A Student of Life

Off late, I have been taking too much of interest to learn new things. All of a sudden, at this point of time in my life, I've suddenly developed this eagerness to learn. Ironically, this phase had just begun, soon after my four years of engineering which was actually supposed to be the phase of learning in life. Anyways, I don't regret it because this new sight or vision has unleashed different dimensions to me so much so that I am reluctant to stop learning new things.

Suddenly, I've begun to experience this sudden craving to revisit Math. I want to take up working on problems in geometry, number theory, calculus and all the other mind boggling theorems that really challenged the intellect once upon a time. 

I somehow regret my learning approach that I've adapted to learn things till date. In fact, I don't blame myself, I'd rather blame the whole Indian education system where in everything ends up into a bloody rat race. All that matters here is to manage to fit a student's butt into a decent university which in turn consumes him into an endless vicious rat race. 

How I wish my teacher in high school had taught me differential calculus not just based on a textbook that rambles on saying d(x^n) = n*(x^n-1) but based on how Newton had worked out on a concept in his experiment to conquer the varying velocity of a freely falling body, which eventually turned out to be a separate branch of Mathematics called Integral calculus. How I wish that my college professor had taught me everything about computers and programming in terms of bits and bytes rather than the bloody half baked useless superficial crap, learning which I call myself a software developer or as a programmer. (Fuck my life)

9 out of 10 times, life's not just fair in what it offers to us.. Albeit that, I don't think that there is a need to whine about it either, as they say age is just a number. Perhaps, a person is never too old to learn anything new. In this moment of realization, I also want to take up a resolution. The moment I hit 55 or may be 50 years of age, I'd quit my job to share all the wealth of knowledge that I've gained, to mold young minds. I'd want to become a teacher of life to students, imparting to them, not just bookish knowledge but the whole essence of education. Until that moment, I will strive to keep the doors of my mind open to wisdom, learning and knowledge about everything that life offers to me..

Let my mind savor the wine of wisdom 
Let my heart dwell in the search for truth
May be one day I will realize 
What it is to rest in the arms of the lord

Tomatoes to Tollywood To Bollywood

I was walking on the roads of Mumbai to fetch tomatoes from the market. A white colored Mercedes Benz stopped by. A man with a moustache got down and asked me if I were interested to act as a heroine in a South Indian film. I said okay, they paid me money, the movie was a hit and I started to realize that I was beautiful, You know, because most of South Indian women are fat.

More offers were coming by. What started with lakhs now started to earn me crores. You know all I do is say “Andriki namashkyaram.. Bagunnnara?” in public events and audio release functions. On the screen it is even simpler, wear short skirts and dance around trees. You know, acting is way too easy! It comes naturally to me!

I slowly realize that the entire south Indian film industry relies on half a dozen heroines which includes me of course, So technically there would be no issues even if I act bitchy. Now, I eat dum biryani from the producer's bill, I take my mom and dad on foreign trips while I go to shoot, I stay only in five star hotels, enjoy luxury and of course I wouldn't pay for any of these. The producer signed me in, inclusive of all these charges right?

One fine day, I get a call from Dhawangiri Pandey Ram Bhatt lal Bazooka who also happens to be a Bollywood producer and offers me a role beside Riteish Deshmukh. Haa! Finally, I feel lucky. Who knows what future holds? In the days ahead, I might even act beside the likes of Shahrukh, Abhishek, Hrithik and others. Fingers crossed. X

Now I start bitching about South Indian Film Industry. I tell to media that I've always belonged to Bollywood, South India was never mine in the first place. My acting skills got me here! Now I am going to rock! YaayYY!

I've decided to act cozy with Riteish, he is my first friend, first hero in Bollywood after all. This, I call it Phase 1. Phase 2 will target chotus like Neil Nitin Mukesh, Shahid Kapoor, John Abraham and phase 3 for the biggies if possible. Hmmm, lets see.

I also add up Abhi, Amitji, and all the big heads of Btown on twitter, say hello to them, call them on festive days, pester them, act nice with their wives and families and finally win their friendship. Now, I am one among them after all.

Okay!  Now the ground is set. From now on, offers should start pouring in from all sides. I am too excited!!!

One... Two... Three..
Loooooooooong Pause...
Oh so long? I hope I am not nearing meno pause!

Only three films? No more offers huh? Bitch! That Katrina is sexy after all, every director wants to cast her, If not her it is the runner up bitch Kareena, stealing all the show. Shit! This is a fucked up place already! So what could possibly be my best move now? I am still not started with phase 2 yet with John, Neil and the rest! Hmmm, Never mind....Phase 1 was successful.

*Picks up the phone nearby*

“Hello Rittu! I need to talk"
"Hey Genny! What's up?"
"Honey! I love you!"

And lo! It's happily ever after..

From Tomatoes to Tollywood, Tollywood to Bollywood Ritiesh Deshmukh.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Some times I wonder if, a happy life, which we all wish for, is too expensive a gift to seek from what we presume to term as god, destiny or fate. Each one of us have something to yearn for, always, a wish that is seeked for, and is left unfulfilled in spite of the mind's ignorance to construe the countless number of desires/wishes fulfilled till date. We tend to forget the joy in what we already possess in pursuit of something we do not. Honestly, how many of us have time to take a moment to thank life for the countless gifts that are already bestowed to us unasked for, yet we fail to even acknowledge their existence as gifts which many other people around us (might) lack?. Is it not greed that governs human behavior? I ponder in dismay..
For instance, A jobless person seeks out for a job and claims fate as being responsible for its cruelty against him, for not having fulfilled his desperate need of finding a job. The moment he finds a job, he looks out for the next close call to his perfect want. He then complains that the salary is too low. Upon finding a high paying job, he has something Else to whine about and to seek for. Is there a plausible end to this never-ending loop of needs? Or rather wants, to be precise?

More the complexity of this never-ending loop, more the amount of grief we perceive from life. Here, in the preceding sentence, I am reluctant to use “the grief we experience” rather I deliberately say “the grief we perceive”, for, Is not life's happiness and grief in what we perceive? Elucidating on this,

A poor man living in a small piece of land with his wife and children, with barely sufficient money to make a living might claim happiness in life, lot more than what a business man who earns billions and lives in a mansion might claim for. So it is all in the perspective, in the way we see life, over what we define happiness and grief to be, in mere terms.

So dear readers, take a moment off from your clumsy life, thank life for all the unacknowledged love it has showered on you. If you are gifted with a healthy body and have good food to eat, good clothing to wear, and a loving family to live with, consider that you are one among the lucky few for not being denied with the basic necessities of life which many in the world fail to experience. All desires beyond these are close to being considered as trivial. Life is just too short to whine about the free beer you don't get to drink or the lady love you don't get to be with.

"It is much easier to suppress a first desire than to satisfy those that follow. For, if you wish for many things, many things will seem few."
-Benjamin Franklin

Introducing Facebook

A short conversation where in you start explaining social networking concepts to an elderly person who has never heard of the same before.

