Christmas Love

Although, It was the Christmas eve there were hardly any people on the streets of Oymyakon, a small town in East Siberia, also one of the coldest places on earth. It was a silent night except for the occasional jingle of the Christmas bells on the doorsteps of widely spaced wooden houses. The temperature was around –42 degree celcius probably the reason why the streets seemed so abandoned without even a single store opened. I carelessly tramped down the thick layers of ice beneath my heavy winter boots along with my backpack trying to search for a motel that could provide me accommodation. For two long hours I walked aimlessly hoping to find at least an open store to sleep in for the night but I couldn’t. As time passed by, the freezing wind currents cut through my skin and I started to feel nauseous. I was worried about the thought that I might actually die unable to bear the cold. I sat down on the doorstep of a closed store and lit out the last cigar I had. I made attempts to sustain the warmth of the the puff in my lungs but it was in vain. I couldn’t fight the cold anymore and passed out.

After a while, I found myself inside the grocery store which actually seemed like a home from within. I could feel the warmth of two palms across my cold cheeks. I slowly opened my eyes to find fringes of reddish brown hair randomly leaping across my face. It was when I totally regained my senses, I saw a charming feminine who had deep blue eyes that showed concern and anxiety. Her beauty was so resplendent that deep within the depths of my soul I felt that I’ve witnessed god for the very first time in life. She introduced herself as Rose in a shrill yet confident tone. Some moments in life are just designed to be perfect and this was one of them. By the time I knew that I was in love with Rose already.

“Are you feeling any better ?”, Rose asked. I said I was fine and I thanked her for saving my life and for giving me shelter. She enquired about who I was. I told her that I was an oceanographer who came down to the Oymyakon to research on icebergs of the Arctic. I also told her about how I lost my path in the wind trying to find a place to stay. “What is oceanography ? Are you one of those guys from Nat Geo who dive into the oceans ?”, she innocently asked. I laughed out hard and explained her everything about me. Upon speaking to her I have learnt that she was an orphan who makes a living by selling groceries in her house cum grocery store. The more we spoke to each other, the more we were drawn into each other. I also understood that she was deprived of being cared because of her lonely life.

“Why isn’t your Christmas tree decorated and why aren’t you wearing the best outfit on Christmas eve ?”, I asked her.

“Celebrating Christmas is all about sharing joy. To begin with, I never had a single person in life to share my joy.”, she replied in a sad tone.

“May be this Christmas is going to break the jinx.”, I replied winking at her.

She smiled cheerfully and went in to change her dress. She came out wearing a long white and black gown with artistic frills and embroidery. I was totally awestruck. Rose was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. We then decorated the Christmas tree with mesh ribbons and other left out decorative ornaments. One bottle of champagne and few pancakes were all that we had for dinner. We danced to the tunes of the Christmas Carol that played on the age old gramophone. Meanwhile there seemed to be a storm outside, the temperature was falling steeply. We piled up pieces of wood and lit a fire in the fireplace. We held hands, sat on the couch near the fire, covered ourselves with a heavy woollen blanket cuddling up. We sang songs, spoke for hours past the midnight. It was an ecstatic bliss that is hard to explain in words. I also wondered, if this was the kind of love a man and a woman shared when god first created them.

“This was the first and the best Christmas of my life.”, Rose uttered.

“To me it is not just the Christmas, This is the best night of my life.”, I replied. Tears of joy dropped down her cheeks.

In a lifeless sad tone, she said to me, “In spite of knowing that this joy would not last forever, I am very thankful to god for this colorful joyous moment in my life. Before I start worrying about the lonely colorless life that would come back to haunt me again in the next morning, I would like to make a prayer to the Lord. Can you please quote any verses from Bible that you are aware of?”.

In that moment, I realized that we truly loved each other and we were meant to be and hence I quoted the Bible verses expressing my love for her.

-- Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, and it never fails. Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for my love for you is as strong as the death, burning forever like a mighty flame…

And thus the Lord has endowed me with the best Christmas gift ever.