WHY? WHY? WHY? Why don't you believe in God?

"I could prove God statistically; take the human body alone; the chance that all the functions of the individual would just happen, is a statistical monstrosity."

~ George Gallup, a famous statistician

Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face o

f which we with our modest powers must feel humble.

~ Albert Einstein

"To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree."

~ Charles Darwin(The Origin of Species, Chapter 6).


(Quotes quoted from The Atheist Test by Ray Comfort ( Internet) )

If scientists of that cadre are convinced about the existence of God, I wonder why it is so hard for people to believe in the existence of God. Why is it difficult for us to understand that it is impossible to create a perfect world out of chaotic random phenomena. Even in science we come across multiple occurrences of the fact that there is no such thing as an ideal system.

I consider it lame to even THINK that this world is just a system designed based on if-then rules. In reality, it gets impossible to maintain even a stupid software application that exceeds few million lines of code, how is it possible for such a perfect system to exist amidst all the complexity of its creation ranging from galaxies to sub atomic particles, never failing to do anything beyond the limitations imposed on the sub-systems. If a man swallows an iron piece and expect the digestive system to digest it, Will it digest it? Science comes to terms with proving the fact that there is a force but it can never explain why such a force have to exist in the first place? We do know gravity is reason for things thrown up to fall down. We know some objects/particles revolve around other objects/particles where there is a centripetal force that equates exactly with the centrifugal force. Man had given different names to it in different contexts but why do you think such a force should exist in the first place? Can't the planets or electrons just jump around randomly and still be in a perfect state of equilibrium with the cosmos? Who is imposing the boundary conditions on all the species both tangible, non tangible, living and the non living?

Even if we assume that all the material world like the the universe, the planets, galaxies, birth and evolution of species, et al are an outcome of a never ending scientific phenomena, how do we account for non-material aspects of our existence like love, pain, fear or anger. I refuse to believe that love is a scientific phenomena. If you've ever seen street dogs fight, even a weak female dog will ferociously stand against a number of male dogs, fearing that its baby pups might get hurt by the other dogs. Who implanted this emotion of love and protection in mothers? Now tell me, Are you ready to believe that your love for a man/woman or your family can be explained by a scientific phenomena? If so, good luck with that because you are just a robot or something worse than that.

Why is it hard to trust in the existence of a greater power to which, we can trace our existence back? Honestly, Atheism is not an opinion. 
It is just an outcome of the mind's ego that works at a subconscious level, which DELIBERATELY doesn't (want to) comply with the fact that there is a being whose existence is hard to explain and that which is capable of proving things which "he/she" cannot. It is as simple as, how sometimes you might not like someone being better than you at something. Being an atheist is not something cool or brilliant as some may think because, keeping aside genius scientists like Einstein, Even a fool who doesn't know anything about science can understand that it is impossible for science to explain the myriad more complexities and pardoxes of this world. Now why do we have to be so egoistic? Do we really have complete control at least on our own lives? Can we even safeguard our own ass when there is a natural disaster in town? For such a human existence which is so futile when compared to the vastness of this creation, Why further limit our already limited minds when we can make the mind seek the infinite?

So Dear friend,

Man's life is a puppet in the hands of fate. So why not hold onto that one in whose hands fate is a puppet?

A Lost Game

Unlike other species on earth, man is gifted with the brightest intellect. Even filthy dogs eat, sleep and copulate. Unfortunately most of us are busy using our intellects to satiate the same needs in a better way. By being so,  we are just being better dogs and nothing else. 

Life is a puzzle. You are in the game as long as you try to know why you are here. 99.99% of all mankind is lost in the grandeur of this maze. Nevertheless, there are players who still belong to that 0.01%. Sadly, because of socialization, they are considered crazy!

No point denying it, you are a goner when you consider following the crowd at the cost of not listening to what your inner voice speaks. Alas, isn't that what we have been doing since our childhood? Right from aiming for the IITs to taking an option whilst choosing a main stream course for a BTech degree (Computer Science keka, Electronics evergreen na bongu ani) to pursuing MS/MBA just because every Tom Dick and Harry around does the same thing. No one has no clue where he/she is headed to. 

