Beethoven Symphony 9 for a Saturday Night

I've read about an Aghori mystic saying that Beethoven and Mozart are fallen celestial angelic singers (Gandharvas as they call them in Hinduism). He declares that they have taken human lives to get redemption from their sins. Clearly, their lives suggest too much of suffering.

On this Saturday night, I am suddenly reminded of that book whilst listening to this symphony. It also mentions that Indian music is the most evolved form of music which is treated as a science by itself. Not just as a science but also as a way of realizing God as naada-brahman. The impact of music effects the nerves in a subtle way, which when sung as per the norms, one could experience spiritual ecstasy or oneness with God.

It is said that works of Beethoven and Mozart are so unique to be considered as western music, so much that most of their symphonies when captured on the scale of octaves were found close to Indian raagas. Either way, there is no denying that Beethoven is one among the Gods of world music. To think that for someone who is deaf from twenty could compose such elite music, this is just too good to be true. 

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  1. Beethoven's symphonies were default on my mp3 and that's how I first listened to them. The instrumental part is just out of the world!

  2. First of all I love the title!! :-) Secondly, it's very true that good instrumental music really does take us to a higher level of existence, and Beethoven's and Mozart's music is definitely a class apart. The other info you have written about is new to me! So.... happy to learn from your posts as usual! :-) :-)

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