Bangalore vs Hyderabad

It has been 6 months since I've been in Bengaluru and I've fallen in love with the place already. All my life I've adhered to a baseless belief that Hyderabad is possibly the best city in India. Bangalore blatantly wiped away this belief right from every nook and corner of my mind. I can't help myself in comparing the differences between the two cities I've lived in. And well before hand, I apologize to all the hyderabadi readers for belittling Hyderabad against Bengaluru. As a matter of fact, I am just being brutally honest and there is no real motive behind the taunts included.

Here I start the comparison with the auto walas. Ever set your foot into Hyderabad and try hiring an auto rickshaw, I bet you'd be robbed a fortune. Forget about meter payment, one hiring an auto in Hyderabad would always end up paying atleast 50% more than required. Adding to this, the passenger would get an added bonus to inhale the beedi smoke left out by the driver. Forget about politeness, the auto walas of Hyderabad, more than 50% of them are annoyingly argumentative and act as if the passenger lives on his mercy. On the contrast, those of Bangalore are rather soft spoken, they just say a no and walk out if the negotiation isn't okay. I travel by auto almost everyday in Bangalore and never once did I receive brickbats from an auto driver. To my utmost amazement, I've even seen drivers redirecting passengers to an other autowala if the negotiation isn't acceptable with him. Well, I don't say that Bangalore auto drivers are living manifestations of gods but it is undeniable that they are atleast 10 times better than Hyderabadis in this issue.

Secondly, the living atmosphere in Bangalore is awesome and is the best for a descent family to live in. Most of the residents of Bangalore are educated and because of this majority, even the illiterate and uneducated people of Bangalore align themselves to decency w.r.t to the rest of the population. A guy never has to feel protective about his well dressed girlfriend or sister while walking her on the road. At least in the major parts of Bangalore, most people are sensible enough to bother about their own lives, Unlike the cheap ass roadside romeos in Hyderabad who bunk colleges, roaming around just to ogle and whistle at ladies walking on the road. Bangalore, IMHO is probably the safest city for an independent woman to live in with almost no need to restrain her from being her own self just to avoid attention from romeos. And again, this also leads to an interestingly bad situation. Men as always have always been screwed up since ages. It was always the women of India who held the culture and traditions in TACT but here in Bangalore women are literal free birds. You even find women groups on road who smoke and drink. Well, I am not trying to be a male chauvinist here. It is just that I've always respected Indian women specially the latter generations in the society. Women in this era are so capable to do almost everything. They take care of homes, do their jobs, they are modern yet they follow Indian culture and tradition. Well, it certainly bothers me when woman who are meant to be respected steeply fall down to the levels of men. In this aspect, being a south Indian, I'd say women in Hyderabad are better followers of tradition than most of the Bangalore babes.

The thing I love the most about Bangalore is the people's outlook. The general mindset of people in Bangalore is at least 10 times broader than the narrow minded freaks in Hyderabad. For example: Hyderabad is now struggling with the Telengana issue. Till date I've never understood the logic behind the fight for a piece of land under the shelter of a free and independent country. Aren't Indians buying lands to settle abroad as permanent residents? When the globe is becoming so tiny to live in, I don't see the whole idea in trying to imbibe regionalism on a piece of land anyway. People at Hyderabad are insanely foolish enough to fight over differences so much that they even try to kill each other in the process. Kannadigas in this issue are really the best. They are sensible enough to welcome everyone with open arms comprehending the fact that strength lies in differences and not in similarities. And this is the reason for Bangalore's development. Lands here sell like hot cakes to software companies. The city never stops growing big. Development here will tend to continue at exponential pace, as people from all states of India and people from other countries as well, live here in harmony and work together for professional and personal growth. All in all it is a healthy atmosphere in Bangalore.