I know life is weird and I don't proclaim we ought to have answers to all the philosophical questions of our pensive minds but I guess it is high time, we take timeouts for ourselves, ponder over deeper meanings for our lives. To let our minds think beyond graduation degrees or salary hikes, so as to find out what truly keeps us happy.

Well of course by all means, you may choose to shun this as needless and continue sipping your whisky if you choose to be one among the 99.99% who have already lost the game but on a different note, please don't be a baby when you shit blood or find out that your liver is fucked up, ten years down the line :P

An Ode to the Keeper of the Grave

You throw us into the grandeur of your creation
Yet you remain aloof from it, tranquil and serene

You are here, when we think of you
You are here, when we do not think of you

Father of everything seen and unseen!
Limitless is the ocean of your love
For even demons and ghouls take refuge in you

When lungs cry out for breath
Whilst the stressful moments of death
Friends and foes disappear out of sight
Kith and kin forsake the body
While the spirit longs for love in fear

One may never call out to you, in life
Even then, you never fail us during death
You stand by our side in splendour
Standing tall with a body smeared with ashes
Granting assurance in the lonely burial ground

Dear father! How can words speak of such grace?
How can this parched piece of paper capture you?
Can the blind speak of the beauty?
Can the ignorant speak of the infinte? 

Yet we try and keep trying to capture thy glory
For you have shown us the path 
You have shown us the truth
You have shown us love
A love no mortal coir could breed

Beethoven Symphony 9 for a Saturday Night

I've read about an Aghori mystic saying that Beethoven and Mozart are fallen celestial angelic singers (Gandharvas as they call them in Hinduism). He declares that they have taken human lives to get redemption from their sins. Clearly, their lives suggest too much of suffering.

On this Saturday night, I am suddenly reminded of that book whilst listening to this symphony. It also mentions that Indian music is the most evolved form of music which is treated as a science by itself. Not just as a science but also as a way of realizing God as naada-brahman. The impact of music effects the nerves in a subtle way, which when sung as per the norms, one could experience spiritual ecstasy or oneness with God.

It is said that works of Beethoven and Mozart are so unique to be considered as western music, so much that most of their symphonies when captured on the scale of octaves were found close to Indian raagas. Either way, there is no denying that Beethoven is one among the Gods of world music. To think that for someone who is deaf from twenty could compose such elite music, this is just too good to be true. 

Keep Faith!

It remains true that everything is linked in this creation, no matter how aloof we seem from the universe around us. In a way, our existence complements the creation. The aloofness that we feel from the people and world around us is only because of the limitations of the mind. This gap between man and the universe can only be filled with faith, for faith comes straight from the heart but not from the mind and hence there are no limitations to it.

So, Keep faith in the truth you believe in. You don't even have to realize the truth to have faith in it. In fact, it is such a paradoxical situation here. When you keep faith, the truth itself will take responsibility to prove its veracity in accordance to your faith. When you believe in something with all your heart, the whole universe will align itself to your belief, solely because the universe is as connected with us as we are connected to it.

A person who is passionate about something will always be pulled towards the object of his passion. Ever imagine a world with Einstein turning out to be a dancer or Beethoven being a scientist? This universe will just not allow that to happen. You get what you seek from this universe, provided the want for what you seek is unalloyed and untainted by external factors. This is an undeniable truth. 

If you believe in the miracles of matter, the universe will reveal to you about sciences. If you believe in the existence of ghosts and ghouls, the universe will reveal to you, its mystic or supernatural side.

If you ask me why, I just say because we are all connected. The universe bears a  testimony unto our existence as much as we bear unto it for being a part of this this creation which by itself is inscrutable and mysterious.

Zodiac Decans

I've always been obsessed with my birth sign Aries reading about which, has been quite fascinating since my childhood. I never faced any problems in believing that astrology has some amount of truth to it. The belief regarding the same is prolly because whenever I pick a zodiac book and read it, I am so convinced about it that sometimes I feel like the Aries part of the book is exclusively written about me. I can relate to atleast 99% of Arian traits that all the zodiac books depict.

Usually, there are three kinds of people who read and react upon learning their zodiac traits.

