The Relapse

In that dire moment of distress
When the spirit craves for breath
Thou shall see my mistress!
How thy chosen man shall save ye not
From de agony of tormenting death

The hell's hatchway paves a welcome
To efface the sins that thee doest
Ye shall ken with hell's twinge so gruesome
De man's love who blesseth thee with de knot
Could burn not as the brightest

Love bereft, de soul of thine shall regret
Union with de man, whose love so futile
For, what hath thy love for de man beget?
A Love whose arms could reach not beyond death
That which shall forsake thee in hell's exile

The hell's fire shall burn not thy soul
Oh dear !! Inspite of de sins of thee
The angel of death shall grant thou a parole
For, de juvenile's love who thou hath once loved
Shall bear all thy hardship and set ye free !!

PS: The above lines describe the pre death and post death happenings in the life of a married woman. She suffers a painful death and goes to hell realizing that the materialistic love that she had shared with her husband on earth was totally worthless. In exchange for her love to him, she had gained nothing in return except for her share of the sins done together as a family. In hell, she understands that his love for her was just a selfish give and take relation totally insignifcant beyond death. Inspite of the sins she had done, she sees that she is set free from hell by the angel of death upon learning the fact that the lad whom she once loved in her youth would bear all the sins for her. His love and prayers for her all through the years until her death would save her from living an eternity in hell.