“You open this page, login with your account and what you get to see in front of you here is called a wall! You can literally write on it.” (*Trembles with curiosity to explain*)

“Right here, you will find a profile page where you can tell people if you are married, committed or if you are into a complicated relation. Funny isn't it?” (*Admires Mark Zuckerberg with a naughty smile for the idea behind it*)

“You can express everything you feel as status updates. You can tell people how awesome you think you really are, by putting up stuff like the Don't-judge-me-by-what-you-know update or I-am-not-perfect-but-I-am-just-me update." (*thinking about how jealous people would be of you for your rockzzstar attitude.. uff..*)

“Likewise you can tell to people if you are sad and lonely. The best part is that they can even like and comment on it.” (*Deviating from the thought, pondering over the number of likes on the recently shared photo*)

“You know, these likes and comments actually convey a lot more than they what they actually are. They make you feel loved. They just make your day.” (*Questioning yourself, 'Why would people love me so much? 23 likes on the recent photo? That's just too much of love to digest.'*)

“You can indirectly convey messages to people on hitting a like on these wonderful Facebook pages. Suppose, I want my ex to know that I still love her, I'd simply like this Outside-I-am-smiling-but-inside-I-am-dying page so that only she would understand the encrypted meaning and nobody else would. Awesome, ain't it?” (*Like Sherlock Homes, takes pride in self for the wit behind the plot*)

“And you have these wonderful apps that would tell you about who-want-to-kill-you? Who-is-your-celebrity-girl-friend-of-the-day? And who has a secret crush on you? Guess what! My celebrity girl friend for the day is Angelina Jolie and I am SO thrilled” (*No more in control of the self. Peaks of joy. Experiencing emotional ecstasy*)

“The best is yet to arrive. There you see! Here you can create farms, happppily water them and comeback to check 'em out when they are all grown. It is just a wonderful feeling...It just feels like....like...”....


You begin to notice the weight of the weird long stare the elder gives you and finally realize that sanity is a long lost thing..

A Journey Called Blogging

As I carefully scroll across the fifty blogposts that I've written till date, I am amused by the discovery of my own self. I see how my thoughts have evolved, and I must admit that blogging did leave a tremendous impact on me. Back then when I was a kid, I had no clue about what blogging was. No matter how much I googled the word blogging, I never really understood the motive behind writing blogs until I was 18. I was then struck by the thought that I must start a blog on philosophy, to let people know about the search for the esoteric truth, to share some of my gyaan with the world. I was a total amateur then, Not that I am a pro now, but still I am a much better writer now than compared to what I was a few years ago. I had written a couple of blogs about god and philosophy but then I was sad that none of the readers really took interest in such subjects.

I then realized after reading a few popular weblogs that readers are more interested in masala. More the spice in the content you write, more the chances of gaining readers to your blog, and hence I put a pause on the philosophy blog, created a brand new personal blog (the one you are seeing now), and put in all interesting crap making desperate attempts to ring reader's bells. Well it all started with the experience of invoking a spirit using the Ouija board, went on with few personal incidents in my life. Having written half a dozen blogposts, I realized that people were actually beginning to like what I write but the difficult part of the story was to keep up with reader's expectations. At a point of time I was totally clueless about the topics to share. I had written a couple of blogs on love and then an eye opening truth that love always sells revealed itself to me. People never get tired of reading about love. So I started taking up the genre of love based on fiction, started writing lame stuff which I claimed to be poems but eventually got better at the whole writing thing. I spoke of pyschopaths, drunkards, vampires, kings of the historic times, sci fi fictional robots, black magicians. I spoke of emotions ranging from humor, love, hatred, anger, evil, pain, et al.

Well, I feel like an old grandpa in blogging now. I totally admit that 50 blog posts is just too little to claim oneself as a grandpa in blogging. But it is not just about the number, it is about the way I evolved while going through all this. Today I am least interested to write blogposts on love, I so feel that the romantic in me is dead. I wonder if this has got to do something with the age. At a point of time I was worried about losing readers, I sincerely followed through my readers, persistently, politely prompting them to read my blogs. Now I am too tired. Tired to keep up with the you-follow-me-I-will-follow-you business or the mutual commenting agreement among bloggers. I am tired of trying to make my blog popular in public directories and forums. I still do read a lot of blogs. At times I drop a comment, at times I don't. Nevertheless, I love reading articles. Off late, I have been writing just to quench my hunger to write and to evolve in this whole process. To be honest, the only readers for my blog (currently) include a few from facebook and twitter (thanks to networked blogs), few random people from around the world (thanks to google) and yes of course my mom at times, who occassionally whines about the crap I write.

Despite all the lack of readership, I remain unperturbed. Mostly because, I realized that writing is not a passion to me. It is just a part time thing that I enjoy besides my work. Even if readers admit it or not, I know that I've been a descent blogger all through these two years. I have adhered to few blogging rules and ethics that I've layed upon myself. My only motive of blogging has been TO blog, to share what I write with the world and nothing else. Like some of the bloggers I know of, I've never harassed readers with annoying GRE vocabulary in my blog posts. I've always layed emphasis on the content of the post rather than pondering over how I presented myself as a writer. I've never tried to educate readers on anything. Irrespective of whether they liked it or not, I've tried my best to share amusing stuff on my blog. 

Ahh well! It is a long way since the day since I've started blogging a couple of years before. Besides everything, blogging had helped in a number of ways both professionally and personally. I am also delighted by the fact that, now, the whole process of putting thoughts on a paper comes easy to me. Apparently, I am not good at expressing my emotions/feelings with anyone. I am the kind of person who usually keeps to himself. Good or bad, Joy, pain or grief, whatsoever be the feeling or emotion, I seldom share it with people. Albeit my incapability of doing so, blogging has given me a platform to voice out my opinions and vent out a li'l bit of my personality which most of the people around me were unaware of until I started writing. All thanks to blogging and the few loveable readers who still continue to take some time off to read the crap I write. :)

You know you are a Tamilian when

Disclaimer : With all due respect to my very dear lovable Tamil brothers and sisters, this is just a mere leg-pulling act that least deserves to be taken on personal note.


You know you are a Tamilian

When you audaciously try to prove your point that Tamil is the mother of all languages in the world (including Sanskrit, Greek & Latin)

When you are genuinely tempted to reply to a person in Tamil irrespective of whether he speaks English, Hindi or any other.

When you are mighty turned off by women who weigh any less than 160 pounds.

When you know that 80% names of people are bound to have Murugan or Selvan in them.

When you wouldn't find it weird to consider people being named after Tamil language as in Tamil Raajan and Tamil Selvan.

When you claim respect for a fellow Tamilian for his do-any-deed irrespective of whether he belongs to LTTE or any other extremist community.

When you believe that the bliss of conversing in Tamil falls short by a couple of inches when compared to the bliss of lovemaking.

When you are capable of skillfully power packing over-confidence under a certain upper limit making the world believe it as your display of genuine confidence.

When you feel it is perfectly alright to rewrite general English spellings as in, using Tamizh for Tamil, god knows how and why 'zh' should be pronounced as 'la'.

When you take pride in the terms like Iyer & Iyengar which are far more over hyped beyond limit.

When you have an open heart to tolerate someone like Vijaykanth as a hero who kicks ass both on screen and off screen.

When you secretly believe that you belong to the world's most intelligent clan, at times not hesitating to quote the same to a non-Tamil entity.

When you find yourself in a movie hall gleefully laughing for gross comedy in which the comedian is made to eat dung or is made to dance around trees with his lungi unwrapped.

When you regard Sambaar as an elixir of life which you'd never get bored of eating as a part of breakfast, lunch plus dinner.