The believers
Just like me, some find that most of the zodiac traits they read match their own personality.
And hence they are usually left with no choice but to admit the truth about it.

The semi believers
Some others find that only 50 to 60% of zodiac traits match their personality due to which they may choose to believe in it but not very staunchly.

The indifferents and the non believers
People of this set are either indifferent or choose to shun zodiac upon learning that less than 30% of the zodiac traits match their own personality.

I myself was quite confused about this chaos in the accuracy of depicting zodiac traits amongst people born under the same sign. But today I stumbled across this concept of decans in zodiac which answers why all traits of a zodiac are not necessarily witnessed in all people of the same sign.

A decan is a 10 degree division within the zodiac sign i.e the period within a zodiac is divided into three sub divisions which are called as decans. Amongst this three decans, people belonging to the first decan of their zodiac possess the complete or most characteristics of that zodiac sign. People belonging to the second decan possess partial traits of their own zodiac along with partial traits of an other zodiac controlled by the same element. People belonging to the third decan possess very few traits of their own zodiac and the major rest of an other zodiac controlled by the same element.

Amongst the 12 zodiacs, each element controls three signs each.

The fire element : Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
The earth element : Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
The air element : Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
The water element : Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Also, signs of the same element are most compatible with each other.

Here I give some info about three decans each of every zodiac and the kinds of traits
they possess based on the signs that influence them. So if you belong to the second or third decan of your zodiac, then make sure you check on the traits of the other zodiac specified too.

Aries - Decan 1 (Born between March 21 and March 31)
They're double Aries i.e with most characteristics that trace their traits to Aries.

Aries - Decan 2 (Born between April 1 and April 10)
Partial Aries traits with Leo traits.

Aries - Decan 3 (Born between April 11 and April 20)
Less Aries traits with Sagittarius traits.

Taurus - Decan 1 (Born between April 21 and May 1)
Fully Taurus or Double Taurus.

Taurus - Decan 2 (Born between May 2 and May 11)
Partial Taurus with some Virgo traits.

Taurus - Decan 3 (Born between May 12 and May 20)
Less Taurus with some Capricorn traits

Gemini - Decan 1 (Born between May 21 and May 31)
Fully Gemini or Double Gemini.

Gemini - Decan 2 (Born between June 1 and June 11)
Partial Gemini with some Libra traits.

Gemini - Decan 3 (Born between June 12 and June 21)
Less Gemini with some Aquarius traits

Cancer - Decan 1 (Born between June 22 and July 1)
Fully Cancer or Double Cancer.

Cancer - Decan 2 (Born between July 2 and July 11)
Partial Cancer with some Scorpio traits.

Cancer - Decan 3 (Born between July 12 and July 22)
Less Cancer with some Pisces traits

Leo - Decan 1 (Born between July 23 and August 2)
Fully Leo or Double Leo.

Leo - Decan 2 (Born between August 3 and August 13)
Partial Leo with some Sagittarius traits.

Leo - Decan 3 (Born between August 14 and August 23)
Less Leo with some Aries traits

Virgo - Decan 1 (Born between August 24 and September 2)
Fully Virgo or Double Virgo.

Virgo - Decan 2 (Born between September 3 and September 13)
Partial Virgo with some Capricorn traits.

Virgo - Decan 3 (Born between September 14 and September 23)
Less Virgo with some Taurus traits

Libra - Decan 1 (Born between September 24 and October 4)
Fully Libra or Double Libra.

Libra - Decan 2 (Born between October 5 and October 15)
Partial Libra with some Aquarius  traits.

Libra - Decan 3 (Born between October 16 and October 23)
Less Libra with some Gemini traits

Scorpio - Decan 1 (Born between October 24 and November 1)
Fully Scorpio or Double Scorpio.

Scorpio - Decan 2 (Born between November 2 and November 11)
Partial Scorpio with some Pisces traits.

Scorpio - Decan 3 (Born between November 12 and November 22)
Less Scorpio with some Cancer traits

Sagittarius - Decan 1 (Born between November 23 and December 2)
Fully Sagittarius or Double Sagittarius.

Sagittarius - Decan 2 (Born between December 3 and December 11)
Partial Sagittarius with some Aries traits.

