The Transition

Relishing the euphony of the piano instrumentals, I dive deep into the depths of my heart just to find nothing but void space that sees no end. Is this void space a reflection of the present or a delusion of the past ? I reckon that it is a replica of the gray colored life that I live in the present. A life filled with a multitude of desires and materialistic motives that can probably never grant true happiness to the subtle inner self. Desire for money, desire for comforts, desire for fame, many such gross desires reside in the mind but in reality, they can never be the reasons to bring a smile on my face. Is this what growing up is all about ? Losing the purity and innocence of childhood just to witness a transition into an adult who wanders the world seeking materialistic pleasures and comforts.

It intrigues me when I reminisce the thought process of my brain when I was sixteen. All that I had in mind was how to excel as a genius in Math or how long would it take for me to grow a completely grown beard ? The thoughts and desires were so pure and innocent. Yes, when I was a kid, solving complex problems in mathematics did give me great happiness. That was the beauty of childhood and adolescence, in which I did things that I loved not because I expected something out of them but because I loved doing them. In contrast to this, all that I bother now is about the outcome/results of doing a task. It happens not just with me but with majority of us. A grown adult always starts a task keeping in mind the outcome of it. For instance, majority of students study only to get a job, they desire to get into a good job mainly to earn money. They want to earn money because they want to live a comfortable life. An grown adult often finds a cause to a cause and acts accordingly to fulfill his/her materialistic desires but whereas a 7 year old kid plays cricket just for the sake of playing cricket and not because he is expecting an outcome out of the task of playing it.

I presume that this psychological transition is inevitable. I’ve restrained myself a number of times from thinking in this conventional perspective of an adult, but then I admit that I’ve terribly failed. Now, all that I think of is what am I going to do with my first salary ? or what should be my next step in life so as to fulfill all the gross and basic desires ? This sort of materialistic attitude towards living a life is something that I always loathed. If being an adult is all about trying to fulfill the gross human instinct by injecting a pure heart with desire for comforts, desire for name and fame, desire for getting laid or desire to die rich, then I would rather prefer being a child forever.

Culture, Era & Love

Father / Mother : Aren’t you ashamed of what you have done ?

Son/Daughter : Falling in love is nothing to be ashamed of.

Each one of us might have come across these lines, not just once but many times. If not in our real lives at least in those reel lives. So what is it that decides the fate of love between a girl and a guy specially in a country like India where in our ancestors and forefathers never even dared to think of love-before-marriage. Even today, most of our parents claim that to fall in love is more like a sin or at least they do not consider it something appreciable.  On the other hand, we have the younger generation who have their middle fingers pointing towards the orthodox customs and traditions followed in India. Within a single family itself, we can find a father/mother empathizing with the former notion of love whereas the son/daughter is exactly of the opposite notion. Is this what we call as the generation gap ?? If yes, what is the thing that makes this gap so significant ?? What sort of influence does this generation gap bear on the evolution of human species ??

To me, there exists an evil that is responsible for all this confusion. Ever since the independence, relations between countries have grown to an unimaginable extent by means of television, newspapers and other media. Prior to the existence of media, Indians of the medieval era remained intact with all the traditions and cultural factors that were passed on to us from our great ancestors. That is the reason why we don’t find too much of generation gap in those olden days. Ever heard of your great grandfather fighting with his dad to marry your great grandmother ?? No, you wouldn’t. That’s because there wasn’t much generation gap between them. As time passed on, the post independence period witnessed newer inventions in the field of media like Television, Internet, etc that swept away boundaries between nations and made the world shrink. I personally feel that this change had had its share of bad influence on our culture too. We, Indians have always been trying to imitate and adapt the foreign methodologies under the cover of the big word called WESTERNIZATION may be because, after the independence we no more had the the moral strength to believe in our ancient ideologies. Lest we not only invited westernization into our political and economic issues but we also waved the green flag for it to invade our traditions and culture.

It really intrigues me to think about how we have just been puppets of time unable to withstand the effects of foreign influence. Consider the genres of film made in the mid 1900’s. Films that solely dealt with subjects like mythology, fight for freedom, etc. slowly witnessed a paradigm shift towards love stories. Interestingly, the male protagonist who was deprived of the girl’s love took up a whisky bottle, hovered himself with a brown shawl and called himself as Devdas. After a decade or so, roles like Devdas were no more, the hero was then ready to fight with his rich girl friend’s father’s chamcha goondas. This trend persisted for a long time, except for few changes that are worth noticing. Since then, the silk worms started thanking the film industry as we can see that the length of the girl’s costume got drastically cut down from a saree to skirt and skirt to a two-piece suit. Adding to this, love that was limited to love letters broke bonds and reached the next level of lip locking now. This example is suffice to prove the extent of foreign influence on us.

I personally feel, the inventions in media beget more influence on our cultural aspects thus creating a wide generation gap between parents and children effecting their individual opinions in matters like love and other issues. I don’t think I would be seeing so many people around me falling in love if they wouldn’t have watched Dil to Paagal hai or some lame ass love story. One might argue with this but, to me, what I stated is a fact. Say if things like Television and Computer never existed, then how many of the youngsters would possibly know about what falling in love is ?? The worst part of the story is that we can’t really find a way to fight the influence. One is because the inventions in media like social networking never cease to stop thus making this a never ending chain reaction. And the other is that, we, youngsters are too comfortable with foreign culture rather than our very own traditions. We are reluctant to preserve or  follow what exists in our traditions and hence we widen the gap between us and the generation that precedes us.

This is why we find issues like love having different perspectives in different generations. Parents might consider falling in love as a shameless disgraceful act.We, The younger lot quarrel, oppose and hurt their feelings failing to understand that it is just a matter of cultural difference that is making them say those words. It is but natural that a person who knows nothing about love before marriage would find it embarrassing to see his/her kids getting indulged into such stuff. We, as youngsters fail to understand their emotions but think of them as being stub-born because love before marriage is something very happening and common to us. Probably we will never understand them until we get old and swap places. One fine day our very own kids will come back to us and say, “Dad !!! I am going to the striptease club to have fun.” We argue with them claiming that it is a shameless act to visit such a place but to them it would be something very common and happening at that point of time.