But then, You know you are a Tamilian when you continue to take pride in yourself irrespective of all the above. :D


PS : Leg pulling apart, I must admit that I am an admirer of Tamil culture myself. The language though terribly tough has a certain heaviness in it which has the capability to carry profound meanings using fewer words. I totally enjoy watching Tamil movies. At times you puke, At times you are struck with awe. Either ways Tamil films are bound to offer you creative crap. Nothing beats Tamil songs when it comes to country beat or folk music, (the bliss of which can be known only if you are a south Indian :P). What I love the most about Tamilians is their consistent effort to preserve Indian culture intact. I bet the invasion of foreign influence has probably shown the least effect on the Tamil land except for on few living in cities and the modern rest. I am acquainted with some Tamil families that consider learning arts like music, dance and following certain traditions as a must, as a token of imbibing Indian culture onto future generations. Hats off to them really. Tamil Nadu has been home to me all through the 4 years of my graduation. I've made few great Tamil friends too who are certainly among the best of all the lot . :) I am all for Tamil people and their culture always and always. With the closeness that I share with the Tamil Land and its people, I take this opportunity to freely pull their legs in this blog post. :)

A blog post might suffice to pull their legs, but to praise them, a single post would not be sufficient. 

PPS: Ignore the last statement, that was just extra blade which I never meant. :P ;-)

Dear Michael

To the one with the sweet voice of a child
To the one who taught my ears what music was

To the one who influenced world music with his genre
To the one who was an icon for the younger lot

To the one who ruled the world for over a decade
To the one who created a cult with his moonwalk

To the one with the sexiest signature move EVER
To the greatest dancer world has ever produced

To the one and only king of pop, Michael Jackson.
Happy Birthday!! We will miss you!!

Back then in 2002, I was just 12 years old and I remember till date, MJ's 'they dont really care about us' was the first English song that I've ever heard. I remember the times when I used to dance like crazy for his songs Smooth criminal and Dangerous. And I am pretty sure I am not the only kid who grew up with the songs of Michael Jackson. He was the most influential musician of the 20th century who introduced world music with his pop genre. 

If it was not for Michael Jackson, I really wonder if bass and beat would have ever entered into the face of eastern music. He neither experienced a sane childhood nor had he experienced a peaceful adulthood. The time he spent while composing songs and the time he spent while dancing his heart out, were probably the only moments he really lived his life. I still  remember the day he passed away. All day long I was watching VH1 that kept replaying his compositions and performances. It literally took me a complete week to get over his death. It might sound strange but that was how much I adored him since I was a kid. Now, when I check my hard disk, I see more than a hundred gigabytes of music dump predominantly western. My whole journey with music would probably not have been as memorable as this if it were not for MJ's songs that initiated me into western music. No matter which decade of this century it is and no matter how old I get, Michael Jackson and and his songs will always have a special place in my heart. I really hope that all the anguish of his poor soul has subsided and he has moved on. 

Dear Michael

The world might see more of singing and dancing but it will never see an other Michael Jackson performing. Happy Birthday once again.

One among your million fans

Stuff Philosophers Are Made Of

There has always been this philosophical side of me that which is deeply interested in matters of god and spirituality. Friends were often aghast by my philosophical perspective failing to get an answer for Why I was interested in matters of god in the blossom of youth instead of doing stuff they consider sane for a 20 year old, like hangout with friends and ogle at the svelte figure of a woman. Moreover, I could never really understand why being philosophical is considered weird. Or is there a reason why one should be ashamed of having a philosphical outlook towards life? Often, the world looks low on such people. Philosophy and spirituality in my opinion, is certainly not a path taken up by losers, it is a path for the heroes, chosen by the likes of greatest men history has ever produced. It is a road less travelled by restless souls who put in undying efforts to understand and reason the existence of life and a purpose behind it. 

It is saddening to know that a person is considered weird if he practices a spiritual life and adapts philosophy into his thoughts. He is mostly the one who is left out, the one whose out of the box thinking is considered abnormal. Inspite of that he wouldn't give a damn about how the rest of the world thinks that he is a complete fool. For, he knows that a dogs bark ain't worth noticing. Philosophers like Tagore, Socrates, Plato, etc, These are the kind of people who left everlasting traces on the sands of time and ironically the world that once branded these men as fools, now praises them for their accomplishments in life and works in philosophy. 

A very common trait which you might have noticed in a philosopher's life is that, he is lost in his own thought. He is a man who takes pleasure in solitude. And note that, he is not a loner. He is a lover of life. He hears the world whisper something to him, something that rest of the world is too busy to even notice. He sees the world as a puzzle, desperately trying to find out the missing piece. His intellectual brilliance is far beyond what one can imagine, for he constantly believes in the infinite. He ignores the brickbats and taunts of the world. He is neither afflicted by worldly happiness nor is ever overwhelmed by grief. He is lost in his ecstasy experiencing a beautiful love-hate relation with life. 

At times, he sheds ecstatic tears of joy looking at how wonderful the creation of god is. At times, he suffers from the pain of being seperated from an eternal force that binds his soul. It is out of this intensely intoxicating sweet pain that crsytal jewels of wisdom like Geethanjali are made of. A philosopher possesses a heart of gold as soft and tender as that of a mother. Albeit that he is a rebel by birth. Unlike the rest of the world, he walks the road less travelled going against the flow of life to fulfil his mission and life's purpose. He is not a dull witted loser who stays quiet staying aloof from the people around him. His mind is an electric dynamo, constantly churned in a sea of thoughts. He questions life in a way none could ever question. When overwhelmed by untameable emotions like anger or lust, he sternly rejects a surrender, rather he conquers them by force failing to be a slave to the forces that act on him. Ultimately he becomes a master of his senses, gains all the wisdom of life by a never ending process of learning and finally parts with his body with a smile on his face, knowing that the purpose of his life has been fulfilled and the never ending quest of life and death has come to an end. Philosophers are heroes by birth, one of their own kind on this face of earth. It is indeed an interestingly rare phenomena to find people who are too philosophical in thought. 

So Dear good for nothing ill speaking layman!

Your five point formula of taking birth, growing up, earning money, getting laid and hitting the bucket would never ever suffice to reach the heights that these philosophers had reached. So stop throwing tantrums on such people and get a life!

Bangalore vs Hyderabad

It has been 6 months since I've been in Bengaluru and I've fallen in love with the place already. All my life I've adhered to a baseless belief that Hyderabad is possibly the best city in India. Bangalore blatantly wiped away this belief right from every nook and corner of my mind. I can't help myself in comparing the differences between the two cities I've lived in. And well before hand, I apologize to all the hyderabadi readers for belittling Hyderabad against Bengaluru. As a matter of fact, I am just being brutally honest and there is no real motive behind the taunts included.

Here I start the comparison with the auto walas. Ever set your foot into Hyderabad and try hiring an auto rickshaw, I bet you'd be robbed a fortune. Forget about meter payment, one hiring an auto in Hyderabad would always end up paying atleast 50% more than required. Adding to this, the passenger would get an added bonus to inhale the beedi smoke left out by the driver. Forget about politeness, the auto walas of Hyderabad, more than 50% of them are annoyingly argumentative and act as if the passenger lives on his mercy. On the contrast, those of Bangalore are rather soft spoken, they just say a no and walk out if the negotiation isn't okay. I travel by auto almost everyday in Bangalore and never once did I receive brickbats from an auto driver. To my utmost amazement, I've even seen drivers redirecting passengers to an other autowala if the negotiation isn't acceptable with him. Well, I don't say that Bangalore auto drivers are living manifestations of gods but it is undeniable that they are atleast 10 times better than Hyderabadis in this issue.