Sagittarius - Decan 3 (Born between December 12 and December 21)
Less Sagittarius with some Leo traits

Capricorn - Decan 1 (Born between December 22 and January 1)
Fully Capricorn or Double Capricorn.

Capricorn - Decan 2 (Born between January 2 and January 11)
Partial Capricorn with some Taurus traits.

Capricorn - Decan 3 (Born between January 12 and January 20)
Less Capricorn with some Virgo traits

Aquarius - Decan 1 (Born between January 21 and January 30)
Fully Aquarius or Double Aquarius.

Aquarius - Decan 2 (Born between January 31 and February 9)
Partial Aquarius with some Gemini traits.

Aquarius - Decan 3 (Born between February 10 and February 18)
Less Aquarius with some Libra traits

Pisces - Decan 1 (Born between February 19 and February 28)
Fully Pisces or Double Pisces.

Pisces - Decan 2 (Born between March 1 and March 10)
Partial Pisces with some Cancer traits.

Pisces - Decan 3 (Born between March 11 and March 20)
Less Pisces with some Scorpio traits

So go ahead! Note down the birthday of the person you like, :P Pick up a good zodiac book and learn about his/her traits referring both the zodiacs if they belong to decans 2 or 3. This time you will not be disappointed ;-)

Any game in life is half won when you know the other person's traits or characteristics. Zodiac science will help one know these except that one has to remember that traits are generic and there is no hard and fast rule to define in general that a person belonging to a birth sign will always behave in a so and so expected way. Zodiac sign study is just a pointer to the greater esoteric art, astrology. It is just sad that today, there aren't many who really excel in this ancient occult science. 

The Need for Spiritual Transformation

Today we have every Tom, Dick and Harry talking about corruption and the morality associated with it. Especially the young minds are so full of zeal and vigor but are as clueless and directionless as ever. Apparently, everyone wants to kick out corruption and witness a change in the society. 

Being corrupt is not exactly about a person's instinct to seize money. It is more about the unwillingness to give what comes in the way. 

The moment a news channel talks about a scam, we become hypocrites and start our bhaashan about morality - If all this money could be distributed among the poor, India would become a rich country, blah blah blah and blah blah.

Seriously! Talking about distributing money to the poor? My ass! How often do we do that? If we take our own example, We all graduated an year ago. Every month we all pocket bundles of thousand rupee notes but do we ever think of donating atleast 500 bucks to someone else? Even if this monthly earnings grow from thousands to lakhs after a few years, we will never be ready to give away even a minute portion of it to anybody else. Forget donating, Some are ready to submit all kinds of fake bills just to save few hundreds from being taxed. Why? Because we are not willing to give away the money that comes in our way. I am not trying to judge, I am just portraying the real picture here. Selfishness is innately built into the psyche of the man today. In a smaller scope we call this unwillingness to give as selfishness and at a global scope we call it being corrupt. It is as simple as that. 

All this debates about morality and corruption are just pointless. If you are willing to change the world, change yourself first. A cliched sentence yet veracious. The world is in a dire needs for transformation, Not just a psychological or moral transformation but a spiritual transformation. Because a psychological or moral transformation would apply only to a limited context i.e corruption in this picture. We have other problems and social evils to deal with which makes it impossible to seek for transformations in every aspect of living. 

On the other hand, a spiritual transformation happens at a very global scope covering multiple aspects of man's living. Morality is intrinsic to spirituality. This is what perhaps the spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba did to his followers. I do not want to comment on his Godman status but about how much he managed to influence his followers into service for humanity. Frankly, I've never known much about him before. It is only after his demise, I learnt of his gargantuan feats of supplying drinking water to a whole state, educating the poor in villages by arranging for educational programmes, supplying food for thousands of victims troubled by natural disasters, building super speciality hospitals to provide free medical service to people below the poverty line, building schools, universities that encourage students to purse foreign education on the grounds of Indian morale and spirituality. One should read the India Today magazine that was published the week after his demise. 

