Readers-Writers problem in blogging

I’ve been blogging for a while now. This time I would like to don the hat of a third umpire in lieu of just being the author of this blogpost. Well, what does it take to make a blog post successful? Unlike most of the bloggers around, I believe that it is not the writer’s understanding about what he want’s to convey, rather it is the reader’s understanding about what he/she read is that which actually counts. It is totally based on grounds of individual perception or the ideology of reader’s mind.
The Writer’s Problem
I stand as a good exemplar to the gist of the above lines. When I write a post on love, readers ask me who is the girl I am in love with? When I write a post showing hatred, the same readers who believed that I was high over heels in love with a woman question me about the reasons for the hatred that I‘ve shown in the post. I am not blaming the readers for this behavior as I would do the same when I read a fellow blogger’s post. After all, It is not a weird phenomena in the world of blogging when a reader unconsciously associates the blog post with the blogger.
In an eagle eye’s perspective, I would state that the reader’s liking/disliking a blog post is predominantly dependent on the reader’s ideology and mindset. Well, it was proved many a times in my case. Clean The Filth, is one such post of mine in which I’ve supported womankind audaciously disgracing the thought process of the entire male clan. This post was liked by every woman who read it, and was questioned in terms of veracity and loathed by most of the men who read it. On similar terms, a certain class of grown up audience would hit a like on most of the philosophical posts of mine and would rather dare not to touch the rest of my posts. Some readers prefer posts on love alone whereas some totally hate them. Some like it when the tone of the blog is immaculately decent. Some like it when it is witty and humorous whereas few others like it when it is full of expletives and abusive tantrums. Keeping this aside, Some readers weirdly assume that the blog is meant for them, and is totally written keeping them in mind. These are usually the class of people who would assume that every status on facebook is meant for them. Is there an end to the writer’s misery? No, as it is impossible for a writer to deal with so many parallel perceptions of every individual reader.
Well, I would rather prefer not to call this as a writer’s misery mainly because a good writer/blogger would focus more on what he wants to write rather than what the reader wants to read in spite of knowing that the success of a post potentially depends on the reader’s perception alone. In the end, It is just a gamble between the reader and the writer. I call this complete section as the writer’s problem as the writer is at stake in the context.
The Reader’s problem
It is not difficult to guess what could be the readers’ biggest problem. It is just his/her inability to construe accurately what the writer wants to convey. As touch based in the writer’s problem, It has got to do more with the reader’s incapability to comprehend a writing as a mere writing without associating it with either of the reader’s ideology or with the writer’s intention. Well, just like the readers, bloggers can actually be categorized too. Some write personal stuff, some write poetry, some prefer creative writing/fiction or some bloggers like me possess this monkey brain & impulsive instincts to write about all the stuff in this world. In such latter cases, it could almost be impossible to predict the motive of a blogger. Human brain is indeed a very complicated organ especially when it meddles with issues related to creativity. The art of creation (of writing or composing a music or anything for that matter) as we know, is to create something that never existed before. In order to create anything, the creator needs a motivation. This motivation is again driven by several factors. For instance, what I write in my blog cover one or more of all of these factors in variedly different proportions each time.
1) Random reflections, images and thoughts that bump into my brain out of no where, out of a thoughtless void state of the brain.
2) My experiences including both personal and what I‘ve witnessed in lives of people closely associated to me. (past & present happenings)
3) The ideologies that I firmly believe in and my inherent angle of perception towards life, emotions and philosophy.
4) The desires that I have or What I wish to have in a later part of my life (includes a glimpse of the future that I believe in)
5) Or the writings might very well include a total contradiction of my very own self because my mirror image will always remain to be me but can never be a contradiction to myself in reality except for in my very own mind and in its piece of creation.
And a myriad factors apart from the above mentioned. When a single blog post is brought into existence being driven by these many factors, Is it fair enough to relate an author’s creation with the author himself?
May be yes or may be no. No one can answer this not even the author of the blogpost !!! “Because an idea that is highly resilient, highly contagious, has once taken hold of the brain, it's almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed - fully understood - that sticks, right in there somewhere inside the brain” without even letting the author realize that it is living in his subconscious. (Inception)
Implementing semaphores and locks managed to solve the readers-writers problem of threads in operating systems but unfortunately, no solution could solve the readers-writers problem in blogging till date. :P Well, This accounts to my complete synopsis on the readers-writers problem in blogging. Hopefully, blogging would become a subject in the near future and this synopsis would be in tandem with my name written in bold italics within the textbooks of BLOGGING !!
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  1. Vamsi...You just amaze me all the time with your posts!!..The very idea of writing about "Readers-Writers PROBLEM IN BLOGGING" is awesome! Bravo !! :)
    I totally agree with what you have written...especially "a good writer/blogger would focus more on what he wants to write rather than what the reader wants to read in spite of knowing that the success of a post potentially depends on the reader’s perception alone."
    I can relate it to myself, i'm no big blogger but 4 outta 6 of my blog posts are on love! And people start thinking that i'm in love and thats why i'm writing such stuff.
    Secondly, some people have said that it's an overload of emotions! c'mon !its what i want to write about and not what you want to read !! criticism is also important but ultimately its the bloggers wish to write on what he/she wants to write!
    Great job, Vamsi !!!
    You are the ""Ultimate Blogger"" !!! :D:D:D