Secondly, the living atmosphere in Bangalore is awesome and is the best for a descent family to live in. Most of the residents of Bangalore are educated and because of this majority, even the illiterate and uneducated people of Bangalore align themselves to decency w.r.t to the rest of the population. A guy never has to feel protective about his well dressed girlfriend or sister while walking her on the road. At least in the major parts of Bangalore, most people are sensible enough to bother about their own lives, Unlike the cheap ass roadside romeos in Hyderabad who bunk colleges, roaming around just to ogle and whistle at ladies walking on the road. Bangalore, IMHO is probably the safest city for an independent woman to live in with almost no need to restrain her from being her own self just to avoid attention from romeos. And again, this also leads to an interestingly bad situation. Men as always have always been screwed up since ages. It was always the women of India who held the culture and traditions in TACT but here in Bangalore women are literal free birds. You even find women groups on road who smoke and drink. Well, I am not trying to be a male chauvinist here. It is just that I've always respected Indian women specially the latter generations in the society. Women in this era are so capable to do almost everything. They take care of homes, do their jobs, they are modern yet they follow Indian culture and tradition. Well, it certainly bothers me when woman who are meant to be respected steeply fall down to the levels of men. In this aspect, being a south Indian, I'd say women in Hyderabad are better followers of tradition than most of the Bangalore babes.

The thing I love the most about Bangalore is the people's outlook. The general mindset of people in Bangalore is at least 10 times broader than the narrow minded freaks in Hyderabad. For example: Hyderabad is now struggling with the Telengana issue. Till date I've never understood the logic behind the fight for a piece of land under the shelter of a free and independent country. Aren't Indians buying lands to settle abroad as permanent residents? When the globe is becoming so tiny to live in, I don't see the whole idea in trying to imbibe regionalism on a piece of land anyway. People at Hyderabad are insanely foolish enough to fight over differences so much that they even try to kill each other in the process. Kannadigas in this issue are really the best. They are sensible enough to welcome everyone with open arms comprehending the fact that strength lies in differences and not in similarities. And this is the reason for Bangalore's development. Lands here sell like hot cakes to software companies. The city never stops growing big. Development here will tend to continue at exponential pace, as people from all states of India and people from other countries as well, live here in harmony and work together for professional and personal growth. All in all it is a healthy atmosphere in Bangalore.

Adding to these, Bangalore is even endowed with nature's best gift. The weather at Bangalore is FUCKING awesome. It just has a mere two month summer with a max temp of 36 degrees. The rest of the year, it is just like spring all the way. It has the perfect weather to sport all those classy dresses in your wardrobe. If you've ever dreamt of wrapping a sexy scarf around your neck but unfortuantely, you have never done it probably because you live in a place like Chennai where in neither the weather nor the people around allow you to dress so, then Bangalore is certainly the place for you to flaunt the best of your wardrobe. One will never regret living a life in Bangalore. It is a place that can accommodate middle class Indians equally with the rich lot like Vijaya Mallya. All in all, Bangalore is one the best places to live in India yet I am still eager to get back to a rotten place like Hyderabad in the future because there are some things in life that are way beyond the comforts a place can provide, like the love of parents, the pleasure of gossiping with an old friend on the roof terrace, the relationship nurtured with the god present in the tiny temples nearby home, the joy of eating mom made food on a chilled out holiday, the taste of panipuri in the chat bhandar nearby home..............Ah! Priceless pleasures of life!! Hyderabad is the best
just because it is home but Bangalore is THE best. \m/

From the Eyes of Love

I wonder if there should ever be a reason to fall in love with a person. Or rather there be a reason why one should hate a person. I was fired by this thought as I see myself falling in love so frequently these days when I look at the little laborer girl swinging her little torn frock in a playful mood, or when I look at the hand gestures of the dumb lady who serves food at my work place or when I look at the street dog wagging its tail in affection to a rag picker. In many such instances, I witness my heart gushing out with a feeling of compassion and love. I wonder if this is an after effect of me practicing spirituality. Well what ever be it, it is a good feeling to witness the world with an eye of equality, having love for most of the things around you.
If at all we give in a deep thought and ask ourselves, What is love? Literally, It should be absence of hate, ain’t it? But unfortunately that’s not the way we see it. Albeit the existence of emotions called love and hate, we have introduced a new emotion, the emotion which is indifferent to love and hate, that being the main culprit to limit love towards all. We, humans, most of us for that matter, have a microscopic view of love. We limit our love to our parents, family and the one who we are involved with or in addition the ones who help us. We hate people who are against us. And we are indifferent to people whom we do not know. Why cannot a person feel love for an unknown or a not-so-known entity? When a road side beggar on the road begs for a penny, we usually deal with it in one of these two ways, we either ignore the beggar not giving a penny acting like why-do-I-care, or the best we can get to is to give the beggar a penny out of sympathy. But will this sympathy ever turn into empathy? In true love, one can totally empathize and feel the pain of other person in real, just like how a mother doesn’t sympathize with her child’s hunger but empathizes with it. But can we ever be in such a high state of mind sharing love for everything around us?
Keeping love aside, why should we be indifferent to less known people like a colleague at work or the shopkeeper who sells you groceries?. We never open up the doors of our heart so easily to an acquaintance simply because we consider him/her as a stranger who’d mean nothing to us in our personal lives. Isn’t it? By default, the human mind is egoistic in nature. When we say hello to a stranger, the first thing the mind plays on you, is to take sides. It differentiates and discriminates unconsciously without our knowing. Is he speaking the truth? Does he think like me? Do we have same interests? etc etc. If yes, take this approach to behave with him/her, If no take an other way round. Isn’t this unconscious discrimination of mind, the major basis of making friends? This discrimination is more like a ph test. If the result is positive, we develop likeliness or friendliness towards the person, If negative, we develop a feeling of indifference. Note that this feeling of indifference is not hatred but it certainly plays its part in restricting ourselves to love everyone around us. To understand this indifference in one shot, ask this question to yourself. If a mere acquaintance to you, like your shopkeeper or your milkman or whosoever, requests you for a considerably huge amount of money, Will you lend it to him/her? Most likely no. It is because of that indifference that he/she is nothing to you and his/her existence doesn’t bother you in any way. You don’t find a strong reason to say yes because he is not in your circle of loved ones and neither would you find a strong reason to say no because he/she is not someone you hate. You say no out of a mere feeling of indifference which restricts you to empathize and understand his/her necessity.
We have talked of love, we’ve talked of indifference, there isn’t much of a need to describe how hatred restricts a person from sharing love. Why do we hate people? Well there can be many reasons to hate a person, he/she has backstabbed us or he/she have done something bad, something that is totally against our interest or whatsoever be it? Why do we let hatred consume our stainless souls? Can’t we just understand the fact that it is but human to commit mistakes? Are we so harsh on our own selves when we commit a mistake? So why should we be so judgmental and dogmatic when it is an other person? For, is this not what the great souls like Jesus have taught us? To be compassionate to everyone around, to treat them as your own kin irrespective of the differences that lie among us.
To fall in love with life, one should definitely root out the feelings of hatred and indifference right from the bottom of the heart. This being the whole essence of a human life, to fall in love over and over again with the divine eye of equality. For love be the beauty that defines us. And one can witness the brilliance of this beauty not when he is on the seeker’s end of love but when he is on the giver’s end. <3
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She be it all

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Thou art to me, a morning sunshine,
For thou be the first thought on mind awake.
Thou art to me, a good night's lullaby,
For thou be the last thought afore a sound sleep.

Thou be the fire that kindles love.
Thou be the memory that bestows pain.
Thou be the hope that relives life.
Thou be the empty heart's forsaken desire.

I care not, Of the tears yet to shed,
Or of the loneliness prone to kill.
I fear not, of the broken past,
Or of the future bereft of thy love.

