Beethoven Symphony 9 for a Saturday Night

I've read about an Aghori mystic saying that Beethoven and Mozart are fallen celestial angelic singers (Gandharvas as they call them in Hinduism). He declares that they have taken human lives to get redemption from their sins. Clearly, their lives suggest too much of suffering.

On this Saturday night, I am suddenly reminded of that book whilst listening to this symphony. It also mentions that Indian music is the most evolved form of music which is treated as a science by itself. Not just as a science but also as a way of realizing God as naada-brahman. The impact of music effects the nerves in a subtle way, which when sung as per the norms, one could experience spiritual ecstasy or oneness with God.

It is said that works of Beethoven and Mozart are so unique to be considered as western music, so much that most of their symphonies when captured on the scale of octaves were found close to Indian raagas. Either way, there is no denying that Beethoven is one among the Gods of world music. To think that for someone who is deaf from twenty could compose such elite music, this is just too good to be true. 

Keep Faith!

It remains true that everything is linked in this creation, no matter how aloof we seem from the universe around us. In a way, our existence complements the creation. The aloofness that we feel from the people and world around us is only because of the limitations of the mind. This gap between man and the universe can only be filled with faith, for faith comes straight from the heart but not from the mind and hence there are no limitations to it.

So, Keep faith in the truth you believe in. You don't even have to realize the truth to have faith in it. In fact, it is such a paradoxical situation here. When you keep faith, the truth itself will take responsibility to prove its veracity in accordance to your faith. When you believe in something with all your heart, the whole universe will align itself to your belief, solely because the universe is as connected with us as we are connected to it.

A person who is passionate about something will always be pulled towards the object of his passion. Ever imagine a world with Einstein turning out to be a dancer or Beethoven being a scientist? This universe will just not allow that to happen. You get what you seek from this universe, provided the want for what you seek is unalloyed and untainted by external factors. This is an undeniable truth. 

If you believe in the miracles of matter, the universe will reveal to you about sciences. If you believe in the existence of ghosts and ghouls, the universe will reveal to you, its mystic or supernatural side.

If you ask me why, I just say because we are all connected. The universe bears a  testimony unto our existence as much as we bear unto it for being a part of this this creation which by itself is inscrutable and mysterious.

Zodiac Decans

I've always been obsessed with my birth sign Aries reading about which, has been quite fascinating since my childhood. I never faced any problems in believing that astrology has some amount of truth to it. The belief regarding the same is prolly because whenever I pick a zodiac book and read it, I am so convinced about it that sometimes I feel like the Aries part of the book is exclusively written about me. I can relate to atleast 99% of Arian traits that all the zodiac books depict.

Usually, there are three kinds of people who read and react upon learning their zodiac traits.

The believers
Just like me, some find that most of the zodiac traits they read match their own personality.
And hence they are usually left with no choice but to admit the truth about it.

The semi believers
Some others find that only 50 to 60% of zodiac traits match their personality due to which they may choose to believe in it but not very staunchly.

The indifferents and the non believers
People of this set are either indifferent or choose to shun zodiac upon learning that less than 30% of the zodiac traits match their own personality.

I myself was quite confused about this chaos in the accuracy of depicting zodiac traits amongst people born under the same sign. But today I stumbled across this concept of decans in zodiac which answers why all traits of a zodiac are not necessarily witnessed in all people of the same sign.

A decan is a 10 degree division within the zodiac sign i.e the period within a zodiac is divided into three sub divisions which are called as decans. Amongst this three decans, people belonging to the first decan of their zodiac possess the complete or most characteristics of that zodiac sign. People belonging to the second decan possess partial traits of their own zodiac along with partial traits of an other zodiac controlled by the same element. People belonging to the third decan possess very few traits of their own zodiac and the major rest of an other zodiac controlled by the same element.

Amongst the 12 zodiacs, each element controls three signs each.

The fire element : Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
The earth element : Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
The air element : Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
The water element : Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Also, signs of the same element are most compatible with each other.

Here I give some info about three decans each of every zodiac and the kinds of traits
they possess based on the signs that influence them. So if you belong to the second or third decan of your zodiac, then make sure you check on the traits of the other zodiac specified too.

Aries - Decan 1 (Born between March 21 and March 31)
They're double Aries i.e with most characteristics that trace their traits to Aries.

