You know you are a Tamilian when

Disclaimer : With all due respect to my very dear lovable Tamil brothers and sisters, this is just a mere leg-pulling act that least deserves to be taken on personal note.


You know you are a Tamilian

When you audaciously try to prove your point that Tamil is the mother of all languages in the world (including Sanskrit, Greek & Latin)

When you are genuinely tempted to reply to a person in Tamil irrespective of whether he speaks English, Hindi or any other.

When you are mighty turned off by women who weigh any less than 160 pounds.

When you know that 80% names of people are bound to have Murugan or Selvan in them.

When you wouldn't find it weird to consider people being named after Tamil language as in Tamil Raajan and Tamil Selvan.

When you claim respect for a fellow Tamilian for his do-any-deed irrespective of whether he belongs to LTTE or any other extremist community.

When you believe that the bliss of conversing in Tamil falls short by a couple of inches when compared to the bliss of lovemaking.

When you are capable of skillfully power packing over-confidence under a certain upper limit making the world believe it as your display of genuine confidence.

When you feel it is perfectly alright to rewrite general English spellings as in, using Tamizh for Tamil, god knows how and why 'zh' should be pronounced as 'la'.

When you take pride in the terms like Iyer & Iyengar which are far more over hyped beyond limit.

When you have an open heart to tolerate someone like Vijaykanth as a hero who kicks ass both on screen and off screen.

When you secretly believe that you belong to the world's most intelligent clan, at times not hesitating to quote the same to a non-Tamil entity.

When you find yourself in a movie hall gleefully laughing for gross comedy in which the comedian is made to eat dung or is made to dance around trees with his lungi unwrapped.

When you regard Sambaar as an elixir of life which you'd never get bored of eating as a part of breakfast, lunch plus dinner.

But then, You know you are a Tamilian when you continue to take pride in yourself irrespective of all the above. :D


PS : Leg pulling apart, I must admit that I am an admirer of Tamil culture myself. The language though terribly tough has a certain heaviness in it which has the capability to carry profound meanings using fewer words. I totally enjoy watching Tamil movies. At times you puke, At times you are struck with awe. Either ways Tamil films are bound to offer you creative crap. Nothing beats Tamil songs when it comes to country beat or folk music, (the bliss of which can be known only if you are a south Indian :P). What I love the most about Tamilians is their consistent effort to preserve Indian culture intact. I bet the invasion of foreign influence has probably shown the least effect on the Tamil land except for on few living in cities and the modern rest. I am acquainted with some Tamil families that consider learning arts like music, dance and following certain traditions as a must, as a token of imbibing Indian culture onto future generations. Hats off to them really. Tamil Nadu has been home to me all through the 4 years of my graduation. I've made few great Tamil friends too who are certainly among the best of all the lot . :) I am all for Tamil people and their culture always and always. With the closeness that I share with the Tamil Land and its people, I take this opportunity to freely pull their legs in this blog post. :)

A blog post might suffice to pull their legs, but to praise them, a single post would not be sufficient. 

PPS: Ignore the last statement, that was just extra blade which I never meant. :P ;-)