For What I ask of thee,
Is not to return the love lost,
Nor to fix the pieces of a broken heart.
But to shed a tear for its purity,
And to sing a prayer for its sanctity!

A Classic Debate

A few days ago, I came across this classic debate between two good friends Mr. X and Mr. Y. I felt that this debate among these two friends was worth sharing on my blog. So please have a look at it.

Mr. X on a social Networking site: "So long as you say 'I am', there is bound to be fear, but once you say and FEEL "I am GOD", you get unconquerable strength. " - Baba.

Mr. Y replies on google buzz - Do you think he was God?.

Mr. X - well, I guess there is a difference between god and a spiritual gurus whosoever be it, Buddha/Christ/Ramakrishna Paramahamsa etc etc. A guru opens the pathway to reach the god who is residing within the self.

Mr. Y - Hmm I see. Take a look at this.
Gives Mr. X a compiled video on youtube about Baba that depicts that he is a a fake.

FYI, John 10:30 - I and the Father are one. Jesus wasn't just a spiritual guru.

Mr. X - A guru is a person who has realized god. When a person has realized god, technically there would be no difference between god and the person. I am talking about the difference in which we see. "There is no difference between me and god" is his point of view and he wishes that the world to understand it but for a common man it is different. A man's mind dwells in duality. He cannot understand the ONE attribute less concept of the SOUL/GOD. Hence out of mere grace god takes a form of human to come down and put it down in words to explain the path to reach god. So there is a difference and there is no difference too.

Difference in our perspective and there is no difference in the guru's perspective. You might not have understood it, So let me put it in a simple way. Is there a difference between a chain and a ring? Yes there is, but to the mind because it sees duality but in reality there is no difference among the two. There are just two shapes of the same gold.

PS: My dear Friend, please try to understand what the Christ had meant, not what the Bible has said. <3 to you :)

Do you believe it if I made a fake video out of Christ saying crap? As he said, as anybody else said, it is all in the faith that you have. BTW, I am a totally sane 20 year old who knows what to believe and what not to believe. FYI, I never believed in him until he has left his body, but a few days ago, I've literally witnessed a miracle happen without his physical presence. That made me believe in him.

Mr. Y - If you think you know what Christ had meant without actually reading all the gospels, then good luck with that. The Bible is the word of God and you should probably read it as a whole instead of taking random verses out of context. You can charge those videos as fake but his so called miracles are clearly sleight of hand. Anyway, if you think we all are God and we just need enlightenment, good luck with that too. Jesus's words are VERY clear about him being equal to God, about His coming judgement. My only honest request of you would be that you read all the gospels once without any sort of pre-assumptions. See what Jesus exactly said. "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6). That's pretty straight forward to me.

Mr. X - Well, the thought of reading it striked me but I do not want to get stuck up with this bible's version of Christ. Too much of inconsistency and controversies in the gospels. Well, even if i did read it, I wonder if that would be of any help because my broader knowledge and understanding about religions and faith would overpower me and I'd unconsciously relate stories of Bible with others and that wud make me believe that Christianity is just a Ctrl C Ctrl V version of other religions. I do not want this to happen, So I prefer not to.

Or may be you should read this book called Jesus lived In India by Holger Kersten. It is just an accumulation of facts, research work, science and logic. After reading it, I was able to picturize Jesus without shades of Christianity, its misconceptions and the contradictory gospels. I do have a strong picture of Jesus in my mind, in the way I see him, in the way I understand the words that he actually meant. There is no more room for Christians or Christianity in my world except for the Christ. The point is simple. I don't have to read a Bible to worship Jesus. My love for him would suffice.

BTW whats with your microscopic view about God? You do not read in between the lines do you? Even in the small verse that you've quoted there is a serious misconception.. "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." By saying "through me" Jesus doesn't mean "through Jesus" it means "through truth". Referring to the first words of the line. The bottom line is simple dude. God made you and me with equal love. That makes us siblings. When I totally believe that your love for god is same as mine why can't you do that? What makes you think of only jesus, only christianity? Tell me aren't All religions one?. I am amazed why can't you understand this simple logic.

Lets say when your mother in India weeps in front of a Vishnu's idol, thinking of you to be good in Arizona. Tell me what makes you think that god will not listen to your mother's prayers? Will he reject her prayers and tears just because she is expressing her prayers for god in front of an idol? Dude, realize that god is just an ocean of love. The love for god has no rules. He will answer to each and every prayer in whatever form he is called upon. God is not bound to one Jesus or one Christianity. If you cannot understand this, you've never understood what Jesus's heart is. <3

Mr. Y - Firstly, I did read your post about the book "Jesus lived in India". There is no "evidence" if any of what the book says is true. Moreover, I also saw your post on the resurrection of Jesus. It was nothing but taking verses out of context without even understanding what the gospel is trying to say. I have no problem in embracing all religions, but there is a serious problem in doing that. Jesus did NOT say he is one of the way, and you can keep interpreting verses from the bible in a way you want by continually taking it out of context. But it really does not change what Jesus said.

What the gospel of Jesus Christ says is very clear. God is Holy and we all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. If God is a just God, we all deserve eternal punishment. But God out of his love for us (For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life - John 3:16), He let His son die on the cross so He can be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. By accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you can be assured of your salvation. Notice how the verse says "gave his 'only' Son". Jesus wasn't a guru as you put it, He was God himself manifested completely as a human. I don't worship a dead God, He is risen. And you might say you don't think the bible is accurate now but there are versions that are word to word translations of the original manuscripts that were written in Greek and Hebrew. There are no contradictions in the gospels and if you think there are any you can ask me. The biggest problem is that people take verses out of context. It's just sad that people think they know everything about who Jesus was, but kindly read the gospels fully before you come to your own conclusions. You can't read a book written by someone else to know what Jesus actually said, read the Bible that has all records of what Jesus said when he lived on this planet.

Mr. X - You read the book, not my blog dude! Words, Interpretation, Human mind. Mutually exclusive sets. As I said you are stuck up in the world of fanatics believing that what you believe is true just because that is the way it is believed by everybody else. In normal teachings you accept that 1 + 1 = 2 without knowing why because it is told. Spirituality is not like that. It is not about knowing the truth it is about realizing the truth. There is a difference between the two. You didn't answer my last few questions? Don't have an answer? :P PLease answer the last questions if you can.

Simple observation dude, Look at me Y, what I ask of you and what I answer to you about god are cutting in, directly from my intellect with deep insights, With my mind's understanding about what god is to me. This mind's understanding comes because of what I experience within. It is based on my relation with god within my heart but not based on a textbooked bible or anything else. On the contrary, just look at you. You keep quoting verses from Bible for backing up your answers my friend. There lies the difference. Your relation with god is based and bounded to Bible alone. When I say that a person in the recent past has done some amazing scientific research on this for 46 years of his life, you are not ready to believe it. You said there is no proof when he is literally showing the proof. LOL. So there is proof that the bible in your hand is exactly same in words, meaning and context as told by god huh? But still you believe it? Why because that is what is taught in churches aint it?

Bible told this. Bible told that. No. Cut it brother. What is god to you? Dive deep into your heart and ask yourself not the bible. Because that is what that actually matters.Edit3:26 am (edited 3:40 am)

Mr. Y - Your conception of God just completely shocks me. If everybody just looks deep into their heart to define who God is, it would lead to billions of different definitions of God. You can belittle me as I quote from the bible, but in my mind there is no doubt that it is the infallible word of God. To me it's clear that there can only be one God and not all faiths worship the same God. The amount of deception that is going on in this world is pretty scary and if your conception of God is purely driven by experience or emotions, I can't think of any other word but deception. I can literally sense the amount of pride you have when you talk about spiritual matters, like you've figured it all out. Talking about differences, there is a huge one between you and me. You can continually keep quoting what other people said, I won't stop quoting what the bible says. The bible is so much more credible. The old testament was written centuries before Jesus Christ came to the Earth and is full of prophecies that were fulfilled by Jesus to the smallest of details. As long as you keep simply searching your "heart" for answers, you will keep getting deceived.

