How many times can you fall in love?

This love I don't understand. I find it hard to connect the dots when you talk about a life time of love with one person. You do consider love as a sacred one time thing yet stay aloof with your partner whilst in a relationship, break up, move on, find someone else and yet again fall into the same pattern. I wonder, how many times are you allowed to fall in love? Is the concept of one time love merely a much hyped hypocrisy? or Is it true love that drives you in all these multiple encounters and relationships?

Being very honest (don't judge me though), I think it is possible for you to indulge even in ten or more relationships with different people, one after the other & still be able to love them all equally. But the moment you listen to a voice deep down within your self that the person you share your love with is not just a mere someone but is actually a soulmate, then you'd never ever be able to find a love better than that. Oh cut it! Love is just a worthless word when it comes to describe your relation with that person. It ain't just love. It should be claimed as bliss perhaps, which once encountered or experienced could totally make you insane in the absence of that person in your life. Because where else would you go? Where else would you run? Deep within your soul you know for sure that, that person is literally the better half of you, A separate bodily entity that shares a portion of your existence. More like an image that mirrors you so much so that you often wonder why you exist separately as two different people. For the same reason, you are also at awe wondering how you find yourself locked up inside that person. You subconsciously connect with that person at a spiritual level unknowingly.

That person certainly might not be the best looking of all, that person might not possess all the best of qualities in this world but you terribly fail to fathom why you feel and know for sure that, that person is possibly THE best of god's creation you have ever witnessed. No matter how wrong the person is, no matter how much pain they inflict on you, no matter who you are to that person, no matter where they are, what they do, you will continue to believe your existence can only be reasoned and defined by that person and you know that you will cease to exist in a true sense of living a life without that person. The touch of that person can heal all your sufferings. The presence of that person completes you. Even a materialistic act like sexual embrace doesn't seem carnal with that person but is filled with a sweet divine nectar of life. You lose your existence in that person, forget the concepts of duality and dwell in eternal happiness. Sometimes you find in that person a love that reflects affection like a mother. Sometimes a love that reflects possessiveness and protection like a father. Sometimes a love that reflects the innocence of a child. Each time you might wonder and question yourself, Why? Why only that person? You are left with nothing but a truly heartfelt evidence, more like a testimony, that it can NEVER EVER be anyone else. Dreaming about how life would possibly be with an other person or otherwise would become impossible to even give a thought. You don't know a thing about this phenomena. You can't reason your feelings towards that person with a why, what and how. All you know is that you love that person and will continue to do so till your last breath or perhaps even beyond, for you know that you exist inside that person and that person exists inside you in spite of whether you accept it by mind or not. That is the person who you are meant to be with, irrespective of whether you ARE or may never not. That is the person who you are meant to grow old with. That is your soulmate!

If things don't go well with such a person, it might not be impossible to heal your broken heart, move on and indulge into multiple relationships but at the end of the day when you sit back to rewind your life to give it a recap, I bet it wouldn't be a great feeling to have images or memories of multiple men/women. Let the thought of (only) that single person creep into your mind when you reminisce of your first kiss or first cuddle or your first fight. Because relationships impact emotions at a very subtle and subconscious level. These hidden subconscious mind matter may show up at later points of time. With your life partner by your side, probably a simple random dream about your ex can make your life miserable with guilt. So why take a chance and hit on multiple men/women in a clumsy little life? Fall in love if you so wish, but save it to shower only on one single person. Do wait if the situation demands, even if it takes tonnes of amounts of patience to execute it right, because eventually you will realize that the wait was worth it. 

It's even alright to whine and sing kolaveri if things don't turn out well. Because, there is a strange pleasure in clinging on to that one special person all through thick and thin of life, for the yields of such a penance might not be witnessed in the vigor of youth but will certainly make a soul feel accomplished in the ripened state of agedness.