Adding to these, Bangalore is even endowed with nature's best gift. The weather at Bangalore is FUCKING awesome. It just has a mere two month summer with a max temp of 36 degrees. The rest of the year, it is just like spring all the way. It has the perfect weather to sport all those classy dresses in your wardrobe. If you've ever dreamt of wrapping a sexy scarf around your neck but unfortuantely, you have never done it probably because you live in a place like Chennai where in neither the weather nor the people around allow you to dress so, then Bangalore is certainly the place for you to flaunt the best of your wardrobe. One will never regret living a life in Bangalore. It is a place that can accommodate middle class Indians equally with the rich lot like Vijaya Mallya. All in all, Bangalore is one the best places to live in India yet I am still eager to get back to a rotten place like Hyderabad in the future because there are some things in life that are way beyond the comforts a place can provide, like the love of parents, the pleasure of gossiping with an old friend on the roof terrace, the relationship nurtured with the god present in the tiny temples nearby home, the joy of eating mom made food on a chilled out holiday, the taste of panipuri in the chat bhandar nearby home..............Ah! Priceless pleasures of life!! Hyderabad is the best
just because it is home but Bangalore is THE best. \m/

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  1. Awww!! I LOVED the way you have compared both the cities, and i certainly agree with you !! I have been to both the cities, and I too feel the same ! :)
    Enjoy your stay at Bangalore, and your kutti visits to Hyderabad as well :-)

  2. Good to know that you completely adore Bangalore and life there but I personally don't appreciate the pomposity of life in Bangalore. Don't know too much about Hyderabad but a very nice contrast you've brought out. Nice read! :)

  3. Prateek says:

    Never been to any of the above. Hence for me Delhi is the best.

  4. Nethra says:

    I don't wanna be anywhere else but bangalore or some place where it snows, and female localites never smoke (almost). It's girls who come from outside and got no parents around to stop them who does that.

  5. P@V@NI says:

    I truly agree with u on the pathetic narrow minded-ness of the hyderabadis......i did experience dat a lot many times.
    ohh!! bengaluru's weather seems to be similar to dehradun'z,with mere 2 months summer,though the winter here is far more severe.
    U knw hw much i used to hate it, but on d contrary, i hv nw started liking it ;)
    Gud post :)

  6. Samadrita says:

    Well even I'm tempted to set up base in Bangalore after reading this post. :D Btw autowallahs in Kolkata are so pathetic that they can make the ones in Hyderabad look like angels I bet. They talk back and even abuse! :(

  7. Cindrella says:

    Now that's a very good post! Never been to Hyderbad!! All I know is I love the Hyderbadi Biriyani :)

    And about B'lore. Just been there for a day! And I loved it! That is one place I would love to be!! Awesome climate even during the scorching summer!!

  8. There are certainly a lot of cons which apply to Bengaluru as well. I've been going there all my life for holidays and such as my entire family tree is based there XD But I must say, having stayed in Hyderabad, I vouch for its decency (as compared to the other places out there).
    But you've compared home with someplace else and that could possibly be the most unbiased comparison with home I've ever read.
    Great post, looking forward to more.
    P.S Loved the new look!

  9. i completely agree dat bengaluru is a vry nyc place to live..but for u hyderabad is comparatively less better bcoz u r always inside d bedroom reading books or browsing on the net when u r at home..:P

  10. i get it some new information through your blogs. its helpful to improve my skills. daily i visit your blog and read it new topic.

  11. not too sure about the female respect and friendly auto-wallahs but bang wang is the place to be. hyd will have a hard time recouping from the bandhs, etc.
    btw u should get some banglore native to live in hyd and compare :D

  12. Completely wrong perception and presentation of hyderabad.
    Hyderabd is well known for it's Tameez and Tehzeeb (if you understand what they mean). The people of Hyderabad are loving, caring and smart enough to kick asses. Banglore is not a clean chit though, women drinking and smoking on the roads is not modernisation but degrading of women. Banglorians, time now for you to grow up with Tameez and Tehzeeb.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I can only agree with your second reason,I found autowallahs equally rude in bangalore and the weather in both the cities is very similar except 3 months in summer you can compare the weather in wikipedia. The real reason you talk bad about hyderabad is you are scared separate telangana might be formed with hyd as capital and you don't want to be identified with telangana people as you are obviously come from a family of andhra settlers who think telangana people are inferior. Sour grapes

  14. @Anonymous It is immaterial to me whether Telengana will be declared or not. Being grown up in Hyderabad I love the city as much as any other Hyderabadi would. Except that I am ready to admit Bangalore is a much better city than Hyderabad any day or night, that's because I've lived in both the places. There is no point in disagreeing it. People of Bangalore are more educated. It is atrocious that you compare the weather. Hyderabad has extreme weather in Summer, Winter. In Bangalore, it is always like Spring.