Are you aware of these scriptures?
"na tasya pratima asti" (There is no image of Him) - Yajurveda 32:3
"Andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste" (They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). They sink deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti) - Yajurveda 40:9

Continue to keep doing what your heart says. And you're right, I can't answer the questions you asked me because my beliefs don't come from my own "intellect", it comes from the bible that teaches me who God really is. This conversation is probably not going to go anywhere because you think you've figured everything out. I won't be surprised if you tell the world one day that you're a spiritual guru because you've "realized" it.9:32 am (edited 9:33 am)

Mr. X - Kudos for quoting those verses. I am glad that a converted christian is still uttering verses from Veda. I might not know these two verses in particular. But I did read a lot of scriptures in Hinduism. And BTW I belong to Yajurveda only. Apologies for my rude behaviour. I admit it. I lost my cool. I should have chosen better words. There has always been this frustration within me that Hinduism has always been targeted by foreign faiths. My understanding about god is totally built on Hinduism buddy. I love it as much as you love Christianity. Tell me if somebody scolds Jesus, wouldn't you feel bad? You will right. Same is with me. I'd not accept if someone belittles Hinduism. The ego that I've shown is not to depict that Mr. X >> Mr. Y in spirituality or that I am going to be a guru or not any such crap. It is an unconscious act of displaying that HInduism >> Christianity just like how you guys try to imbibe on others that Christianity >> Hinduism.

Why are you turning tables now as if I am the bad guy here. I am the one here who is respecting both the faiths. Not you right? What do you think Y? If a random guy knocks my door saying that Hinduism is wrong, my way of worshipping is wrong, and other stuff, Do you think that my faith in god will shatter so easily? Or do you think that I should bear this crap when he/she speaks ill about my faith right on my face? It is just an attacking stance my friend. I am not any other hindu who'd sit silent when fanatics attack my faith. My mind is not so fickle or confused to believe that I'd get baptized or flip faith thinking that one god is wrong and the other is right. Did I bother you? Did I bother to teach you about Hinduism? Did I bother to enforce my beliefs on you? No. Instead I said I respected both the faiths believing that god is one. I just gave a reply to your initiated accusation in my own way. If you consider that as bad/rude behaviour what can I do bro? My answer is to prove that I can debate as much as you can. I can speak the glory of Hinduism as much as you can about Christianity. I stand by my word and faith as much as you stand by yours. I am really sorry If I was rude. Nothing really personal here. I just dont have the habit of backing off or surrendering when I, or my faith is attacked.

And again from the bottom of my heart I say that this discussion has got nothing in personal between Mr. X and Mr. Y. Lets stop it here as this is not getting anywhere, if you wish to end it. :)


I came across this interesting debate and I was just unable to take sides simply because X and Y are two good people and most importantly they are very good friends with a same goal but of different ideologies. I am just eager to know if there are any flaws in the way each of them think. Are you taking someone's side in this debate? If so why? If not why? Dear readers, Please do drop in your honest comments for this interesting debate. Your comments would probably help me take a side and might probably help each of them to change their opinions if either one of them was wrong. :)

PS: Please be honest but don't be rude. After all they are just two good people. :)

Readers-Writers problem in blogging

I’ve been blogging for a while now. This time I would like to don the hat of a third umpire in lieu of just being the author of this blogpost. Well, what does it take to make a blog post successful? Unlike most of the bloggers around, I believe that it is not the writer’s understanding about what he want’s to convey, rather it is the reader’s understanding about what he/she read is that which actually counts. It is totally based on grounds of individual perception or the ideology of reader’s mind.
The Writer’s Problem
I stand as a good exemplar to the gist of the above lines. When I write a post on love, readers ask me who is the girl I am in love with? When I write a post showing hatred, the same readers who believed that I was high over heels in love with a woman question me about the reasons for the hatred that I‘ve shown in the post. I am not blaming the readers for this behavior as I would do the same when I read a fellow blogger’s post. After all, It is not a weird phenomena in the world of blogging when a reader unconsciously associates the blog post with the blogger.
In an eagle eye’s perspective, I would state that the reader’s liking/disliking a blog post is predominantly dependent on the reader’s ideology and mindset. Well, it was proved many a times in my case. Clean The Filth, is one such post of mine in which I’ve supported womankind audaciously disgracing the thought process of the entire male clan. This post was liked by every woman who read it, and was questioned in terms of veracity and loathed by most of the men who read it. On similar terms, a certain class of grown up audience would hit a like on most of the philosophical posts of mine and would rather dare not to touch the rest of my posts. Some readers prefer posts on love alone whereas some totally hate them. Some like it when the tone of the blog is immaculately decent. Some like it when it is witty and humorous whereas few others like it when it is full of expletives and abusive tantrums. Keeping this aside, Some readers weirdly assume that the blog is meant for them, and is totally written keeping them in mind. These are usually the class of people who would assume that every status on facebook is meant for them. Is there an end to the writer’s misery? No, as it is impossible for a writer to deal with so many parallel perceptions of every individual reader.
Well, I would rather prefer not to call this as a writer’s misery mainly because a good writer/blogger would focus more on what he wants to write rather than what the reader wants to read in spite of knowing that the success of a post potentially depends on the reader’s perception alone. In the end, It is just a gamble between the reader and the writer. I call this complete section as the writer’s problem as the writer is at stake in the context.
The Reader’s problem
It is not difficult to guess what could be the readers’ biggest problem. It is just his/her inability to construe accurately what the writer wants to convey. As touch based in the writer’s problem, It has got to do more with the reader’s incapability to comprehend a writing as a mere writing without associating it with either of the reader’s ideology or with the writer’s intention. Well, just like the readers, bloggers can actually be categorized too. Some write personal stuff, some write poetry, some prefer creative writing/fiction or some bloggers like me possess this monkey brain & impulsive instincts to write about all the stuff in this world. In such latter cases, it could almost be impossible to predict the motive of a blogger. Human brain is indeed a very complicated organ especially when it meddles with issues related to creativity. The art of creation (of writing or composing a music or anything for that matter) as we know, is to create something that never existed before. In order to create anything, the creator needs a motivation. This motivation is again driven by several factors. For instance, what I write in my blog cover one or more of all of these factors in variedly different proportions each time.
1) Random reflections, images and thoughts that bump into my brain out of no where, out of a thoughtless void state of the brain.
2) My experiences including both personal and what I‘ve witnessed in lives of people closely associated to me. (past & present happenings)
3) The ideologies that I firmly believe in and my inherent angle of perception towards life, emotions and philosophy.
4) The desires that I have or What I wish to have in a later part of my life (includes a glimpse of the future that I believe in)
5) Or the writings might very well include a total contradiction of my very own self because my mirror image will always remain to be me but can never be a contradiction to myself in reality except for in my very own mind and in its piece of creation.
And a myriad factors apart from the above mentioned. When a single blog post is brought into existence being driven by these many factors, Is it fair enough to relate an author’s creation with the author himself?
May be yes or may be no. No one can answer this not even the author of the blogpost !!! “Because an idea that is highly resilient, highly contagious, has once taken hold of the brain, it's almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed - fully understood - that sticks, right in there somewhere inside the brain” without even letting the author realize that it is living in his subconscious. (Inception)
Implementing semaphores and locks managed to solve the readers-writers problem of threads in operating systems but unfortunately, no solution could solve the readers-writers problem in blogging till date. :P Well, This accounts to my complete synopsis on the readers-writers problem in blogging. Hopefully, blogging would become a subject in the near future and this synopsis would be in tandem with my name written in bold italics within the textbooks of BLOGGING !!
Winking smile

Someone Like You

Now, I am not a blogger who would just put up random songs and videos on my blog just for the heck of updating it, But this song is something special. Adele is one such singer who can easily stir up emotions with her ecstatic shouts and her proficient talent in singing. She neither needs beauty to flaunt nor does she need ample instruments to entertain. Her voice would suffice all of them. This song has touched the depths of my soul, not just mine for that matter, but of millions of people around the world. It is totally pointless to describe the magnificence of this song. You just got to experience it. Here goes!