I must admit, Upon learning about his life I was quite amazed and thought to myself, Even if I dedicate my complete life writing spiritual or inspirational articles, 95% of the people won't give a damn for it, the rest 5% might give a damn and forget it. But this man, my goodness! He came out at the age of 12 into the public, announced himself as a Godman and established a cult amassing crores of followers all over the world influencing them to serve the mankind following the principles of truth, righteousness, peace and love. I do not know about others but I was quite convinced that he is made of REAL hero material. 

I lost my senses in awe when I came across few of this cult's young followers in Bangalore. People in their early twenties walking out on weekends to outskirt villages of Bangalore to take up teaching the poor, People in their late thirties who dedicated their lives completely for this service without encouraging the thought of marriage. Honestly I was perplexed by their passion. 

Anyway, this post is not to propagate his cult. I think I got deviated. I only want to emphasize on the need for spiritual transformation. As I mentioned above, morality is intrinsic to spirituality and hence a spiritual transformation would only lead to a better society. For it is only a feasible way in which one can imbibe morality on an other. There is a spiritual side in all of us. There is divinity in all of us which is why we respond to an evil in the society like corruption, in the first place. We just don't give the divine part of us enough room for it to influence our living. Once we start giving importance to the spiritual side of us, it will continue to grow like a virus. It will first change us, then change the world around us.

Where did the dude disappear?

Back then, I hid the deep-thinker in me under the mask of a conventional dude, presuming that it would be something less sexier or less cool in the eyes of those who see me, specially the opposite sex. But then I've learnt of a fact that being cool is beyond looks or skin or what we try to project to the world outside us. So, I shed the false dude-ego of mine and started revealing my true irascible philosophical self to all those around me.  

For instance, I've always felt sporting a rugged beard was sexy but once when I failed to get that gift peck from a cute li'l kid, I realized how trifling the whole notion was! You can only hope that a hundred women should admire your looks but in reality none does. Even if a few do, it is only for a moment beyond which there is no effect of the action, neither on the on-looker nor on the one looked upon. So unlike this illusory idea of appealing the opposite sex, Had I experienced that peck on my cheek I'd have cherished the sweet moment for an even longer time.

Off late, I have been on a thought-broadcasting spree on Facebook and other social networking sites, sharing some of the numerous nascent yet haunting, truth-revealing thoughts of my philosophical mind. Some grok what I say and some consider them really insensible. Some attacked me questioning the reason behind my turning into this philosophical monster all of a sudden. But the fact of the matter is, this is what I've always been. For all those who are bewildered by this sudden disclosure, For all those who are in doubts about my sanity being intact in this process, This is the REAL ME that is cent percent transparent and at least a thousand times crazier, sexier, wiser and cooler than the one you think I am.

Now, I am beyond that phase where sporting goatees with bizarre looks and wearing underpant revealing trousers seemed cooler. Up till now I've squared well in everything right from having fun and frolic with friends to enthusing women. It is just that I am up for bigger things in life now. I will continue to evolve this way. If you so wish to be in sync, you can grow along. If you don't, you can remain being small and continue living like a hypocrite who presumes drinking vodka and humping women are the only two good things to do in life.

Love Ain't Magic

  • So you think you are in love?
  • You think your loved one loves you equally as you do? 
  • How much do looks and outwardly appearence contribute to your notion of true love? 
  • If you think looks are immaterial in true love, would you have fallen in love with same person if you were blind  or if your partner had different looks?  
  • Would you ever considering falling in love with same person if he/she was an ugly duckling who is sexually unappealing? 
  • Do you count the number of times you or your partner kept secrets from each other trying to hide each other's attraction to other members of opposite sex? 
  • How many times have you avoided expressing truth about how you feel just to keep the relationship alive? 
  • Besides being in love, have you never fantasized about how your life could've been with some other person? 
  • Do you have a past? If so, how hard do you try to supress the thoughts of that person in your past?   
  • Having moved on with your life, How many times have you dreamt of your ex and ignored the subconscious phenomena, considering it random or hoax?
  • What do you think will your loved one's reaction be, if you reveal details about the most intimate things of your past love? 
  • If your partner expresses that he/she is okay with your past, Are you certain that it isn't an act of pretension driven by selfish needs unknown to you? 
  • Are you sure that your partner is completely transparent to you?  
  • Do you really know the subtle difference between willingness to love and desperation to own a person? 
  • Do you really believe that your life is going to be an accomplished sorrowless fairy tale if you tie a knot with the one you love? 
  • Are you sure that the fire of love which you experience in the present will not fizz out soon after your wedding?

