memories at a later point of time with the help of memory capsule..This system is used by all the Aryan Warriors to erase the memories of the troop meetings, missions and objectives accomplished so as to hide everything from the world..

The government was already in a chaos because of the recent assasination of the President..My dream was about to be fulfilled..The assassination of the Governor general was the final step to achieve the mission and take over the ruling system..We made up our minds to kidnap the Governor General on the skyway bridge after breaking through his security-car-Bot..The plan was perfectly designed..The key to the security-car-bot was already hacked by us because of which the Kidnap would be a cakewalk..As the bot moved up the bridge, we broke into the system and kidnapped the Governor to our hideout located 14000 meters beneath the Indiyan ocean..I presumed that the plan was a success but I was shocked to see that the hideout's location was found by the Satellite System to which the governor had cleverly intimated with the help of his personal bot 2003 during the time of kidnap..The bots were on their way to capture us..My dream was shattered into pieces..It wasn't just a dream of 12,000 people but it was a ray of hope to many citizens who suffered from the attrocities of the ruling system..

We were all captured and taken to the headquarters for being assasinated..I felt sad not because I was about to die but because my invention that was capable of replacing original with fake memories, would fall into the hands of the greedy governor who would undoubtedly try to manipulate the memories of all the citizens that are stored in the server that could be accessed only by his personal bot..My hands were tied, and a bot stood in front of me with a gun that pointed to my head..The governor general moved forward..He studied my memories that had all the details regarding the Aryan Warriors, assasin of the President and the Kidnap of Governor..Having studied all the memories he said, "Tell out your last wish??"..The two words "Last wish" stirred up my mind and unknowingly I shouted aloud, "Who am I and Where is Rukia"??..I was shocked to see that the governor stood still without an expression..He didnt instruct the bot to assassinate me either..When I was unable to comprehend the strange things happening around, I heard a voice that said, "At your service, Sir!!"..

It was Rukia marching towards me with a memory capsule..I swallowed it and the memories of the last night flashed into my mind..Last night, As soon as I knew that the hideout was found, I guessed that the governor would take over my invention and would manipulate the memories of all citizens that reside in the server that could be accessed only by his personal bot 2003..So, I forcefully retrieved the governor's memory containing the password to activate his personal bot 2003, I fed it into mine and replaced his memory with a fake password..As a result of which the governor would be unable to use his personal bot for a while..I also programmed his brain in such a way that he would stand still and speak nothing as soon as he speaks out the words "Last Wish"..I even erased my own memory of the happenings after the kidnap and fed it into my system, so that the governor would never come to know of all this that had happened even if he tried to read my memories during the time of assassination..As it was a rule adapted in the system to ask for a final wish..I programmed my brain in such a way that, Upon listening to the words "Last Wish", I would say out the password that would activate Rukia to come and fetch me the memory capsule when the governor stood still..The plan was perfect in execution..I ordered Rukia to kill the Governor..As I had the password to Governor's personal bot, I breached into the server and erased all the memories of people regarding the existence of the ruling system of bots and replaced it with a memory that they are ruled under a single Aryan King..The mission was accomplished..

Here I stand in front of all the citizens of Indiya, after obliterating the ruling system that was governed by wicked minds and heartless bots..Here I am to resurrect the royal Aryan Lineage of the emperors and to rule the people of my country not with a bot that governs but with a heart that cares..After all, the King has returned..
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