Be Careful What You Wish For

Some times I wonder if, a happy life, which we all wish for, is too expensive a gift to seek from what we presume to term as god, destiny or fate. Each one of us have something to yearn for, always, a wish that is seeked for, and is left unfulfilled in spite of the mind's ignorance to construe the countless number of desires/wishes fulfilled till date. We tend to forget the joy in what we already possess in pursuit of something we do not. Honestly, how many of us have time to take a moment to thank life for the countless gifts that are already bestowed to us unasked for, yet we fail to even acknowledge their existence as gifts which many other people around us (might) lack?. Is it not greed that governs human behavior? I ponder in dismay..
For instance, A jobless person seeks out for a job and claims fate as being responsible for its cruelty against him, for not having fulfilled his desperate need of finding a job. The moment he finds a job, he looks out for the next close call to his perfect want. He then complains that the salary is too low. Upon finding a high paying job, he has something Else to whine about and to seek for. Is there a plausible end to this never-ending loop of needs? Or rather wants, to be precise?

More the complexity of this never-ending loop, more the amount of grief we perceive from life. Here, in the preceding sentence, I am reluctant to use “the grief we experience” rather I deliberately say “the grief we perceive”, for, Is not life's happiness and grief in what we perceive? Elucidating on this,

A poor man living in a small piece of land with his wife and children, with barely sufficient money to make a living might claim happiness in life, lot more than what a business man who earns billions and lives in a mansion might claim for. So it is all in the perspective, in the way we see life, over what we define happiness and grief to be, in mere terms.

So dear readers, take a moment off from your clumsy life, thank life for all the unacknowledged love it has showered on you. If you are gifted with a healthy body and have good food to eat, good clothing to wear, and a loving family to live with, consider that you are one among the lucky few for not being denied with the basic necessities of life which many in the world fail to experience. All desires beyond these are close to being considered as trivial. Life is just too short to whine about the free beer you don't get to drink or the lady love you don't get to be with.

"It is much easier to suppress a first desire than to satisfy those that follow. For, if you wish for many things, many things will seem few."
-Benjamin Franklin

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  1. I am truly touched. I completely agree. This materialistic race has no end. We really have to take time out of this busy life, realize and appreciate all that we have been bestowed with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i am quite disturbed these days!
    after reading this i feel very relaxed.
    thank you :)

  3. VeeKay says:

    @DR Glad you agree dr! :)

    @Anonymous You are welcome. :)

  4. I agree. We never acknowledge the things we already have. We only realize something's worth when it's no longer with us. Typical human nature!

  5. VeeKay says:

    Hey Samadrita! Totally accept what you said. :) BTW Long time no see. Thanks for dropping by :)

  6. Post seconded!!! As anonymous said, i also needed to read something like this...Thank you! :-D :-D

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