Dear Michael

To the one with the sweet voice of a child
To the one who taught my ears what music was

To the one who influenced world music with his genre
To the one who was an icon for the younger lot

To the one who ruled the world for over a decade
To the one who created a cult with his moonwalk

To the one with the sexiest signature move EVER
To the greatest dancer world has ever produced

To the one and only king of pop, Michael Jackson.
Happy Birthday!! We will miss you!!

Back then in 2002, I was just 12 years old and I remember till date, MJ's 'they dont really care about us' was the first English song that I've ever heard. I remember the times when I used to dance like crazy for his songs Smooth criminal and Dangerous. And I am pretty sure I am not the only kid who grew up with the songs of Michael Jackson. He was the most influential musician of the 20th century who introduced world music with his pop genre. 

If it was not for Michael Jackson, I really wonder if bass and beat would have ever entered into the face of eastern music. He neither experienced a sane childhood nor had he experienced a peaceful adulthood. The time he spent while composing songs and the time he spent while dancing his heart out, were probably the only moments he really lived his life. I still  remember the day he passed away. All day long I was watching VH1 that kept replaying his compositions and performances. It literally took me a complete week to get over his death. It might sound strange but that was how much I adored him since I was a kid. Now, when I check my hard disk, I see more than a hundred gigabytes of music dump predominantly western. My whole journey with music would probably not have been as memorable as this if it were not for MJ's songs that initiated me into western music. No matter which decade of this century it is and no matter how old I get, Michael Jackson and and his songs will always have a special place in my heart. I really hope that all the anguish of his poor soul has subsided and he has moved on. 

Dear Michael

The world might see more of singing and dancing but it will never see an other Michael Jackson performing. Happy Birthday once again.

One among your million fans

Stuff Philosophers Are Made Of

There has always been this philosophical side of me that which is deeply interested in matters of god and spirituality. Friends were often aghast by my philosophical perspective failing to get an answer for Why I was interested in matters of god in the blossom of youth instead of doing stuff they consider sane for a 20 year old, like hangout with friends and ogle at the svelte figure of a woman. Moreover, I could never really understand why being philosophical is considered weird. Or is there a reason why one should be ashamed of having a philosphical outlook towards life? Often, the world looks low on such people. Philosophy and spirituality in my opinion, is certainly not a path taken up by losers, it is a path for the heroes, chosen by the likes of greatest men history has ever produced. It is a road less travelled by restless souls who put in undying efforts to understand and reason the existence of life and a purpose behind it. 

It is saddening to know that a person is considered weird if he practices a spiritual life and adapts philosophy into his thoughts. He is mostly the one who is left out, the one whose out of the box thinking is considered abnormal. Inspite of that he wouldn't give a damn about how the rest of the world thinks that he is a complete fool. For, he knows that a dogs bark ain't worth noticing. Philosophers like Tagore, Socrates, Plato, etc, These are the kind of people who left everlasting traces on the sands of time and ironically the world that once branded these men as fools, now praises them for their accomplishments in life and works in philosophy. 

A very common trait which you might have noticed in a philosopher's life is that, he is lost in his own thought. He is a man who takes pleasure in solitude. And note that, he is not a loner. He is a lover of life. He hears the world whisper something to him, something that rest of the world is too busy to even notice. He sees the world as a puzzle, desperately trying to find out the missing piece. His intellectual brilliance is far beyond what one can imagine, for he constantly believes in the infinite. He ignores the brickbats and taunts of the world. He is neither afflicted by worldly happiness nor is ever overwhelmed by grief. He is lost in his ecstasy experiencing a beautiful love-hate relation with life. 

At times, he sheds ecstatic tears of joy looking at how wonderful the creation of god is. At times, he suffers from the pain of being seperated from an eternal force that binds his soul. It is out of this intensely intoxicating sweet pain that crsytal jewels of wisdom like Geethanjali are made of. A philosopher possesses a heart of gold as soft and tender as that of a mother. Albeit that he is a rebel by birth. Unlike the rest of the world, he walks the road less travelled going against the flow of life to fulfil his mission and life's purpose. He is not a dull witted loser who stays quiet staying aloof from the people around him. His mind is an electric dynamo, constantly churned in a sea of thoughts. He questions life in a way none could ever question. When overwhelmed by untameable emotions like anger or lust, he sternly rejects a surrender, rather he conquers them by force failing to be a slave to the forces that act on him. Ultimately he becomes a master of his senses, gains all the wisdom of life by a never ending process of learning and finally parts with his body with a smile on his face, knowing that the purpose of his life has been fulfilled and the never ending quest of life and death has come to an end. Philosophers are heroes by birth, one of their own kind on this face of earth. It is indeed an interestingly rare phenomena to find people who are too philosophical in thought. 

So Dear good for nothing ill speaking layman!

Your five point formula of taking birth, growing up, earning money, getting laid and hitting the bucket would never ever suffice to reach the heights that these philosophers had reached. So stop throwing tantrums on such people and get a life!