Adele–Someone Like You

I heard that you're settled down,
That you found a girl and you're married now,
I heard that your dreams came true,
Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you,
Old friend, why are you so shy?
Ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light,

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited,
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it,
I had hoped you'd see my face,
And that you'd be reminded that for me it isn't over,

Nevermind, I'll find someone like you,
I wish nothing but the best for you, too,
Don't forget me, I beg,
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love,
But sometimes it hurts instead,"
Sometimes it lasts in love,
But sometimes it hurts instead, yeah,

You know how the time flies,
Only yesterday was the time of our lives,
We were born and raised in a summer haze,
Bound by the surprise of our glory days,
I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited,
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it,
I had hoped you'd see my face,
And that you'd be reminded that for me it isn't over,

Nevermind, I'll find someone like you,
I wish nothing but the best for you, too,
Don't forget me, I beg,
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love,
But sometimes it hurts instead,"
Nothing compares,
No worries or cares,
Regrets and mistakes, they're memories made,
Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?

Nevermind, I'll find someone like you,
I wish nothing but the best for you,
Don't forget me, I beg,
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love,
But sometimes it hurts instead,"

Nevermind, I'll find someone like you,
I wish nothing but the best for you, too,
Don't forget me, I beg,
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love,
But sometimes it hurts instead,"
Sometimes it lasts in love,
But sometimes it hurts instead!!!!!

The Exterminated Ex

Being a teetotaler, a full bottle of rum took quite a toll on my body. I woke up with a painful headache not remembering what I had done last night. All credits to my ex, I never thought that I would wake up with a hangover. I cursed myself for the love that I had for her. Anyways I didn’t regret it. I walked towards my desk to grab a couple of tablets to move on with the day and I caught an eye of my diary on the desk. As I was drunk on the previous night, I presumed that I might not have accounted yesterday’s happenings. So I casually opened it, And surprisingly I found that I had scribbled something in it when I was drunk last night. I sat down to carefully read what I had written in such a state of consciousness.
March 25, 2011
Dear diary,
What the f*** have you been doing all these years? Living life like an ass****. Deliberately preferring James Blunt’s lovelorn songs in spite of being in a mood for some quality kickass rock music. What the hell is wrong with you man? Did you ever realize the depth of the deep sh** that you have been in all these years thinking about your ex? You’ve flatly denied proposals from elegant ladies and deliberately ignored all the hot chicks in the town who were desperate to hook up with you. F*** you !! F*** your love for you ex !! What has the she done to you? Did she f***ing bother to pull you out of the s*** you’ve been in. Did she f***ing care to show you concern even for once in your lifetime post break up? Rather she comfortably found a d***-headed douche bag for herself probably to meet with the her personal ahem ahem desires. I bet he couldn’t be half the man you are considering the levels of excitement that you can offer. Come on now!! You know what I am talking about!! You very well know that you can take on three at a time.

Well, I am totally f***ed up with your she-should-be-happy-with-him shit. What the f*** dude? You’ve already seen how he looks right!! A total local bastard from a village who would look great with a beedi in his f***ing mouth and probably with a white lungi folded up to add up to his s** quotient. I bet people would gladly vote Nithyananda as the hottest among the two of them. It reminds me of the times you kept convincing yourself sounding like a godfather that they make a good couple. Yes, they really do. Why the f*** do you overlook the fact that she looks ugly now? Yes she really really does. You consider yourself as a man of class. You don’t buy local brands. You don’t mingle with low lives. You don’t even dine at local dhabas damn it!!. Now did you ever dare to wonder how awkward it would be for you to accept such an ugly duckling and take her into your circle? Idiot!! Now, don’t you fucking dare to convince yourself that she may be ugly outside but beautiful inside. Hell with you and your lame thoughts!! Who in the world would find a guy soon after a fresh breakup session? Did she give a damn about the tonnes of tears that you shed? Did she ever care to realize what you were going through all these years? Did she have the slightest idea about all the sacrifices that you’ve done in your life which would never be considered as sacrifices by her on the first hand? The world is a f***ed up place my dear friend!! Nobody gives a damn about your sanity. Get over the crap. You’ve lost nothing. You would’ve been one among the f***ed up local bastards if you would’ve consider continuing with you ex. Everything happens for good, just like the last peg of alcohol that you gave me. Do you think Abhishek Bachchan would ever regret his breaking up with Karishma Kapoor? He might happily be knocking up Ash in this moment right now. Who takes credit of the sh** that happens in life dude? What fucking happens just fucking happens because it is fucking meant to happen. Now come on !! Go and get me one more bottle of rum. I totally want to dance to Munni Badnaam Huyi Darling tere liye, darling tere liye…
Few more crazy meaningless lines followed the Munni badnaam huyi chapter. I was startled if I was the one who wrote it. I never knew that there was such a retarded alter ego with in me. Who knows? It might actually be the reason that kept me going through all these years. Now I feel as relieved as a person who finds a toilet after battling with the need to go to the loo. SHEESH !! What am I saying? May be I am still drunk !! *Hickkk*
PS: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Smile with tongue out

PPS: The use of expletives and abusive language is just an attempt to spice up the creative content and is not meant to portray offensive content on the web.

Jesus Lived in India

I was more than thrilled when I caught hold of this book called “Jesus lived in India” written by Holger Kersten. It basically portrays the research work of a foreigner named Notovich of the 18th century who had done predominant research in the history of Christianity and Buddhist religions. The intense research and the scientific facts compiled by him lead him to only one possible conclusion that Jesus was enlightened in India by the Buddhist monks before he spread the knowledge gained in the west. In addition to this he also claims that the events that follow crucifixion were a lot different than what is described in the holy Bible. Here I would like to share some of the research work done by the author.
Firstly, he starts with the fact that Bible has no reference to describe the life of Jesus between 12 to 29 years of age. In a parallel context, Notovich moves over to India (by chance) and stumbles upon the Buddhist prophecy that portrays the fact that a star would shine bright in the sky when a boy born from the west would eventually travel to east and would be found near the Indus river. He, who is a divine incarnation of Padmasambhava, a Buddhist monk. This boy shall be enlightened by the Buddhist monks and would be a part of the Lama lineage under the name of Issa for a period of 17 years and would return west to spread the message of love to the people present there. Depicting this scenario of the Buddhist prophecy, Bible about the birth of Jesus says.

