The Exterminated Ex

Being a teetotaler, a full bottle of rum took quite a toll on my body. I woke up with a painful headache not remembering what I had done last night. All credits to my ex, I never thought that I would wake up with a hangover. I cursed myself for the love that I had for her. Anyways I didn’t regret it. I walked towards my desk to grab a couple of tablets to move on with the day and I caught an eye of my diary on the desk. As I was drunk on the previous night, I presumed that I might not have accounted yesterday’s happenings. So I casually opened it, And surprisingly I found that I had scribbled something in it when I was drunk last night. I sat down to carefully read what I had written in such a state of consciousness.
March 25, 2011
Dear diary,
What the f*** have you been doing all these years? Living life like an ass****. Deliberately preferring James Blunt’s lovelorn songs in spite of being in a mood for some quality kickass rock music. What the hell is wrong with you man? Did you ever realize the depth of the deep sh** that you have been in all these years thinking about your ex? You’ve flatly denied proposals from elegant ladies and deliberately ignored all the hot chicks in the town who were desperate to hook up with you. F*** you !! F*** your love for you ex !! What has the she done to you? Did she f***ing bother to pull you out of the s*** you’ve been in. Did she f***ing care to show you concern even for once in your lifetime post break up? Rather she comfortably found a d***-headed douche bag for herself probably to meet with the her personal ahem ahem desires. I bet he couldn’t be half the man you are considering the levels of excitement that you can offer. Come on now!! You know what I am talking about!! You very well know that you can take on three at a time.

Well, I am totally f***ed up with your she-should-be-happy-with-him shit. What the f*** dude? You’ve already seen how he looks right!! A total local bastard from a village who would look great with a beedi in his f***ing mouth and probably with a white lungi folded up to add up to his s** quotient. I bet people would gladly vote Nithyananda as the hottest among the two of them. It reminds me of the times you kept convincing yourself sounding like a godfather that they make a good couple. Yes, they really do. Why the f*** do you overlook the fact that she looks ugly now? Yes she really really does. You consider yourself as a man of class. You don’t buy local brands. You don’t mingle with low lives. You don’t even dine at local dhabas damn it!!. Now did you ever dare to wonder how awkward it would be for you to accept such an ugly duckling and take her into your circle? Idiot!! Now, don’t you fucking dare to convince yourself that she may be ugly outside but beautiful inside. Hell with you and your lame thoughts!! Who in the world would find a guy soon after a fresh breakup session? Did she give a damn about the tonnes of tears that you shed? Did she ever care to realize what you were going through all these years? Did she have the slightest idea about all the sacrifices that you’ve done in your life which would never be considered as sacrifices by her on the first hand? The world is a f***ed up place my dear friend!! Nobody gives a damn about your sanity. Get over the crap. You’ve lost nothing. You would’ve been one among the f***ed up local bastards if you would’ve consider continuing with you ex. Everything happens for good, just like the last peg of alcohol that you gave me. Do you think Abhishek Bachchan would ever regret his breaking up with Karishma Kapoor? He might happily be knocking up Ash in this moment right now. Who takes credit of the sh** that happens in life dude? What fucking happens just fucking happens because it is fucking meant to happen. Now come on !! Go and get me one more bottle of rum. I totally want to dance to Munni Badnaam Huyi Darling tere liye, darling tere liye…
Few more crazy meaningless lines followed the Munni badnaam huyi chapter. I was startled if I was the one who wrote it. I never knew that there was such a retarded alter ego with in me. Who knows? It might actually be the reason that kept me going through all these years. Now I feel as relieved as a person who finds a toilet after battling with the need to go to the loo. SHEESH !! What am I saying? May be I am still drunk !! *Hickkk*
PS: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Smile with tongue out

PPS: The use of expletives and abusive language is just an attempt to spice up the creative content and is not meant to portray offensive content on the web.

Jesus Lived in India

I was more than thrilled when I caught hold of this book called “Jesus lived in India” written by Holger Kersten. It basically portrays the research work of a foreigner named Notovich of the 18th century who had done predominant research in the history of Christianity and Buddhist religions. The intense research and the scientific facts compiled by him lead him to only one possible conclusion that Jesus was enlightened in India by the Buddhist monks before he spread the knowledge gained in the west. In addition to this he also claims that the events that follow crucifixion were a lot different than what is described in the holy Bible. Here I would like to share some of the research work done by the author.
Firstly, he starts with the fact that Bible has no reference to describe the life of Jesus between 12 to 29 years of age. In a parallel context, Notovich moves over to India (by chance) and stumbles upon the Buddhist prophecy that portrays the fact that a star would shine bright in the sky when a boy born from the west would eventually travel to east and would be found near the Indus river. He, who is a divine incarnation of Padmasambhava, a Buddhist monk. This boy shall be enlightened by the Buddhist monks and would be a part of the Lama lineage under the name of Issa for a period of 17 years and would return west to spread the message of love to the people present there. Depicting this scenario of the Buddhist prophecy, Bible about the birth of Jesus says.

