A Student of Life

Off late, I have been taking too much of interest to learn new things. All of a sudden, at this point of time in my life, I've suddenly developed this eagerness to learn. Ironically, this phase had just begun, soon after my four years of engineering which was actually supposed to be the phase of learning in life. Anyways, I don't regret it because this new sight or vision has unleashed different dimensions to me so much so that I am reluctant to stop learning new things.

Suddenly, I've begun to experience this sudden craving to revisit Math. I want to take up working on problems in geometry, number theory, calculus and all the other mind boggling theorems that really challenged the intellect once upon a time. 

I somehow regret my learning approach that I've adapted to learn things till date. In fact, I don't blame myself, I'd rather blame the whole Indian education system where in everything ends up into a bloody rat race. All that matters here is to manage to fit a student's butt into a decent university which in turn consumes him into an endless vicious rat race. 

How I wish my teacher in high school had taught me differential calculus not just based on a textbook that rambles on saying d(x^n) = n*(x^n-1) but based on how Newton had worked out on a concept in his experiment to conquer the varying velocity of a freely falling body, which eventually turned out to be a separate branch of Mathematics called Integral calculus. How I wish that my college professor had taught me everything about computers and programming in terms of bits and bytes rather than the bloody half baked useless superficial crap, learning which I call myself a software developer or as a programmer. (Fuck my life)

9 out of 10 times, life's not just fair in what it offers to us.. Albeit that, I don't think that there is a need to whine about it either, as they say age is just a number. Perhaps, a person is never too old to learn anything new. In this moment of realization, I also want to take up a resolution. The moment I hit 55 or may be 50 years of age, I'd quit my job to share all the wealth of knowledge that I've gained, to mold young minds. I'd want to become a teacher of life to students, imparting to them, not just bookish knowledge but the whole essence of education. Until that moment, I will strive to keep the doors of my mind open to wisdom, learning and knowledge about everything that life offers to me..

Let my mind savor the wine of wisdom 
Let my heart dwell in the search for truth
May be one day I will realize 
What it is to rest in the arms of the lord