A Lost Game

Unlike other species on earth, man is gifted with the brightest intellect. Even filthy dogs eat, sleep and copulate. Unfortunately most of us are busy using our intellects to satiate the same needs in a better way. By being so,  we are just being better dogs and nothing else. 

Life is a puzzle. You are in the game as long as you try to know why you are here. 99.99% of all mankind is lost in the grandeur of this maze. Nevertheless, there are players who still belong to that 0.01%. Sadly, because of socialization, they are considered crazy!

No point denying it, you are a goner when you consider following the crowd at the cost of not listening to what your inner voice speaks. Alas, isn't that what we have been doing since our childhood? Right from aiming for the IITs to taking an option whilst choosing a main stream course for a BTech degree (Computer Science keka, Electronics evergreen na bongu ani) to pursuing MS/MBA just because every Tom Dick and Harry around does the same thing. No one has no clue where he/she is headed to. 

I know life is weird and I don't proclaim we ought to have answers to all the philosophical questions of our pensive minds but I guess it is high time, we take timeouts for ourselves, ponder over deeper meanings for our lives. To let our minds think beyond graduation degrees or salary hikes, so as to find out what truly keeps us happy.

Well of course by all means, you may choose to shun this as needless and continue sipping your whisky if you choose to be one among the 99.99% who have already lost the game but on a different note, please don't be a baby when you shit blood or find out that your liver is fucked up, ten years down the line :P

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  1. Whoa!!...What an ending to your post :P
    Getting to the point, you are right, life is more than the materialistic accomplishments we have. I too feel the same. These degrees, money, worldly accomplishments etc etc are just minute things in life but the common man spends most of his life getting them hence shows the importance he gives to them. This also shows a lack of perspective and the absence of bigger goals in life which are of the spiritual kind- the biggest kind. Who the hell these days takes out a minute from his life to ponder on what is 'really' happening in his life? No one. Or as you said 99.99% of them are just the same. Apes of the highest kind, literally! I vaguely remember one of Sheldon Cooper's quotes which goes like this, "It must be so humbling to suck in so many different levels" :P I would like to add to it, "It must be so humbling to suck in so many different levels IN LIFE!!!" LOL!!
    Nice post da. Very relevant! :) :) Well- written!! :)

  2. Nice topic to write on but I don't quite get the flow in the post. You talk about intellect and how man does not use intellect for the right purposes and then to what true happiness is and how what we do is out of pressure and not because we really want to do it. This reminds me of my post on what one's definition of life is. I think it is just that different people define it in different ways and sometimes we don't even know what will truly keep us happy to even go towards it. In times like this, we just resort to what others do and believe that it is somewhere on the trail to ultimate happiness. I certainly agree with you that each of us should strive to understand the deeper meaning of happiness and not settle for the tits and bits that just pass by. Good job Vamsi, very thought provoking :)

  3. Hahaha.. Such an apt quote DM :D God! I wish I could have used that in my post :) Thank you DM.

  4. :D :D You can add it to ur post if u want to! :D :D

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