“Mathew 2:1-2 Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the East to Jerusalem. Saying, where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.”
As per Notovich’s research, there was a point of time when Christianity suffered a threat due to sheer number and diversity of religious groupings based on the Gospels. It was then the papias of Hierapolis, one of the apostolic fathers and an other man named Irenaeus who stated to the world that all the Gospels could be traced back to one disciple of Jesus. Although it was more than impossible to date the existence of such a text from which all the gospels emerged. In the Mark text, there is an evident desire to keep the messianic status of Jesus as secret as possible. Mark 8:30 confirms that Jesus does not permit any proclamation that he is a Messiah and he forbids his disciples to declare any such thing. And now, in today’s world, we can clearly see the exact contrast of this happening in every part of the world. Mass conversions in the name of the Lord, bribing money for changing faith and religion. What not !! Most people flipping between faiths claim that this god has done bad for them, and the other will possibly do good to him/her. To all such people I tell of just one thing, one god gives us pain and the same god relieves us from it. Pains will never cease to exist even after flipping faith/religion and I‘ve hell lot of real life examples to quote to support my statement. Well, keeping aside my personal view, let’s get back to the discussion.
At one point the Luke gospel contradicts Mark and Matthew. In the latter version, Jesus’s final words sends apostles out into the world preaching to all nations whereas in the former they are told to”tarry… in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high” (Luke 24:49). The author states to world that Christianity has been changed drastically and monopolized and what the world sees is actually the Jewish Paul’s view and understanding of Christ rather than Jesus himself.
An other interesting aspect of the book is the complete synopsis of the scientific research related to the Shroud of Christ. The shroud is a linen cloth in which the body of the Christ was kept in after the crucifixion. Upon reading the synopsis of the research done on this shroud, mentioned in the book, any sane person will easily accept it that it was that of the Christ. The shroud showed clear signs that it was not a piece of work done in the recent years. It had blood stains on it depicting the wounds of Jesus during the crucifixion. Lab tests proved that there were traces of ammonium carbonate (because of sweat) and iron (major component in hemoglobin) of all over the shroud. The Christian authorities at that time took this as an argument to crush the talks about the shroud. Well, the bishops and the Popes all came out into the crowd saying that the shroud was a hoax, as a dead body could never sweat or ooze out blood. Well, what if he was not really dead?
Close introspection of Jesus’s crucifixion in the gospel of John leaves us with many trails that lead to only one conclusion that Jesus was not dead due to crucifixion and the whole myth of resurrection was just a fake. There were two other criminals who were crucified at the same time along with Jesus and it is quite astonishing to find that Jesus lived the pain of crucifixion for just 3 hours where in both the other criminals were in a conscious state suffering pain. Research says that it would at least take 6 to 7 hours for a person to be dead by crucifixion. The whole idea of crucifixion was basically introduced by the Romans so that the sufferer could die a very long painful death. The bible says that Jesus leaves his body immediately after being made to drink vinegar. Now how incidental is it for death to occur at such a time and that too just 3 hours after crucifixion. Never to forget that there the staunch disciples of Jesus, Joseph and Nicodemus in the act too. They might have actually added a sedative like opium that would serve two purposes at a time. One, make the Romans believe that he was dead, Two, to act as powerful pain killers. That could possibly explain Jesus passing out just for three hours. The bible also says at a place that Jesus made no sounds during the act, as though he didn’t feel pain at all. This can be traced back easily to the Indian yogi’s characteristics who by constant meditation and yoga are capable to bear any physical pain given to the body as they realize the knowledge of the spirit over the physical body.
Another interesting twist is that, a soldier pierces a spear in Christ’s body after passing out to confirm if he was still dead or not. When Jesus shows no signs of movement, they believe that he is dead. Bible clearly states that blood and water oozed out when he was pierced. Now science confirms that a dead body cannot show such clear signs of life. Moreover, the shroud of Christ shows an imprint as if both the hands are placed on another, both on the abdomen region. Now if Jesus was really dead on the cross, his bruised body muscles would have stiffened up like a rock just like how any other dead body becomes heavy and stiff after the soul passes away. In that case it would be impossible to place his stiffened hands as shown in the shroud’s posture if at all he were dead.
Here is an other interesting issue to discuss. Jewish custom of burying the dead is to soak the body in oil and to wash it cleanly before the burial. No such thing mentioned in the gospels. Rather the gospel of John says:
John "19:39 And there came also Nicodemus which at first came to Jesus by night, and bought a mixture of myrrh and aloes , about a hundred pound weigh"
Aloe ?? And that too a hundred pounds of it ?? Jews never had this culture of soaking body in aloe before burial. Rather why in the world would aloe be used ?? TO HEAL WOUNDS !!.. That explains things to some extent.
On that night as said, Jesus was assisted by his disciples along with medical care, and was carefully shifted to Galilee. The next day Mary his disciple comes in seemingly surprised about his disappearance. When she asks the gardener at the tomb, he says that he had seen three people where in two were supporting the third. This scene is deliberately depicted as angels assisting Christ. Were they angels really? Well, two people supporting the third, Does it make you think of angels assisting the resurrected Jesus? Or does it make you think of disciples carrying a wounded Jesus. Obviously the latter. And moreover Mary the disciple says these words to the world about the miracle that she saw.
“They have taken the lord out of the sepulchre..” and she quickly adds “and we know not where they have laid him”.
Question 1) How come Mary show up so early in the morning at the tomb? Was it just a coincidence?
Question 2) “They have taken” she says as if she knows who (they) were without mentioning angels. Now when we talk about something as astonishing as angels, how often is it that we use the words like they. We would rather stress on the word The angels first.
Question 3) Why did she immediately add the words “we do not know where they took him”? Now who would speak in such way. She speaks like a person who is hiding a secret. A person explaining such a miraculous event would stress on the miracle first but not about the fact that “We do not know where he has been taken”.
All these lead to one possible conclusion that Mary was also a part of the plan along with Joseph and Nicodemus. The latter two carefully executing their plan to move Jesus out alive and Mary being assigned the task of explaining people about what she saw. Bible also states that three days later, Jesus shows up to few of his disciples and talks to them. Take a careful look at these words of Jesus. It was as if he was explaining to them that he was not dead or he was not a spirit but he was still living.
“Why do ye seek the living among the dead?”
“And he said unto them, Why are ye troubled? and why do thoughts arise in your hearts? Behold my hands and my feet, that is I myself, Handle me and see, for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have….” (Luke24:38-43)
With these words spoken by Jesus himself we can easily understand that he wasn’t dead after crucifixion. What was seen after this was just Christianity with more of Christianity and less of Jesus. The stories of resurrection and many other misconceptions popped up in the following decades. Most of them deliberately done by Christian fanatics just to exhibit the monopoly of the religion.
Beyond this point there were many instances in many texts stating that Jesus travelled east along with his mother, preaching his teachings to everyone in the world. His presence in the Persian countries is included in the Koran too where in most of the contexts he was called by locally known names like Yuz Asaf. Later he visited India and stayed at a place in Srinagar called the Rozabel. His mother’s tomb and the places where he had stayed were depicted in the book as well as proof of evidence. Not just in Buddhist, Persian and Muslim texts, the acts of Thomas gospel talks about this too.
What you see in this post is just 1/100th of the whole experience of the book. It is a must read. One of the best books I’ve read in life. It did two good things. One, India is glorified further as the spiritual center of the world with Jesus being enlightened here and Two, my love and respect for Jesus has increased tenfold. It was always impossible for me to view Jesus entangled between the shackles of stern Christianity and its fanaticism. For, I ask of the world, what is Christianity without the true essence of Christ. Thanks to this wonderful book, I am now able to say this from the bottom of my heart, that yes, Jesus Christ is a true son of god !!!

