An Ode to the Keeper of the Grave

You throw us into the grandeur of your creation
Yet you remain aloof from it, tranquil and serene

You are here, when we think of you
You are here, when we do not think of you

Father of everything seen and unseen!
Limitless is the ocean of your love
For even demons and ghouls take refuge in you

When lungs cry out for breath
Whilst the stressful moments of death
Friends and foes disappear out of sight
Kith and kin forsake the body
While the spirit longs for love in fear

One may never call out to you, in life
Even then, you never fail us during death
You stand by our side in splendour
Standing tall with a body smeared with ashes
Granting assurance in the lonely burial ground

Dear father! How can words speak of such grace?
How can this parched piece of paper capture you?
Can the blind speak of the beauty?
Can the ignorant speak of the infinte? 

Yet we try and keep trying to capture thy glory
For you have shown us the path 
You have shown us the truth
You have shown us love
A love no mortal coir could breed