Why Tamil Songs Rock?

I have replayed the very first line of this song for more than 20 times now. The composition of the gamakam at the second word 'Kaalalaga' of the first line is a MARVEL. There is a Carnatic aspect to the way the word is sung, just like a swift breeze that lapses for a brief second.

One reason why I ADORE Tamil music is, majority of the westernized facets of a song act as mere wrappers around a composition's native south Indian-ness.

The soul of Indian music is seldom compromised despite the growing need to westernize it. Probably one reason why legacy continues. Back then even the Telugu audience were looking up to music from the likes of KV Mahadevan and Ilayaraja and now we enjoy music composed by Rahman, Harris Jayraj, Yuvan Shankar Raja, et als over retarded fucks like Chakri.

I hardly know if the song has caught on with the public but it did trigger me enough to update my blog that has been deserted for a while. :-)