I have so many questions to people in committed relationships. I agree some of them are merely hypothetical. Nevertheless, questions like this when put to self will provide deep insights into the nature of human bondage and emotions shared in a relationship with a loved one. Most people think that love is some kind of a magical feeling. Yes, it certainly is but also one must realize that love has its terms and conditions. Specially, when it comes to love between a man and woman, it is a hundred fold more complex because of the inherent lust that comes into play. In reality, all the magic and butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling in love is merely a subtle form of lust disguised in a delicate robe. This feeling is so delusive that it never exposes the true nature of lust that is latent within, thus misguiding the bearer that the fallacious magical tingling in the senses, itself is true love as it is unique.  

I don't condemn this magic totally because it is the sole element that differentiates love between a man and a woman from any other form of love. That being said, the biggest mistake that people commit is, they presume this magic as love, which in reality is not so. This magic is only on addon to love shared between a man and woman. The underlying true love is universal just like the love one has for his/her parents. It is uncomplicated and pure without any inhibitions. Unlike the magic, It doesn't come instantaneously but develops over long periods of time. To witness true love, one must take a look at old married couples, who by the grace of time nurture a bond so full of love devoid of all the much hyped magic of their youth. 

These days despite the so called true love that people claim, relationships break up sooner or later. Many a time, even couples being in relationships for longer periods of time also experience differences. Why so? It is purely because they are driven by the magic which is not true love. The magic itself being delusive hits us at a subconscious level and prompts the individuals to act in ways unnatural to their original behavior. For example : When a guy wooing a woman learns of her specific likes and dislikes in music, arts or any other aspect, the magic would involuntarily prompt the guy's mind to subconsciously attune itself in such a way that his likes and dislikes are aligned with that of the woman. Likewise the same applies for the woman too. This sort of a mental illusion follows for long periods of time. In due course of time, the magic fades because it was never real in the first place and people find it too hard to keep their original ideas, likes and dislikes suppressed. Once the original nature of one is evident to the other, they start fighting over the differences with words like, "You were never like this before. I loved the older version of you. You are a changed person now" blah blah blah. (Duh! God bless these troubled souls.)

Unfortunately, this is the fate of relationships today. Even grown ups lack the maturity to understand the nuances of magic vs true love. One thing's for certain. True love doesn't come easy. It is only foolish to consider that true love is an easy catch. True love thrives on sheer bliss. It is synonymous with what you feel on a rainy day sitting in boredom listening to some good music. It is synonymous with what you feel when your mother gives you hot soup to sip when you are down with sickness. It is uncomplicated. It is pure. It is divine. It is unconditional. It neither thrills you nor make you quiver with butterflies in your stomach. It has no expectations except for the well being of the one loved. Does a loving mother expect anything from her child except for the child's being happy?

Dear readers, 

I therefore insist, realize the true love within. Don't mistake magic for love. 
If you are in constant need to be convinced that you are loved, 
Or if you are constantly annoyed with your loved one for not meeting your expectations, 
Or if you think that your loved one can't handle your past,
Or if you feel jealous of imagining him/her happy with someone else, 
Or if you have in your mind that in such and such conditions you might just walk out of the relationship,  Then take it for granted that you've never experienced true love. You are merely smitten by the magic. The delusive magic is barely a passing cloud. True love abides in eternity.

"The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, 
Not knowing how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
They're in each other all along.”
~ Rumi

Why Tamil Songs Rock?

I have replayed the very first line of this song for more than 20 times now. The composition of the gamakam at the second word 'Kaalalaga' of the first line is a MARVEL. There is a Carnatic aspect to the way the word is sung, just like a swift breeze that lapses for a brief second.

One reason why I ADORE Tamil music is, majority of the westernized facets of a song act as mere wrappers around a composition's native south Indian-ness.