Aries - Decan 2 (Born between April 1 and April 10)
Partial Aries traits with Leo traits.

Aries - Decan 3 (Born between April 11 and April 20)
Less Aries traits with Sagittarius traits.

Taurus - Decan 1 (Born between April 21 and May 1)
Fully Taurus or Double Taurus.

Taurus - Decan 2 (Born between May 2 and May 11)
Partial Taurus with some Virgo traits.

Taurus - Decan 3 (Born between May 12 and May 20)
Less Taurus with some Capricorn traits

Gemini - Decan 1 (Born between May 21 and May 31)
Fully Gemini or Double Gemini.

Gemini - Decan 2 (Born between June 1 and June 11)
Partial Gemini with some Libra traits.

Gemini - Decan 3 (Born between June 12 and June 21)
Less Gemini with some Aquarius traits

Cancer - Decan 1 (Born between June 22 and July 1)
Fully Cancer or Double Cancer.

Cancer - Decan 2 (Born between July 2 and July 11)
Partial Cancer with some Scorpio traits.

Cancer - Decan 3 (Born between July 12 and July 22)
Less Cancer with some Pisces traits

Leo - Decan 1 (Born between July 23 and August 2)
Fully Leo or Double Leo.

Leo - Decan 2 (Born between August 3 and August 13)
Partial Leo with some Sagittarius traits.

Leo - Decan 3 (Born between August 14 and August 23)
Less Leo with some Aries traits

Virgo - Decan 1 (Born between August 24 and September 2)
Fully Virgo or Double Virgo.

Virgo - Decan 2 (Born between September 3 and September 13)
Partial Virgo with some Capricorn traits.

Virgo - Decan 3 (Born between September 14 and September 23)
Less Virgo with some Taurus traits

Libra - Decan 1 (Born between September 24 and October 4)
Fully Libra or Double Libra.

Libra - Decan 2 (Born between October 5 and October 15)
Partial Libra with some Aquarius  traits.

Libra - Decan 3 (Born between October 16 and October 23)
Less Libra with some Gemini traits

Scorpio - Decan 1 (Born between October 24 and November 1)
Fully Scorpio or Double Scorpio.

Scorpio - Decan 2 (Born between November 2 and November 11)
Partial Scorpio with some Pisces traits.

Scorpio - Decan 3 (Born between November 12 and November 22)
Less Scorpio with some Cancer traits

Sagittarius - Decan 1 (Born between November 23 and December 2)
Fully Sagittarius or Double Sagittarius.

Sagittarius - Decan 2 (Born between December 3 and December 11)
Partial Sagittarius with some Aries traits.

Sagittarius - Decan 3 (Born between December 12 and December 21)
Less Sagittarius with some Leo traits

Capricorn - Decan 1 (Born between December 22 and January 1)
Fully Capricorn or Double Capricorn.

Capricorn - Decan 2 (Born between January 2 and January 11)
Partial Capricorn with some Taurus traits.

Capricorn - Decan 3 (Born between January 12 and January 20)
Less Capricorn with some Virgo traits

Aquarius - Decan 1 (Born between January 21 and January 30)
Fully Aquarius or Double Aquarius.

Aquarius - Decan 2 (Born between January 31 and February 9)
Partial Aquarius with some Gemini traits.

Aquarius - Decan 3 (Born between February 10 and February 18)
Less Aquarius with some Libra traits

Pisces - Decan 1 (Born between February 19 and February 28)
Fully Pisces or Double Pisces.

Pisces - Decan 2 (Born between March 1 and March 10)
Partial Pisces with some Cancer traits.

Pisces - Decan 3 (Born between March 11 and March 20)
Less Pisces with some Scorpio traits

So go ahead! Note down the birthday of the person you like, :P Pick up a good zodiac book and learn about his/her traits referring both the zodiacs if they belong to decans 2 or 3. This time you will not be disappointed ;-)

Any game in life is half won when you know the other person's traits or characteristics. Zodiac science will help one know these except that one has to remember that traits are generic and there is no hard and fast rule to define in general that a person belonging to a birth sign will always behave in a so and so expected way. Zodiac sign study is just a pointer to the greater esoteric art, astrology. It is just sad that today, there aren't many who really excel in this ancient occult science.