    And yes, Telengana is not all my point of concern. I didn't have a problem identifying myself with a bunch of North Indians and Tamil ppl when I graduated from Tamil Nadu. I didn't have a problem identifying myself with Kannadigas and ppl from other parts of the world when I am working in Bangalore. Why would I have a problem identifying myself with a fellow Telugu person? I don't know about others but I'd never fall down to a level where I've to think with such a small mind.

  15. yagnasri says:

    @Vamsi, Dude @Anonymous was just demonstrating the point you mentioned ie.. "narrow-mindedness of Hyderabadis" with his comments. So just don't bother. It only makes what you said true.

  16. Thanks Yagnasri. GLad there are at least some broad minds that think on the same lines.


  18. WHAT IS SPECIAL THERE IN BANGALORE 42% OF LOCAL PEOPLE,16LACKS OF TELUGU PEOPLE, AND SO MANY TAMIL PEOPLE,KERALA PEOPLE AND DELHI PEOPLE ARE FILLED UP IN BANGALORE .....IF ALL THEY LIVE THE CITY....IT WILL BE A VILLAGE....71 KMS OF METRO RAIL,MMTS SUB-URBAN , BIGGEST BUS NETWORK,LOTS OF HERITAGE AND CULTURE,LEGENDRY BIRYANI, WHICH IS THE FIRST IT HUB IN INDIA,MEDICAL CAPITAL,BULK DRUG CAPITAL,LOTS OF ENGINEERING COLLAGES,WIDEST ROADS,UNITY IN DIVERSITY,LOTS OF EDUCATIONSL INSTITITIONS,nsg hubs..which is there only in delhi,mumbai,kolkata,chennai and hyderabad at a time...longest fkyover...telugu film industry..setteled here the second biggest film industry after bombay film industry.. and third largest film producer in india....HYDERABAD..the political leaders are fighting for only HYDERABAD....political idiots in ap....dont hope hyderabad will come down..due to agitations....HYDERABAD DONT LOOSE ITS CHERISH AND LEGACY.....


  20. Anonymous says:


    Lol. Look who is talking about unity in diversity.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how you read so much history without learning how to speak English :P

  22. Anonymous says:

    indian history was not scripted in english you suede brit! baazi ne baazi maari.

  23. anonym says:

    They came to bangalore for jobs...But most of the hyderabadis are native.

  24. Anonymous says:

    an IDIOT from 'andhra' region started this discusssion. my dear good friends let us not waste our time by commenting or reading such articles hereafter..

  25. Anonymous says:

    yor are true brother..

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  27. Anonymous says:

    Born and brought up in hyderabad and living in bangalore from past 3 years..... I dont agree with you that Bangalore is better than hyderabad. If you take out the weather difference, I do not see anything here. Its no more garden city, it has become garbage city.... Basic problems like waste management is not being taken care from so many months and all roads are filled with garbage everywhere leading to serious health hazards.... you talk about open minded people of bangalore?? I think you have not come across with any racists here....

    Bottom line - Bangalore is just an overhyped and over-priced city!!