The soul of Indian music is seldom compromised despite the growing need to westernize it. Probably one reason why legacy continues. Back then even the Telugu audience were looking up to music from the likes of KV Mahadevan and Ilayaraja and now we enjoy music composed by Rahman, Harris Jayraj, Yuvan Shankar Raja, et als over retarded fucks like Chakri.

I hardly know if the song has caught on with the public but it did trigger me enough to update my blog that has been deserted for a while. :-)

How many times can you fall in love?

This love I don't understand. I find it hard to connect the dots when you talk about a life time of love with one person. You do consider love as a sacred one time thing yet stay aloof with your partner whilst in a relationship, break up, move on, find someone else and yet again fall into the same pattern. I wonder, how many times are you allowed to fall in love? Is the concept of one time love merely a much hyped hypocrisy? or Is it true love that drives you in all these multiple encounters and relationships?

Being very honest (don't judge me though), I think it is possible for you to indulge even in ten or more relationships with different people, one after the other & still be able to love them all equally. But the moment you listen to a voice deep down within your self that the person you share your love with is not just a mere someone but is actually a soulmate, then you'd never ever be able to find a love better than that. Oh cut it! Love is just a worthless word when it comes to describe your relation with that person. It ain't just love. It should be claimed as bliss perhaps, which once encountered or experienced could totally make you insane in the absence of that person in your life. Because where else would you go? Where else would you run? Deep within your soul you know for sure that, that person is literally the better half of you, A separate bodily entity that shares a portion of your existence. More like an image that mirrors you so much so that you often wonder why you exist separately as two different people. For the same reason, you are also at awe wondering how you find yourself locked up inside that person. You subconsciously connect with that person at a spiritual level unknowingly.

That person certainly might not be the best looking of all, that person might not possess all the best of qualities in this world but you terribly fail to fathom why you feel and know for sure that, that person is possibly THE best of god's creation you have ever witnessed. No matter how wrong the person is, no matter how much pain they inflict on you, no matter who you are to that person, no matter where they are, what they do, you will continue to believe your existence can only be reasoned and defined by that person and you know that you will cease to exist in a true sense of living a life without that person. The touch of that person can heal all your sufferings. The presence of that person completes you. Even a materialistic act like sexual embrace doesn't seem carnal with that person but is filled with a sweet divine nectar of life. You lose your existence in that person, forget the concepts of duality and dwell in eternal happiness. Sometimes you find in that person a love that reflects affection like a mother. Sometimes a love that reflects possessiveness and protection like a father. Sometimes a love that reflects the innocence of a child. Each time you might wonder and question yourself, Why? Why only that person? You are left with nothing but a truly heartfelt evidence, more like a testimony, that it can NEVER EVER be anyone else. Dreaming about how life would possibly be with an other person or otherwise would become impossible to even give a thought. You don't know a thing about this phenomena. You can't reason your feelings towards that person with a why, what and how. All you know is that you love that person and will continue to do so till your last breath or perhaps even beyond, for you know that you exist inside that person and that person exists inside you in spite of whether you accept it by mind or not. That is the person who you are meant to be with, irrespective of whether you ARE or may never not. That is the person who you are meant to grow old with. That is your soulmate!

If things don't go well with such a person, it might not be impossible to heal your broken heart, move on and indulge into multiple relationships but at the end of the day when you sit back to rewind your life to give it a recap, I bet it wouldn't be a great feeling to have images or memories of multiple men/women. Let the thought of (only) that single person creep into your mind when you reminisce of your first kiss or first cuddle or your first fight. Because relationships impact emotions at a very subtle and subconscious level. These hidden subconscious mind matter may show up at later points of time. With your life partner by your side, probably a simple random dream about your ex can make your life miserable with guilt. So why take a chance and hit on multiple men/women in a clumsy little life? Fall in love if you so wish, but save it to shower only on one single person. Do wait if the situation demands, even if it takes tonnes of amounts of patience to execute it right, because eventually you will realize that the wait was worth it. 

It's even alright to whine and sing kolaveri if things don't turn out well. Because, there is a strange pleasure in clinging on to that one special person all through thick and thin of life, for the yields of such a penance might not be witnessed in the vigor of youth but will certainly make a soul feel accomplished in the ripened state of agedness.