My Experience with the OUIJA BOARD

I was always fascinated by the existence of supernatural entities like ghosts, spirits, demons, etc..I always wished for an encounter with a spirit so that I could totally approve to my skeptical inner self that spirits are for real..And I did have an encounter with a spirit while messing around with the Ouija Board two years ago..Here is my first experience with the Ouija Board..

I would like to share with you about my own inferences regarding what exactly happens when you invoke a spirit..Well, my first experience with the ouija board convinced me that I had actually communicated with a spirit..I was so thrilled by the fact that I wished to meddle more with the Ouija Board and come out with a theory on it..Since then, Very often, me and my friends took time out from the busy daily schedule to summon spirits using the Ouija Board..These were the series of events that happened and my theoretical explanations regarding the occurence of those events..

The most fascinating part about calling a spirit is that you actually get to communicate with it, pose some questions to the spirit and get the answers from the coin that moves on the board..So if you are successful in witnessing the coin moved, you will be tempted to presume that you can get answers to all sort of questions about your past, present and future..But as far as I know, the presumption is very wrong..According to my experience, I witnessed that most of the time the coin moves on the board randomly without pointing to an answer..The chances of getting an answer for the question posed is around 4 out of 10..And again the answer depends on the type of question posed..What I observed was if a very simple question regarding the person is asked, the spirit can conveniently answer it..But some times if the questions are lame like "What is my first uncle's, second daughter's husband's name??"..The answer is obviously wrong or NO (means I dont know) or a random movement of coin..Well, If I were the spirit, I would have pointed towards the letters "F U C K Y O U"..Anyways lets get back..

Another thing that I observed is that if you call a spirit with a name, or if you wish to call the spirit of your deceased relatives or someone, the spirit always replies with the name that you called..I am sure that it isnt the spirit of a deceased relative because it never answers what your deceased relative could answer but still it replies with the name you called when you ask it about its name..So, I feel it is just a random spirit loitering around the place..Here is an another significant inference from my experience..As the number of times I invoked the spirit increased, more easily the spirit was getting invoked when I put the finger on the coin..Initially, it takes time to invoke the spirit..When few of my friends tried to call a spirit, it either came too slowly or in some cases it never turned up..But when it was me invoking the spirit, it arrived very easily..I even realized that some times, they arrived just as soon as I placed my finger on the coin..Now that made me feel weird..I wondered if they were around me all the time ??..Or is it that they favoured me invoking them ??..And sometimes, when other people around posed questions to the spirit, I used to murmer within myself that "Show this answer to that question"..To my shock, the spirit moved the coin as I had instructed in my heart..Now that was really something to bother but then I admit that I even felt great about it at a point of time..I felt like the Wizard who mastered the art of summoning spirits.. :P

Apart from this, I often felt atleast one among these two things when I invoked them..One is that the finger that I place on the coin gets cold with a sense of numbness..Other is that sometimes, I felt that my chest was getting heavier as if a weight was put on it..It was just a gut feeling though I wasnt too sure of it..All in all, I messed up with Ouija Board and invoked the spirits atleast 20 to 25 times..As time passed, I got bored of it because I was too aware of the way it worked (atleast with me) and the answers to the questions posed were also vague and sometimes wrong too..Eventually, I stopped messing around with it..

After a period of six months or so, I read a book in which there was this particular explanation about spirits being invoked with the help of Ouija Board..After reading the book and relating things with my personal experiences that I had I was able to infer some valuable things..Invoking a spirit without using safety spells and magus circle can be dangerous..When we invoke a spirit with an Ouija Board, we open the doors to an other dimension to invite the spirit..It also means that we are inviting it willingly and offering our very own body as a medium for it to communicate with us..Based on this I realized that I was actually the medium for the spirit to communicate..That was probably why I experienced this cold numbness on my finger and weight on my chest..And also what exactly do you mean by willingly offering your body as a medium to communicate ??..It means that the spirit shares its consciousness with my very own consiousness but there is always this seperation between the two consciousness..As it is me who offered my body for it to reside its consciousness, I wouldnt explicitly know its presence within me..Here lies the plot of the whole drama..It will be my finger that moves the coin on the Ouija Board but it is being moved by the consciousness of the spirit, that being the reason why my consciousness would never know that it was my hand that moved the coin..I would technically feel that the spirit is moving the coin from outside because I am damn sure that I am not the one moving it..But that it is wrong..It is the spirit's consciousness within me that moves the coin..

On the contrast the spirit would know everything about me that resides in my outter and inner
consciousness..Hence if I ask my sister's name that nobody around knows, it would immediately answer it because, the answer is within my consciousness that is accessible to it..And this is also the reason why it was able to listen to the words "Show this answer to that question" that I uttered within my inner self..A spirit is usually a feeble entity, so its consciousness is not so predominant when compared to that of us..Although it isn't a very powerful entity it sucks away the life energy/the spiritual energy of the medium which it uses for communication.. Keeping this aside, the most dangerous and the jinxed part is that when we dont draw a magus circle or use safety spells, there may be a chance of an evil spirit with a predominant consciousness entering through the opened doors of dimensions..That which we technically call as a demon..These demons arent weak entities like wandering spirits..They can very well overpower your own consciousness and take over the medium..That which we call as being possessed by an evil spirit..

So, here is everything about the logical and theoretical know-how about what happens when you invoke a spirit using the Ouija Board..And also, I would like to clearly mention that this post only aims at sharing information that will satisfy the thirst of those inquisitive brains out there..But it is not an attempt to motivate you to pick up an Ouija Board and make a mess out of it..According to me, when you wish to know something about supernatural stuff, your must necessarily possess these pre requisites..

1) An inquisitive mind and curiosity towards supernatural existence :

2) A bold and terrific mental set up

People who presume themselves as brave are fools..If you are bold, you will know it..Many a times, people consider themselves as brave and get into this supernatural stuff..In the course, they realize they don't really have the guts and end up being mental patients..So, if you are hesitant, stay away..You really need guts to accept that you don't have the guts to meddle with such things..Last but not the least, Even if you have an inquisitive mind and a terrific mental set up, it isnt suffice..You need to have this 4th dimension intelligence and knowledge base that helps to understand and interpret every minute things that happen in the summoning in every possible way and act according to the need when dealing with situations of crisis..So I suggest, you better keep your a** away from such things.. ;)