    source - personal experience

  28. I visit banglore for the first time and bam ,i stumble upon an article which shares the feelings of another hydbadi who to an xtent evoked synonymous feelings yet with a lotta discretion with respect to what u opine.First things first ,well penned article dawg,so pat ur back for that but err how comfortably u categorizethe hydbadis n banglorians is where the shoe starts to pinch me ,coz m having a tough time reconciling with ur humble perspective to the subject.M gonna have to inculcate a lot from the comments section which smash ur experience with the auto rickshaws,m guessing u either talk to em in their local kannad language or have already blended in their colors nuff for u to pass by as a fellow kannad.In any event ,autodrivers of both the cities eat from the same plate and iv received equivalent amounts of hostility dished out to me by either sides.
    Now that wev got the lower class outa the way lets get down to business.That it the primary differences that set the cities apart.Hitherto,banglores has always been the place to be ,the congregation point for the masses ,if indians ever had to choose between hyd and banglore for vacations theyd choose banglore without second thoughts.The biggest reason for that too by a long shot is the climate .It really is astonishingly cooler than hyderbad ,greatly moderate ,especially given that its hydbads neighboring city .This factor alone has humongously contributed to it being the silicon valley of india too.The so called mncs taking a page of the britishers book chose banglore as their breeding grounds ,not that banglore richly deserved it but well lets just say sumone had to had all of the lady luck and banglore got lucky .
    Now if i mite ponder over the demographics of this city .Its largely constituted by 'outsiders' and it shudnt really be any news to break if the locals wud b the minority in this city .Its not hard to see why educated hydbadis like u have in the past and will choose to live ,in a tolerant and cooler place ,the latter being both figurative and literal.Banglore has different sets of educated classes who are migrants from different cities living here and coexisting ,and in such a society the level of tolerance toward the others culture augments in leaps.I guess familiarity does in fact breed contempt here in hyderabad .That wud also xplain the openmindedness of the masses in banglore and the quite the opposite in hyderabad but hey lets not go too far with the broad-mindedness of any indian just yet.Which really brings me to my point that indians no matter how educated wudnt separate themselves from bigotry and bias .Bias is a strong word here coz thers bias of all sorts ,bias toward the rich,toward the fairer skin ,blah blah holy cow the list is unending .So behold and clear the cobwebs outa ur head for the broadminded term by steering clear of the educated word coz iv seen nuff of educated hypocricy and cynicism to infer that a persons thought person isnt enslaved by what ur taught in rooms ,thers a lot more to being human than education.(ill cut sum slack for my readers by halting my offensive on this educated thing coz i dont wana sound like pink floyd ) .

  29. Changing tracks to modernisation thats rampant everywhere but the generic opinion is that banglores a modern city ,ahem ahem we'll see.It beats me when ppl as educated as you havent yet drawn a line between modernisation and westernisation ,the formers more to do with ur thought process ,the latter quite conversely is the term for the notion of sucking up to the west and making it kewl to be westernised.Aah whers discretion when u need it most .Make no mistake abt it more of such people comprises banglore ,not that hyd wudnt want to be there but i guess since most hydbadis are natives they have their parental contraints which keeps them from the hep culture ,also owning to the antagonising narrow mindedness of hydbadis ,they pull of a decent job of keeping their daughters at home at unearthly hours and abidance to their culture with temperance .
    If i were to continue i wudnt know when to stop and neither am i writer by any chance nor has my lady luck shone to grant me a prestigious job as yours but atleast iv got nuff of my shit together and have nuff of my ass outa my head to know about a entity called upon by many as God.My point is ur article has a covert sense of overconfidence in it which doesnt really asserts but presses the opinion and wants us to believe every word outa ur mouth is gospel truth(a trait of an agnostic?) .Its this habit that mankinds bound by ,one of drawing parallels and of which he must abstain ,coz more often than not, u end of comparing things without having an inclusive coverage of the attributes which would do justice to the comparision.In life there'd be always sumone better than you ,greener pastures ostensibly ,faster lanes but whos man to judge whats better nyway.For that we trust God ,rational nuff dawg?So long.

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  47. Anonymous says:

    Except Weather and Sight Seeing I don't see anything great in Bangalore.As a middle class person,I will definitely choose Hyderabad over Bangalore.



  50. Anonymous says:

    guys,how can we compare bangalore and hyderabad?these cities are great in their question do u like u.s or india? most of us give as india.then why not u.s,it is having good infrastructure and is similar in case of hyderabad . bangalore is for ppl who expect infrastructural poshness. what if there is no IT in both the cities.why are we commenting on ppl in these cities,ppl are same everywhere in the world(good or bad).we should be so pathetic that we are comparing development only as in terms of IT development.there is lot more than IT fro this comparision index.hyd is same as bangalore.hyd is genome valley of india. out of world production of generic medicines hyd alone produces 40%.we are meaning jobs as only as some software,but there is lot more.if u think broadly u find both cities are same.bang. gives jobs for IT professionals,whereas hyd gives jobs for scientsits and pharmacists.a country's development depends on these two factors.geographical situations are not at all reason for development(ex:dubai).it depends on ppl which they it is the most bad idea of comparing.ur citizen of india as well as the world.

  51. Zerelda says:

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