From the Eyes of Love

I wonder if there should ever be a reason to fall in love with a person. Or rather there be a reason why one should hate a person. I was fired by this thought as I see myself falling in love so frequently these days when I look at the little laborer girl swinging her little torn frock in a playful mood, or when I look at the hand gestures of the dumb lady who serves food at my work place or when I look at the street dog wagging its tail in affection to a rag picker. In many such instances, I witness my heart gushing out with a feeling of compassion and love. I wonder if this is an after effect of me practicing spirituality. Well what ever be it, it is a good feeling to witness the world with an eye of equality, having love for most of the things around you.
If at all we give in a deep thought and ask ourselves, What is love? Literally, It should be absence of hate, ain’t it? But unfortunately that’s not the way we see it. Albeit the existence of emotions called love and hate, we have introduced a new emotion, the emotion which is indifferent to love and hate, that being the main culprit to limit love towards all. We, humans, most of us for that matter, have a microscopic view of love. We limit our love to our parents, family and the one who we are involved with or in addition the ones who help us. We hate people who are against us. And we are indifferent to people whom we do not know. Why cannot a person feel love for an unknown or a not-so-known entity? When a road side beggar on the road begs for a penny, we usually deal with it in one of these two ways, we either ignore the beggar not giving a penny acting like why-do-I-care, or the best we can get to is to give the beggar a penny out of sympathy. But will this sympathy ever turn into empathy? In true love, one can totally empathize and feel the pain of other person in real, just like how a mother doesn’t sympathize with her child’s hunger but empathizes with it. But can we ever be in such a high state of mind sharing love for everything around us?
Keeping love aside, why should we be indifferent to less known people like a colleague at work or the shopkeeper who sells you groceries?. We never open up the doors of our heart so easily to an acquaintance simply because we consider him/her as a stranger who’d mean nothing to us in our personal lives. Isn’t it? By default, the human mind is egoistic in nature. When we say hello to a stranger, the first thing the mind plays on you, is to take sides. It differentiates and discriminates unconsciously without our knowing. Is he speaking the truth? Does he think like me? Do we have same interests? etc etc. If yes, take this approach to behave with him/her, If no take an other way round. Isn’t this unconscious discrimination of mind, the major basis of making friends? This discrimination is more like a ph test. If the result is positive, we develop likeliness or friendliness towards the person, If negative, we develop a feeling of indifference. Note that this feeling of indifference is not hatred but it certainly plays its part in restricting ourselves to love everyone around us. To understand this indifference in one shot, ask this question to yourself. If a mere acquaintance to you, like your shopkeeper or your milkman or whosoever, requests you for a considerably huge amount of money, Will you lend it to him/her? Most likely no. It is because of that indifference that he/she is nothing to you and his/her existence doesn’t bother you in any way. You don’t find a strong reason to say yes because he is not in your circle of loved ones and neither would you find a strong reason to say no because he/she is not someone you hate. You say no out of a mere feeling of indifference which restricts you to empathize and understand his/her necessity.
We have talked of love, we’ve talked of indifference, there isn’t much of a need to describe how hatred restricts a person from sharing love. Why do we hate people? Well there can be many reasons to hate a person, he/she has backstabbed us or he/she have done something bad, something that is totally against our interest or whatsoever be it? Why do we let hatred consume our stainless souls? Can’t we just understand the fact that it is but human to commit mistakes? Are we so harsh on our own selves when we commit a mistake? So why should we be so judgmental and dogmatic when it is an other person? For, is this not what the great souls like Jesus have taught us? To be compassionate to everyone around, to treat them as your own kin irrespective of the differences that lie among us.
To fall in love with life, one should definitely root out the feelings of hatred and indifference right from the bottom of the heart. This being the whole essence of a human life, to fall in love over and over again with the divine eye of equality. For love be the beauty that defines us. And one can witness the brilliance of this beauty not when he is on the seeker’s end of love but when he is on the giver’s end. <3
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She be it all

Image Courtesy: DeviantArt

Thou art to me, a morning sunshine,
For thou be the first thought on mind awake.
Thou art to me, a good night's lullaby,
For thou be the last thought afore a sound sleep.

Thou be the fire that kindles love.
Thou be the memory that bestows pain.
Thou be the hope that relives life.
Thou be the empty heart's forsaken desire.

I care not, Of the tears yet to shed,
Or of the loneliness prone to kill.
I fear not, of the broken past,
Or of the future bereft of thy love.

For What I ask of thee,
Is not to return the love lost,
Nor to fix the pieces of a broken heart.
But to shed a tear for its purity,
And to sing a prayer for its sanctity!