  2. vamsi says:

    Ultimate blogger huh?? Hehehe. Sounds like a dinosaur :D Well thanks a lot dm, I am glad you've accepted with what I've tried to convey. Kudos to you too. Keep blogging and you will unfold more secrets like me :P lol :)

  3. Nethra says:

    What's the big deal if readers connect the blogpost with the blogger? It's very normal. :) And since when did you start finding faults in others? :-o You sound much better when you write something preachy. :P

  4. vamsi says:

    Hey there, :) I wasn't trying to find faults with others Nethra. This post is just a result of the noise that I receive after I write a post. It is not a big deal when a reader who is a stranger connects the post with the blogger but if it is a friend or a member of a family, it can be annoying because

    If you write a post on sadness, they ask you why are sad. If you write a post on happiness, they ask what makes you happy these days? If I write a post on love, they ask me if I am in love. And many such queries. So this post should be an answer to all such readers saying that a post necessarily need not be associated with its author :)

  5. Nivedita says:

    i completely agree with u Vamsi.. as ur frnd also said its abt wt u wanna write nd not wt v wanna read(I include myself coz I'm no writer.. only a reader.. :P)
    But talking frm our point, its very natural for a reader to connect a particular post to the writer or in some cases to their own self.. I personally feel tht this helps the reader to connect better with the writer nd also understand wt the writer wants to convey...
    Nd also its the high levels of curiosity in us humans tht makes us doubt if the writer is writing instances of his own life & reading the article tht way makes it all the more interesting!! :P :P

  6. (I didn't read the other comments..If my views happen to overlap, never mind, read them again:-p)
    (now, how should I begin!!!..maybe this way...)
    When I started blogging, not many knew about it.I religiously updated my blog for my own satisfaction.
    I didn't care for my readers' perception of what I wrote becuz
    "I didn't have any!!!;-P;-D"
    (well, maybe I had 2 readers- 1 being my brother(lol))
    BUT, things changed..

    When I started "Publicizing" the blog,
    I felt this need to write with more care (I'm yet to master that, though !!)..
    It wuz like I wanted the readers to understand what I wrote and, when they connected with my posts, I felt a personal triumph!!!

    All my posts have a personal touch to them and unwittingly,
    I tend to view other blog posts with the same mindset.. it's natural(as u said, it' not a wierd ph.)..What's wrong??

    "Reader's inability to construe accurately??"..umm,I beg to differ there, Vamsi..
    I think it entirely depends on the author.If his language and thoughts are perspicuous, no reader would ever have a poblem in grasping what the author has to say...

    (if the author intends to write a fiction, maybe he should use the tag: "Fiction" in his writings (or, add a disclaimer stating that the work has nothing to do with the author's personal life!!)...

    A blog is a personal space, and, as a reader, I would feel disappointed to read a post
    (with no tags or disclaimers) only to be told later that it is a piece of imagination!!

    well,well,all said and done,this post is a novel attempt!!!!

    (P.S: In the constantly evolving world of blogging, I wonder if this synopsis would suffice..You may havta write more:-p:-p)

  7. A very thought provoking post, must say! Very true that solutions may be proposed for system incoherence but the human mind, which I believe is the most complex creation is so very unpredictable that the whole world cannot possibly agree on something proclaimed universal!

    I certainly do agree with some of the things you've mentioned but I do not agree with the fact that one should not necessarily associate the blog post with the author in context. It sounds kinda baseless to me that the author would blog on some random stuff which is not even remotely associated with them.

    Keep coming up with more new things to think about!!:D

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