Confessions of a Love-aholic

In the midst of the mundaneness that has engulfed my life over the recent past, It is your graceful smile that keeps the child in me alive giving me a reason to celebrate the essence of unconditional love. It is when I picture those deep tantalizing eyes of yours, I realize that life is worth living.

In those late hours of every serene night, when I stare at the starry sky, I realize that my love for you and this never ending blue sky share a secret that is untold. For their vastness just remain to be the same no matter how fast years fly. You are the last conscious thought that remain to persist in my mind before I slip into a good night’s sleep. Sleep is just a behavioral dormant state of rest but this innocent heart of mine never fails to beat for you. For it is never tired of thinking about you. At times in deep sleep I feel the warmth of your grip firmly held within the spaces of my fingers, In that moment I sincerely pray god to freeze this moment forever but as always, reality remains too harsh to believe. I soon realize that it is just a dream and once again I find that I cannot sleep. Science says that people spend two thirds of their lives in sleep. If that is true, I wouldn’t regret death in my last moment because I would be glad that I had spend two thirds of my life with you in my sleep.

In the middle of the day, as I continue to pen through lines of code to design software, my mind portrays random glimpses of your radiant face that continues to haunt me as always. And then I take a deep breath with a loud sigh and let out a random smile looking at this sweet misery of how you remain to persist in my brain like an unterminated daemon thread. As the day meets the dawn, I walk in peace on the streets alone listening to random songs on my playlist. That’s when a beautiful song catches my attention and forces me to think of you again and all over again just like I never did. For every strumming on the guitar, I feel the heat of my love for you gushing out of heart like a champagne. Sometimes I stare through the window looking at the rain droplets that strike the ground, the heavenly aroma of mud stirs up a blissful sensation in the spine, that’s when I see you everywhere around me, in the fragrance of the mud, in the sound of the rain droplets, in the chillness of the cold breeze and everywhere else. And then I continue to love you even more and so do I long for you once more.

My love for you is rooted firmly deep down within the brims of my soul, for what else do I ask from life ? I even dare not to ask for your love in return, for what is such love that expects something in return. I would remain blissful staying on the giver’s end, always showering my love for you till my last breath no matter how harsh you act on me in life. No matter how much I talk about it, No matter how much I write about it, this unfathomable love of mine for you continues to explode deep down within my heart. That’s when words fail to express what feelings could convey !!!