The Transition

Relishing the euphony of the piano instrumentals, I dive deep into the depths of my heart just to find nothing but void space that sees no end. Is this void space a reflection of the present or a delusion of the past ? I reckon that it is a replica of the gray colored life that I live in the present. A life filled with a multitude of desires and materialistic motives that can probably never grant true happiness to the subtle inner self. Desire for money, desire for comforts, desire for fame, many such gross desires reside in the mind but in reality, they can never be the reasons to bring a smile on my face. Is this what growing up is all about ? Losing the purity and innocence of childhood just to witness a transition into an adult who wanders the world seeking materialistic pleasures and comforts.

It intrigues me when I reminisce the thought process of my brain when I was sixteen. All that I had in mind was how to excel as a genius in Math or how long would it take for me to grow a completely grown beard ? The thoughts and desires were so pure and innocent. Yes, when I was a kid, solving complex problems in mathematics did give me great happiness. That was the beauty of childhood and adolescence, in which I did things that I loved not because I expected something out of them but because I loved doing them. In contrast to this, all that I bother now is about the outcome/results of doing a task. It happens not just with me but with majority of us. A grown adult always starts a task keeping in mind the outcome of it. For instance, majority of students study only to get a job, they desire to get into a good job mainly to earn money. They want to earn money because they want to live a comfortable life. An grown adult often finds a cause to a cause and acts accordingly to fulfill his/her materialistic desires but whereas a 7 year old kid plays cricket just for the sake of playing cricket and not because he is expecting an outcome out of the task of playing it.

I presume that this psychological transition is inevitable. I’ve restrained myself a number of times from thinking in this conventional perspective of an adult, but then I admit that I’ve terribly failed. Now, all that I think of is what am I going to do with my first salary ? or what should be my next step in life so as to fulfill all the gross and basic desires ? This sort of materialistic attitude towards living a life is something that I always loathed. If being an adult is all about trying to fulfill the gross human instinct by injecting a pure heart with desire for comforts, desire for name and fame, desire for getting laid or desire to die rich, then I would rather prefer being a child forever.

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  1. wow... Vamsi.. whenever I come to your blog , I really do learn something and I get a positive energy from your posts. U are superficial dude. I have no words to describe you. You are incredulous.

    What a post. wonderful.

    Great Vamsi.

    U will grow someone successful. My belief.

  2. Nethra says:

    I guess I should stop others opinions influencing me otherwise I'm quite childish you know. Nice post! :)
    Keep the child in you, alive. :)

  3. vamsi says:

    @Abhilash That was really a very nice compliment. Thanks a lot pal.

    @Nethra Yeah yeah I can easily tell that ;) So you too better not get influenced by others and keep the child in you alive :D :P

  4. The same thought cropped into my mind yesterday!! I totally agree..This materialistic rat race is just not worth it, yet we never take the road not taken!:)..Nice thought Vamsi..

  5. Arpana says:

    Setting a goal in life and working on it hasn't anything do with not dispensing energy on other things.When a person fail to see any other outcome out of it then melancholy set in.while earning nicely we help others .

  6. vineet says:

    well written dude, well written long tym nosee @ ur blog coz of ma personal constraints bt feels good, u r getting bettr way bettr

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