Where did the dude disappear?

Back then, I hid the deep-thinker in me under the mask of a conventional dude, presuming that it would be something less sexier or less cool in the eyes of those who see me, specially the opposite sex. But then I've learnt of a fact that being cool is beyond looks or skin or what we try to project to the world outside us. So, I shed the false dude-ego of mine and started revealing my true irascible philosophical self to all those around me.  

For instance, I've always felt sporting a rugged beard was sexy but once when I failed to get that gift peck from a cute li'l kid, I realized how trifling the whole notion was! You can only hope that a hundred women should admire your looks but in reality none does. Even if a few do, it is only for a moment beyond which there is no effect of the action, neither on the on-looker nor on the one looked upon. So unlike this illusory idea of appealing the opposite sex, Had I experienced that peck on my cheek I'd have cherished the sweet moment for an even longer time.

Off late, I have been on a thought-broadcasting spree on Facebook and other social networking sites, sharing some of the numerous nascent yet haunting, truth-revealing thoughts of my philosophical mind. Some grok what I say and some consider them really insensible. Some attacked me questioning the reason behind my turning into this philosophical monster all of a sudden. But the fact of the matter is, this is what I've always been. For all those who are bewildered by this sudden disclosure, For all those who are in doubts about my sanity being intact in this process, This is the REAL ME that is cent percent transparent and at least a thousand times crazier, sexier, wiser and cooler than the one you think I am.

Now, I am beyond that phase where sporting goatees with bizarre looks and wearing underpant revealing trousers seemed cooler. Up till now I've squared well in everything right from having fun and frolic with friends to enthusing women. It is just that I am up for bigger things in life now. I will continue to evolve this way. If you so wish to be in sync, you can grow along. If you don't, you can remain being small and continue living like a hypocrite who presumes drinking vodka and humping women are the only two good things to do in life.

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  1. "Seedhi baat, No bakwaas!" :D

    I dunno what to say, let me be honest, I find philosophically inclined "dudes" sexier (don't mind my language :P )than the aaj-kal-ke-ladke you have described! They suck man, seriously! Cheers to you and your true self! It's a rarity, you are undoubtedly someone who I respect a lot ! :) :)

  2. Well said. There is no point trying to be someone you are not for the sake of anybody. People have to accept you for who you are and they are perhaps the few worthy people in your life. Now that the 'real' you is out in the open now, the world is struggling to handle the awesomeness overload :D

  3. 'Up till now I've squared well in everything right from having fun and frolic with friends to enthusing women. It is just that I am up for bigger things in life now'..philosophical Dude...ur age is on..u'll still find woman.. :)

  4. Manogna says:

    nice one!!u need not impress a single soul on this planet and need not project yourself in a way just to be appreciated by others!!I follow the same!!


  5. Anusha says:

    awesome n yeah philosophy makes one grow
    totally agree
    ur da live example !

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