“Mathew 2:1-2 Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the East to Jerusalem. Saying, where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.”
As per Notovich’s research, there was a point of time when Christianity suffered a threat due to sheer number and diversity of religious groupings based on the Gospels. It was then the papias of Hierapolis, one of the apostolic fathers and an other man named Irenaeus who stated to the world that all the Gospels could be traced back to one disciple of Jesus. Although it was more than impossible to date the existence of such a text from which all the gospels emerged. In the Mark text, there is an evident desire to keep the messianic status of Jesus as secret as possible. Mark 8:30 confirms that Jesus does not permit any proclamation that he is a Messiah and he forbids his disciples to declare any such thing. And now, in today’s world, we can clearly see the exact contrast of this happening in every part of the world. Mass conversions in the name of the Lord, bribing money for changing faith and religion. What not !! Most people flipping between faiths claim that this god has done bad for them, and the other will possibly do good to him/her. To all such people I tell of just one thing, one god gives us pain and the same god relieves us from it. Pains will never cease to exist even after flipping faith/religion and I‘ve hell lot of real life examples to quote to support my statement. Well, keeping aside my personal view, let’s get back to the discussion.
At one point the Luke gospel contradicts Mark and Matthew. In the latter version, Jesus’s final words sends apostles out into the world preaching to all nations whereas in the former they are told to”tarry… in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high” (Luke 24:49). The author states to world that Christianity has been changed drastically and monopolized and what the world sees is actually the Jewish Paul’s view and understanding of Christ rather than Jesus himself.
An other interesting aspect of the book is the complete synopsis of the scientific research related to the Shroud of Christ. The shroud is a linen cloth in which the body of the Christ was kept in after the crucifixion. Upon reading the synopsis of the research done on this shroud, mentioned in the book, any sane person will easily accept it that it was that of the Christ. The shroud showed clear signs that it was not a piece of work done in the recent years. It had blood stains on it depicting the wounds of Jesus during the crucifixion. Lab tests proved that there were traces of ammonium carbonate (because of sweat) and iron (major component in hemoglobin) of all over the shroud. The Christian authorities at that time took this as an argument to crush the talks about the shroud. Well, the bishops and the Popes all came out into the crowd saying that the shroud was a hoax, as a dead body could never sweat or ooze out blood. Well, what if he was not really dead?
Close introspection of Jesus’s crucifixion in the gospel of John leaves us with many trails that lead to only one conclusion that Jesus was not dead due to crucifixion and the whole myth of resurrection was just a fake. There were two other criminals who were crucified at the same time along with Jesus and it is quite astonishing to find that Jesus lived the pain of crucifixion for just 3 hours where in both the other criminals were in a conscious state suffering pain. Research says that it would at least take 6 to 7 hours for a person to be dead by crucifixion. The whole idea of crucifixion was basically introduced by the Romans so that the sufferer could die a very long painful death. The bible says that Jesus leaves his body immediately after being made to drink vinegar. Now how incidental is it for death to occur at such a time and that too just 3 hours after crucifixion. Never to forget that there the staunch disciples of Jesus, Joseph and Nicodemus in the act too. They might have actually added a sedative like opium that would serve two purposes at a time. One, make the Romans believe that he was dead, Two, to act as powerful pain killers. That could possibly explain Jesus passing out just for three hours. The bible also says at a place that Jesus made no sounds during the act, as though he didn’t feel pain at all. This can be traced back easily to the Indian yogi’s characteristics who by constant meditation and yoga are capable to bear any physical pain given to the body as they realize the knowledge of the spirit over the physical body.
Another interesting twist is that, a soldier pierces a spear in Christ’s body after passing out to confirm if he was still dead or not. When Jesus shows no signs of movement, they believe that he is dead. Bible clearly states that blood and water oozed out when he was pierced. Now science confirms that a dead body cannot show such clear signs of life. Moreover, the shroud of Christ shows an imprint as if both the hands are placed on another, both on the abdomen region. Now if Jesus was really dead on the cross, his bruised body muscles would have stiffened up like a rock just like how any other dead body becomes heavy and stiff after the soul passes away. In that case it would be impossible to place his stiffened hands as shown in the shroud’s posture if at all he were dead.
Here is an other interesting issue to discuss. Jewish custom of burying the dead is to soak the body in oil and to wash it cleanly before the burial. No such thing mentioned in the gospels. Rather the gospel of John says:
John "19:39 And there came also Nicodemus which at first came to Jesus by night, and bought a mixture of myrrh and aloes , about a hundred pound weigh"
Aloe ?? And that too a hundred pounds of it ?? Jews never had this culture of soaking body in aloe before burial. Rather why in the world would aloe be used ?? TO HEAL WOUNDS !!.. That explains things to some extent.
On that night as said, Jesus was assisted by his disciples along with medical care, and was carefully shifted to Galilee. The next day Mary his disciple comes in seemingly surprised about his disappearance. When she asks the gardener at the tomb, he says that he had seen three people where in two were supporting the third. This scene is deliberately depicted as angels assisting Christ. Were they angels really? Well, two people supporting the third, Does it make you think of angels assisting the resurrected Jesus? Or does it make you think of disciples carrying a wounded Jesus. Obviously the latter. And moreover Mary the disciple says these words to the world about the miracle that she saw.
“They have taken the lord out of the sepulchre..” and she quickly adds “and we know not where they have laid him”.
Question 1) How come Mary show up so early in the morning at the tomb? Was it just a coincidence?
Question 2) “They have taken” she says as if she knows who (they) were without mentioning angels. Now when we talk about something as astonishing as angels, how often is it that we use the words like they. We would rather stress on the word The angels first.
Question 3) Why did she immediately add the words “we do not know where they took him”? Now who would speak in such way. She speaks like a person who is hiding a secret. A person explaining such a miraculous event would stress on the miracle first but not about the fact that “We do not know where he has been taken”.
All these lead to one possible conclusion that Mary was also a part of the plan along with Joseph and Nicodemus. The latter two carefully executing their plan to move Jesus out alive and Mary being assigned the task of explaining people about what she saw. Bible also states that three days later, Jesus shows up to few of his disciples and talks to them. Take a careful look at these words of Jesus. It was as if he was explaining to them that he was not dead or he was not a spirit but he was still living.
“Why do ye seek the living among the dead?”
“And he said unto them, Why are ye troubled? and why do thoughts arise in your hearts? Behold my hands and my feet, that is I myself, Handle me and see, for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have….” (Luke24:38-43)
With these words spoken by Jesus himself we can easily understand that he wasn’t dead after crucifixion. What was seen after this was just Christianity with more of Christianity and less of Jesus. The stories of resurrection and many other misconceptions popped up in the following decades. Most of them deliberately done by Christian fanatics just to exhibit the monopoly of the religion.
Beyond this point there were many instances in many texts stating that Jesus travelled east along with his mother, preaching his teachings to everyone in the world. His presence in the Persian countries is included in the Koran too where in most of the contexts he was called by locally known names like Yuz Asaf. Later he visited India and stayed at a place in Srinagar called the Rozabel. His mother’s tomb and the places where he had stayed were depicted in the book as well as proof of evidence. Not just in Buddhist, Persian and Muslim texts, the acts of Thomas gospel talks about this too.
What you see in this post is just 1/100th of the whole experience of the book. It is a must read. One of the best books I’ve read in life. It did two good things. One, India is glorified further as the spiritual center of the world with Jesus being enlightened here and Two, my love and respect for Jesus has increased tenfold. It was always impossible for me to view Jesus entangled between the shackles of stern Christianity and its fanaticism. For, I ask of the world, what is Christianity without the true essence of Christ. Thanks to this wonderful book, I am now able to say this from the bottom of my heart, that yes, Jesus Christ is a true son of god !!!